Yamaha DTX542K Electronic Drum Set Review

This Yamaha DTX542K Electronic Drum Set review discusses a 5-piece set with 50 onboard drum kits, DTX-PADs for snare and toms, 3-zone hi-hat pad, 3-zone choke-able ride and crash cymbals, and training functions.

It features the naturalism of the DTX-PAD, which promises a playability level that is closer to a standard acoustic kit. Playing it will allow you (or your kid – for parents out there thinking of buying a set) to play naturally with the amazing sounds it will produce. As an expert in the industry, Yamaha has been known to produce high-quality, affordable electronic drum sets.

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What You’ll Find in the Box

  1. DTX502 Module
  2. Snare: XP80
  3. Tom: XP70 x 2
  4. Floor Tom: XP70
  5. Bass Drum: KP65
  6. Hi-Hat: PCY100 + HH65
  7. Crash Cymbal: PCY100
  8. Ride Cymbal: PCY135
  9. Rack: RS502
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Product Features and Technical Details

See below the product features and technical specifications of the Yamaha DTX542K Electronic Drum Set:

  1. The trigger module weighs 610g, with a size of 251mm x 48mm x 130mm (W x D x H).
  2. The DTX502 module features 691 drum and percussion voices, and 128 melodies.
  3. The drum head is made of textured cellular silicone (TCS). It utilizes a free-floating construction that virtually removes cross talk and makes for increased sensitivity.
  4. It also offers comprehensive training functions (Groove Check, Rhythm Gate, Measure Break, Tempo Up/Down, Change Up, Pad Gate, Part Mute, and Fast Blast).
  5. With MIDI recording and practice songs
  6. The USB port enables VSTi software plug-and-play control. In addition, it can allow the importation of custom wave files.
  7. Note capacity is around 104,000 (total memory capacity of 1MB).
  8. Professional 3-zone cymbal pads, which can convey a dissimilar sound in each of the cup, bow and edge zones.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Those who have already reviewed the set claimed that the DTX-PAD snare has the right response for technique development. The real hi-hat trigger and stand allow for kit positioning to match the player’s ideal setup.

What’s more, your original Wave, if you so desire, can actually be imported. Note that the internal memory of DTX502 is shared by the external MIDI file.

Pros of the Product

  • The DTX502 has almost twice the wave ROM and more than 250 more sounds than its predecessor.
  • Updated voices inherited from Yamaha’s other DTX modules
  • Allows for a more natural feeling experience with laser accuracy
  • Advanced features such as cymbal muting, smoother snare drumrolls, and natural cymbal swells
  • Good stick-feel of cymbals plus “choke” function 360-degrees around the edge
  • Low acoustic noise
  • New drum training functions

Cons of the Product

  • Check from time to time for availability.
  • Drum sticks and stool not included
  • Drum set installation not included

Ease of Learning

Watch Yamaha Product Specialist Tom Griffin go over some of the exciting features in the DTX502 series of electronic drums.

Who Should Buy This Product:

This kit is perfect for those who wish to use a “hybrid kit” with existing acoustic drum hardware. It can be amplified with four additional pads or triggers. Pad upgrades will help you build your dream kit as you improve your skills.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Working with the new drum training functions of the Yamaha DTX542K will help enhance every drummer’s skill level – from rhythmic timing to pad accuracy to endurance.

Most noteworthy, the system will even give a score for those wishing to track or monitor their progress. For a more comfortable playability, consider buying this kit.

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