8 Wood Block Percussion Reviewed— Accentuate your Beats for Cheap!

A wood block percussion — sometimes referred to as a woodblock— is a type of slit drum crafted from wood blocks. Drummers and percussionists can play a woodblock on its own by putting it on a treated table. On the other hand, users can also mount woodblocks by utilizing compatible stands.

8 Wood Block Percussion and Alternatives Reviewed in this Guide

Furthermore, when used within a kit, drummers and percussionists can utilize a woodblock like a cowbell for drum set. From an orchestral and compositional standpoint, a wood block percussion set would come in handy thanks to its variable frequencies— equating to a definite pitch.

Therefore, whether you have a standard drumkit or a Cajon drum set, the versatility of woodblock percussions won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for the best wood block percussion in the market, you’re in the right place!

6 Incredible Wood Block Percussion from Amazon

MIHEY Wood Block Musical Instrument

Wood Block Musical Instrument with Mallet Solid Hardwood Percussion Rhythm Blocks

Going cheap doesn’t mean going out of quality! The MIHEY Wood Block Percussion utilizes a solid beech wood material, providing a durable performance against all types of players. In addition, this woodblock comes with a one-piece design that eliminates the need for setting up.

Moreover, the WIHEY Wood Block features a highly responsive hitting zone. The product’s hitting zone allows users to have various tones and timbres depending on how they hit the block’s surface.

MIHEY also included four mounting holes on this wood block. Consequently, users can easily mount the wood block using the mounting system of their choice.

Key Features:

  • Solid beech wood material
  • One-piece construction
  • 6.5” x 2.1” x 1.4” dimension
  • Free 7.8” wooden mallet
  • Four mounting holes


The MIHEY Woodblock is perfect for drummers who want to add a woodblock to their kit without spending much. MIHEY’s utilization of a responsive hitting zone makes this woodblock even more versatile— a laudable feat considering its price point.


The MIHEY Woodblock is decent and usable. However, don’t expect to get a recording-worthy sound out of it.

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Timber Drum Co. 6″ Wood Block with Mallet

Timber Drum Co. 6' Wood Block with Mallet — Made in U.S.A. — Creates Loud and Resonant Tone from Handcrafted Solid American Hardwood, Includes Rubber Feet, Small (T4-S)

The Timber Drum Co. 6” Wood Block features authentic Tennessee hardwood, providing users with a warm and organic woodblock sound. This specific construction also delivers a highly durable performance, making it ideal for almost all musical settings.

Furthermore, Timber Drum Co. hired skilled experts to hand-craft this wood block percussion. Timber Drum Co. also implemented a one-piece construction which improves the stability and durability of the woodblock. Consequently, this results in a premium-feeling product without the wallet-tearing price tag.

Timber Drum Co.’s utilization of a 6” body allows this wood block to produce a high-pitched sound. Paired with an 8” polymer mallet, this wood block percussion’s sound signature can easily pierce through a dense mix.

Key Features:

  • 6” x 2.5” x 1.8” product dimension
  • Tennessee hardwood material
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish
  • 8” polymer head mallet
  • 4 rubber feet base


Timber Drum Co. constructs the whole body of this wood block percussion using a single piece of Tennessee hardwood. This method allows for better projection and resonance to help it cut through a mix better.


Due to this product’s compact size, using it requires a precise playing style which may be challenging for beginners.

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Tycoon Wood Block with TDB-L Mountable Wood Block Percussion

Tycoon Percussion Drum Accessories (TDB-L)

If you’re looking for no-compromise woodblocks which can blend within a drumkit, this product fits the description. Featuring a Siam Oak construction, the Tycoon Woodblock delivers a highly durable performance. In addition, the product comes with a straightforward design that’s easy to use.

Tycoon Wood includes a steel mounting bracket that allows users to mount the woodblock. Moreover, the set comes with a free beater, enabling this woodblock to produce a clear and crisp sound. Therefore, if you’re looking for a wood block percussion to complement your drumkit, this is the product for you!

Key Features:

  • Siam Oak material
  • Free wooden beater
  • Built-in mounting system


For a small price, the Tycoon Wood Block Percussion boasts durable construction and a straightforward design that is beginner-friendly. Furthermore, the kit features a built-in mounting system, helping users conveniently fit the wood block within a drumkit.


The built-in mounting system is deeply seated within the woodblock. Removing the mounting system to fit a specific drum rack requires knowledge and effort, which may lead to breakage.

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Tycoon Percussion Three Tone Wood Block Percussion

Tycoon Percussion Three Tone Wood Block

The Tycoon Percussion Three Tone Woodblock features the same Siam Oak wood materials found in the TDB-L Mountable Woodblock. What separates this wood block percussion from the rest is its unique design.

Firstly, this Three Tone Wood Block Percussion utilizes a wooden bar handle which enables handheld playing. Tycoon Percussion also designed this woodblock with three wooden cylinders that offer different timbre and tones in a compact package.

Secondly, this wood block comes with a wooden beater. Consequently, allowing users to make clear and warm sounds suitable under any musical setting. That’s why if you’re looking for a compact and versatile woodblock, this is the perfect product for you!

Key Features:

  • Siam Oak Wood material
  • Three tone design
  • Wooden bar and handle
  • Free wooden beater


This Three Tone Woodblock features a 3-in-1 construction perfect for drummers who wants the best tonal range possible. In addition, the product’s usage of a Siam Oak results in a bright tone in every hit.


This wood block percussion’s specific construction is quite challenging to mount within a drum or percussion set.

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Timber Drum Co. 8″ Wood Block with Mallet

Timber Drum Co. 8' Wood Block with Mallet — Made in U.S.A. — Creates Loud and Resonant Tone from Handcrafted Solid American Hardwood, Includes Rubber Feet, Large (T4-L)

Timber Drum Co. utilized their signature Tennessee hardwood on this wood block percussion. This material choice results in a warm and organic tone that’s easy on the ears and suitable in various mixes.

However, what separates this woodblock from the rest of Timber Drum Co.’s creations is its size. Thanks to its 8” sizing, this wood block percussion delivers the lowest pitch within Timber Drum Co.’s woodblock selection.

Furthermore, Timber Drum Co. pairs its wood block percussion with a robust polymer mallet, providing the woodblock with better projection. Similar to other Timber Drum Co. woodblocks, this product comes with four optional rubber feet.

Key Features:

  • Tennessee hardwood material
  • 8” x 2.5” x 1.8” product dimension
  • One-piece construction
  • Robust polymer mallet
  • 4x attachable rubber feet


The Timber Drum Co. 8” is one of the best deep-sounding woodblocks on this list. In addition, its versatility makes it excellent for any musical setting.


This woodblock’s deeper sound somehow compromises its richness and tone quality.

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Meinl Percussion PMWB1-M Medium Professional Wood Block

Meinl Percussion PMWB1-M Medium Professional Wood Block, Natural Finish

Perfect for percussionists looking for a balance between the highs and lows of woodblocks, the PMWB1-M sits in the middle. Firstly, the Meinl Percussion PMWB1-M combines a rosewood top and a solid rubber wood body. This combination results in a well-defined and balanced sound.

Secondly, the Meinl Percussion PMWB1-M comes with a wooden beater that maximizes the overall tonal capacity of the woodblock. This helps users get the best tone possible no matter where they hit the PMWB1-M’s surface. Lastly, aside from its simplistic construction, the Meinl Percussion PMWB1-M comes with a matte finish to top it off.

Key Features:

  • Rosewood top
  • Solid rubberwood body
  • Matte finish
  • Free wooden beater


The Meinl Percussion PMWB1-M woodblock offers a balanced sound that sits between the highs and lows of most woodblocks. Moreover, the product’s simplistic design makes it easy to mount and use as a drumkit add-on or a standalone instrument.


The product delivers an incredible tone and timbre. However, I think that Meinl could’ve done better regarding the product’s size.

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2 of the Best Alternatives for a Wood Block Percussion

Latin Percussion Jam Block, High, Blue (LP1205)

Latin Percussion Jam Block

Latin Percussion crafted the Jam Block using their Patented Jenigor plastic formulation. The Jenigor formulation features a Latin Percussion exclusive composition, allowing the Jam Block to replicate the sound of wood blocks.

Moreover, this product boasts an indestructible design, allowing it to withstand all the elements and harshness of the road. That’s why the Latin Percussion Jam Block is an excellent choice for touring musicians.

Finally, the Latin Percussion Jam Block comes with a heavy-duty mounting bracket compatible with 3/8” rods. Therefore, if you’re looking for a wood block percussion alternative for drumkits, then the Jam Block is for you!

Key Features:

  • LP’s Jenigor Patented Plastic Formulation
  • Indestructible construction
  • Heavy-duty Mounting Bracket for 3/8” rods
  • LP Eye-Bolt assembly
  • Blue colorway


The LP Jam Block successfully replicates the sound of wood blocks through the indestructive Jenigor lightweight plastic-based formulation. Another thing that keeps the Jam Block ahead of the curve is its inclusion of a 3/8” rod-compatible mounting system. Thus, letting users conveniently mount the Jam Block to any drum rack they like.


Although this product sounds like a wood block percussion, it sounds too sharp for my liking.

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Latin Percussion LP1208-K Stealth Jam Block

Latin Percussion LP1208-K Stealth Jam Block With Pkg Mount Bk,Black

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty Jam Block that can easily cut through a mix, this offer is for you! First, the LP1208-K Stealth Jam Block utilizes the same indestructible Jenigor plastic-based formulation seen with the standard Jam Block. This specific feature makes it road-worthy and easy to lug around.

Second, the Latin Percussion Stealth Jam Block comes with the LP Eye-bolt assembly, making it suitable with most percussion rigs. In addition, the Stealth Jam Block also comes with a mounting rod compatible with 3/8” standard drum rack rods.

Lastly, the LP1208-K’s hitting surface provides users with a consistent sound no matter where they hit it. In a nutshell, the LP1208-K is a heavy-duty Jam Block that consistently replicates the sound of wood blocks.

Key Features:

  • LP’s Patented Jenigor Material
  • Black powder-coated mount
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 3/8” rod-compatible mounting system
  • LP Eye-bolt assembly


The Stealth Jam Block’s thicker construction allows it to offer a deeper and fuller sound than the blue Jam Block. LP also designed this Jam Block with robust materials, making it an excellent wood block percussion substitute for gigging musicians. Consequently, allowing it to perform better against humidity and weather changes than a woodblock.


Even though the Stealth Jam Block’s thicker construction improves tone, this modification causes the product’s portability to take a hit.

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What to Look for When Buying a Wood Block Percussion?— A Buyer’s Guide

Woman and Man holding a Wood Block Percussion

Even though most wood blocks feature simplistic construction and design, there are still multiple factors that affect their sound. In this light, drummers should know the various things to consider before buying a woodblock to meet their musical needs. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you identify the features you’ll need to achieve the best tone according to your playing style.


First of all, a woodblock’s material allows it to sound a certain way. For buyers on a budget, I would recommend finding beach wood materials to find the best balance between price and tone.

The standard materials buyers should look for when it comes to woodblocks would be hardwood. Typically, hardwood materials provide woodblocks with better durability and a warmer, authentic tone.

On the other hand, if you’re a touring musician, you’re better off with plastic-based blocks as a woodblock substitute. Plastic-based materials, such as LP’s Jenigor, are more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity compared to wood-based materials. Consequently, providing users with consistent performance and sound regardless of their location.

Wood Block Percussion Size

The smaller a wood block percussion’s size is, the higher its pitch. Conversely, a thicker construction would lead to a lower pitch. In a nutshell, that’s the general rule of thumb when it comes to woodblocks.

If you’re looking for a deep-sounding woodblock, you’re better off with an 8” woodblock or bigger. However, if you’re in for that high tone that can pierce dense mixes, a 6” woodblock would be perfect.

If the balance between a high and low sound is what you need, find a woodblock around 7”. This sizing will ensure that you’ll have a well-defined sound within the middle frequency.

Mounting System

Most woodblocks don’t come with a mounting system with them, and that’s alright. Usually, manufacturers leave four corner holes under a woodblock in case users want to mount them.

However, if you want to mount your wood block percussion on a standard stand, you’ll need an ample mounting system. For this task, I recommend buyers find mounting systems compatible with 3/8” rods.

Frequency Asked Questions about Woodblocks

What is the wooden block instrument called?

Typically percussionists call a wooden block instrument a wood block percussion. This wooden block features a small slit within a polished wood block, creating a resonating click sound.

Are wood blocks percussion instruments?

Woodblocks are one variation of a slit drum. Typically, percussionists and drummers play a woodblock using a drumstick or a beater. This is within the standard definition of a percussion instrument, that’s why we consider woodblocks as percussion instruments.

What sound does a wooden block make?

A woodblock features a slit in the middle, making it hollow in the process. Through this construction, every beater hit on a wooden block delivers a resonating click sound that has a fast attack and little sustain. This sound changes depending on where you hit the surface and the material of the beater used.

Here’s an example of how woodblocks sound:

What is woodblock instrument used for?

A wood block percussion isn’t the main driving force of a beat. Instead, we consider them as support percussive instruments, helping drummers and percussionists accent and highlight the beat of a passage.

Typically, woodblocks are utilized within a percussion set for Latin and African music. Within the Western context, woodblocks are usually seen in a drum line, orchestra, and sometimes a band.

How do you make a wood block percussion instrument?

Making a woodblock percussion instrument according to your specification could be the ideal move when you’re chasing a certain sound. However, this requires a lot of resources such as woodworking tools and machines, skill, and time.

Therefore, I recommend users know the specification they want and try to find the right woodblock accordingly. Woodblocks are usually cheap, not even exceeding $100 for a high-end one.

Still, if you’re adamant about making a custom wood block percussion, here’s an in-depth guide for you:

Enjoy Your New Wood Block Percussion

Men holding drumsticks - Wood Block Percussion

In conclusion, woodblocks are a cheap and incredible way to accent a beat and embellish a rhythmic passage. Furthermore, they are also an ideal way to expand the percussive sound of a drumkit.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful enough to lead you to the wood block percussion according to your needs. Which of the woodblocks listed in this article did you prefer to get? By all means, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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