VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set Review

I have been thinking about whether or not I should buy my kid his own drum set – like those professional ones. But I also thought about how impractical it would be if one day he is not going to like drumming anymore? So I found out about VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set.

It may not be like the drum set that professional drummers use, but at least it will spark creativity and encourage my kid to do better with playing drums. Here’s what I’ve seen from this drum set that is worth checking out:

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VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Orange

VTech KidiBeats Specs

Age Range: 2-5 years
Dimensions: 3.9 x 12.09 x 11.46 inches
Weight: 1.51lbs
Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (included)

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VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set Features

  • This is perfect for kids that want to learn more about playing drums. The drum set comes with 3 drum pads and a cymbal. Each of them comes with its own distinct sound to develop the sensory system of the kid.
  • This is not only for little kids but also for toddlers as well. There are melodies built in this drum set, including dance and pop, rock; this musical set teachers music, numbers, and letters as well.
  • The kid’s drum set comes with for modes for playing. These are Letters, Free Play, Follow-Along, and Numbers. Each of these features its own distinct LED light.
  • This is an educational toy which comes with 2 drumsticks. This will allow kids to feel like they are real drummers like the professionals they see in concerts.
  • This kids drum set is designed for toddlers aged between 2 and 5 years of age. Three AA batteries are included in the packaged demo. If you want to use this drum set regularly, use new batteries.
VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Orange
  • Kids learning toy has three drum pads and cymbal each with its own unique sound for sensory development

What I’ve seen from the VTech KidiBeats Drum Kit

Ever since I bought this for my little one, he has been using this non-stop. The good thing about this drum set, despite being a toy, is that it is safe for kids to chew on it. There are times when our children just can’t help but chew on anything that they hold on to, but this one is safe for the kids. The manufacturer had it mind that the kids are going to chew on the drumsticks.

I’ve had this drum set for more than 4 months, and it is still working! I’m amazed at the durability that this drum set’s got, despite my son being very wild at times when playing with the drum set.

My son is 3 years old, but he catches on really well on how to use the drums. He’s been watching concerts and videos of musicians, especially drummers that hit on the snare. It is educational, just like what the manufacturer has claimed it to be.

When my son first had the drum set, he’d slam the surface of the snare with his hand in order to make the sound. I was worried at first, but I’m really amazed it has remained intact. The good thing that it only lasted a while for my son to use his hand to make drum sounds.

Do take note that the drum set is a toy drum, not the same ones that are designed for learning for professional drumming. This is a good way for children to learn more about playing drums, especially if you want to nurture your son’s interest in playing it. This is the perfect gift he or she will receive.

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