Velocity Toys 11 Piece Children’s Kid’s Drum Set Review

There are so many drum kits for kids I’ve seen online, and I only got to decide to buy one for my son when I saw Velocity Toys’ drum kit that has 11 pieces in a set. Just where do you get a drum kit designed for kids and has more than 3 pieces in its set?

The Velocity Toys 11 Piece Children’s Kids Drum Kit is not your usual toy drum kit. The usual toy drum kits designed for children has its own melodies, tunes and powered by the battery that will assist them to learn more about music and drumming in general. But you got to hand it to Velocity Toys to take it up another level. They’ve designed a drum kit for kids that is similar to what rock bands usually set up on stage – 11 drum pieces that will make any kid that loves to play drums feel like they are really creating music pieces on their own. It may be a toy, but it is a great gift to give for kids that have shown great interest in playing drums. What’s more, it might even instill their interests about drumming, too.

Some features of this drum kit I’ve found while browsing online:

  • Comes with 6 drums, a cymbal, kick pedal, chair and a pair of drumsticks
  • Have 2 large tom-toms, bass drum, and 3 small tom toms
  • The dimension of the set is 23 inches, a drum is 14 inches while the chair is 10 inches.
  • This is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.
  • Easy to assemble

I watched my son open up the drum kit, he was ecstatic and can’t wait to play with it right away. It needed minor assembly and my son wasn’t that annoyed about it. In fact, he read every detail written in the instructions as he wants to be as thorough as possible. He does feel that he is going to be playing drums for the first time, even if he already has experienced it once from his uncle. Keep in mind that even if it requires assembly, no tools are necessary for it.

That was more than 5 months ago, and the drum set is still kicking and produces good sound, despite being a toy for kids. I’ve seen other complaints at how they are disappointed with their purchase, but I was wondering why that’s the case. First of all, the manufacturer has declared it to be a toy, so you can’t expect anything more than that. And in my case, I’m even more surprised at how being a toy, is almost like the drums that professionals use, but still at a toy level. It is a great toy to give to kids that are showing interest in learning to play more about drums. If this is what you are looking for to give for a kid, I recommend this drum kit.

If you want to teach kids a more advanced level of playing drums, then it is best that you buy one that is closer to what professionals use. This is a basic drum kit to encourage kids that loves drums to play more about this musical instrument.

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