7 of the Best Tama Drum Set: Premium Drum Performance for all Budgets

A Tama drum set delivers high-quality tones for a fraction of the price in comparison with leading manufacturers worldwide. In addition, Tama also produces highly durable drum sets for beginners and professionals alike. Therefore, if you’re strapped for cash, you might want to consider taking home a Tama drum set.

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Furthermore, since 1974, Tama has been home to legendary drummers, such as Lars Ulrich and Mike Portnoy. Thus, being a living testament to the quality Tama provides to their products. In this light, I listed 7 excellent Tama drum sets in this article. Consequently, providing buyers— such as you— with the best drumming experience without breaking the bank!

What to Look for Before Buying a Tama Drumkit— A Buyer’s Guide

Tama Drum Set

Some Tama Drumkit features decent entry-level specifications which push its price within an affordable price. On the other hand, Tama also manufactures professional-level gear that will cut in big stages.

However, before buying a Tama drum set, buyers should be knowledgeable about the product they are buying. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best drum set according to your needs!

Tama Drumkit Series

As stated, Tama produces a drumkit for every playstyle. Here are the following drumkit series for all playing levels:

  • Star Series- features a thin shell that delivers unparalleled shell resonance and projection.
  • Starclassic Series- utilizes extremely versatile thin shells perfect for every musical genre.
  • S.L.P. Series- budget-friendly low-profile drumkits that offer incredible tonal capabilities.
  • Superstar Classic Series- based on the Superstar series, delivering an explosive projection without losing its tone.
  • Imperialstar Series- delivers excellent tone and durability ideal for beginners.
  • Cocktail-JAM Series- utilizes a portable drumkit construction suitable for jazz and hip-hop.
  • Club-JAM Series- features a compact sizing excellent for small-sized venues.

Drumhead Style

Most generic drumkits feature 1-ply or 2-ply generic drumheads. However, thankfully Tama strays away from generic-sounding heads. Therefore, if you’re looking for excellent-sounding Tama drum sets, then I suggest you find kits that come with branded drumheads.

A typical affordable Tama set comes with a Remo UT Drumhead— which is more decent than generic heads. In addition, higher-end Tama sets come with high-quality Remo and Evans drumheads, providing you with a no-compromise tonality and performance.

Construction Style

Drumkits come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, a standard drumkit incorporates a 5-piece construction, making it cumbersome to bring around when touring. However, this construction offers a decent selection of drums to play during performances. Conversely, a compact and portable drumkit utilizes a smaller construction perfect for traveling and touring drummers.

The Best Tama Drumkit for Beginners

Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit 

Tama Imperialstar IE52C 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Snare Drum and Meinl Cymbals - Blacked Out Black

Series: Imperialstar Tama Drum Set

The Tama Imperialstar Drumkit offers beginner drummers the best tonal performance within a tight budget. In addition, the Imperialstar kit provides users with durable hardware and shells that beat other drumkits within its price point. Moreover, this excellent configuration doesn’t only attract beginners but also experienced drummers from various genres.

Firstly, the Imperialstar features spur brackets which improve the kit’s stability against hard hits. Furthermore, the utilization of spur brackets strengthens the kit’s overall construction; thus, enhancing its durability. Secondly, the kit also comes with an L-Rod and Omnisphere tom mounting system. Consequently, allowing drummers to easily position their toms without restricting their shell’s resonance.

Thirdly, the Imperialstar Kit comes with the HCS Brass Cymbals, which delivers incredible performance. As we know, Meinl hi-hats and cymbals produce an incredible tone that easily cuts within a mix. Lastly, the utilization of TAMA Precision Bearing Edges allows the Imperialstar to offer a full sound and incredible tuning stability.


  • 8mm 6ply Poplar Shells
  • TAMA L-Rod and Omnisphere Tom Mounting System
  • Meinl HCS Cymbals
  • Precision Bearing Edges
  • Spur Brackets


  • Delivers a full and warm tone that boasts a medium attack.
  • Features bang-for-the-buck specifications considering its price point.
  • Comes with one of the best entry-level cymbal sets in the market.
  • Boasts incredible tuning stability and shell response.


  • Although the TAMA jampacked the Imperialstar with features, it is still an entry-level kit.

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2 Excellent TAMA Drumkits for Intermediate Drummers

Tama Superstar Classic CL50RS 5-piece Shell Pack

Tama Superstar Classic CL50RS 5-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - Light Emerald Blue Green

Series: Superstar Classic Tama Drum Set

The Tama’s Superstar Classic innovates the Superstar name, which has been a drumming staple for more than 40 years. Boasting a 100% Maple shell construction, the Superstar Classic delivers a powerful sound and explosive projection perfect for live settings. In addition, this specific shell construction also provides the Superstar Classic with excellent resonance for a fuller sound.

Furthermore, the Superstar Classic utilizes Power Craft II Drumheads, providing users with an incredible tone right off the bat. Plus, the Power Craft II Drumheads also comes with a bass drum head muffler, eliminating the need for internal shell muffling.

Moreover, the Tama Superstar Classic incorporates the Star-Mount System, low-mass lugs, Omnisphere, and L-rod systems. As a result, the Superstar Classic provides an excellent positioning and mounting system without hindering shell resonance.


  • 100% Maple shell construction
  • Power Craft II Drumheads
  • Star-Mount System
  • TAMA L-Rod and Omnisphere tom mounting system
  • Low-Mass Lugs


  • Utilizes a drum mounting and lug system that enhances shell resonance.
  • Comes with excellently designed drumheads.
  • Excellent for live settings because of the kit’s explosive projection.
  • The Superstar Classic’s bass drum head eliminates the need for internal shell mufflers.


  • In comparison with the Imperial Star, the Tama Superstar Classic doesn’t come with a cymbal set.

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Tama Superstar Classic CL72S 7-piece Shell Pack

Tama Superstar Classic CL72S 7-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - Light Emerald Blue Green

Series: Superstar Classic Tama Drum Set

The Superstar Classic 7-Piece is perfect for drummers looking for more tom flavors while dishing out an explosive projection. Similar to the Tama CL50RS, the Tama CL72S features the same 100% Maple shell, delivering a powerful and resonating tone. In addition, the 7-piece Superstar Classic also features the Power Craft II drumheads, providing an improved tone in comparison with generic drumheads.

Moreover, the Superstar Classic 7-piece also comes with an L-Rod, Omnisphere tom mounting system, low-mass lugs, and Star-Mount System. Thus, providing users with improved kit flexibility and customization while allowing the drum shells to breathe and resonate.

However, the 7-piece Superstar Classic beats its 5-piece variant through the inclusion of 2 extra toms. The Tama Superstar Classic CL72S features 8”, 10”, and 12” toms. Furthermore, the CL72S also features 14” and 16” floor toms. Consequently, providing users with a wider selection of tom sounds perfect for both studio recordings and live performances.


  • 100% Maple Shells
  • 7-Piece Drumset layout
  • Power Craft II Drumheads
  • TAMA L-Rod and Omnisphere Tom Mounting System
  • Star-Mount System


  • Comes with extra toms for a more colorful drumming experience.
  • Provides users with hardware that enhances shell resonance.
  • Boasts incredible tom adjustability and positioning.
  • Delivers a powerful and resonant tone perfect for all genres.


  • I wouldn’t recommend this kit for drummers who have a small drumming space.

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3 of the Best Compact and Portable Tama Drum Set

TAMA Cocktail-JAM 4-Piece

TAMA Cocktail-JAM 4-Piece 16' bass Drum Shell Pack (CJB46BOS)

Series: Cocktail-JAM Tama Drum Set

If you are a touring musician who needs a compact kit, then the TAMA Cocktail-JAM is perfect for you! Firstly, the Cocktail-JAM utilizes a 100% compact Birch construction that is truly lightweight, making it easy to lug around performances. In addition, the Cocktail-JAM features a construction perfect for jazz, hip-hop, and any unplugged sessions.

Secondly, the Cocktail-JAM utilizes the MCAX5366 cymbal attachment kit. Therefore, providing users with a simple hi-hat and cymbal mounting system that works well with the kit’s compact construction. Moreover, users can attach other clamps and mounting systems to expand the Cocktail-JAM’s versatility.

Thirdly, the Cocktail-JAM features a sound focus pad on its bass drum head. Consequently, allowing the kit’s bass drum to deliver a tighter bass drum thud despite its small shell. Lastly, since TAMA emphasizes the Cocktail-JAM’s portability, the kit also comes with two specifically designed transport bags.


  • 100% Birch shells
  • MCAX5366 Cymbal Attachment Kit
  • Sound Focus Pad
  • Cocktail-JAM Transport Bags
  • Lever-based hi-hat controls


  • Perfect for touring drummers who want a lightweight kit to lug around.
  • Despite its bass drum’s small construction, the kit still delivers a deep bass thud.
  • Delivers a rich and powerful tone ideal for hip-hop, jazz, and acoustic drumming.
  • Excellent for drummers who have a small playing space.


  • The kit feels weird at first; therefore, requiring some time for its user to get used to playing it.

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Tama Club Jam Mini


Series: Club-JAM Tama Drum Set

The TAMA Club-JAM Mini is an excellent choice for drummers looking for the ultimate portability without tearing a hole in their wallets. Firstly, the Tama Club Jam Mini utilizes a Poplar shell construction, delivering a deep sound without compromising clarity.

Secondly, the Club-JAM Mini also features a compact bass and snare design, allowing users to easily pack and set up the kit. In addition, TAMA also designed the DSS28J for this kit for better kit transportability; however, this feature is sold separately.

Lastly, the Club-JAM Mini features a 7”x18” bass drum and a 5”x12” snare drum. Therefore, making the kit excellent for small venues and even unplugged acoustic shows.


  • 5”x12” Snare Drum
  • 7”x18” Bass Drum
  • Poplar shell construction
  • Galaxy Silver Unicolor Wrap Finish
  • Compact kit size


  • Ideal for touring and gigging drummers.
  • Comes within a more affordable price point in comparison with the Cocktail-JAM.
  • Perfect for street performances and small-sized venues.
  • Provides users with room for additional tom drums.


  • Although this product is cheap, it’s still only a 2-piece kit.

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Tama LJK48S-AQB Club-Jam Kit

Tama LJK48S-AQB Club-Jam Kit, Aqua Blue

Series: Club-JAM Tama Drum Set

Perfect for drummers who wants a compact kit on a budget, the Tama Club-JAM Kit is the right choice! Featuring a compact size and design, the Tama Club-JAM Kit is the all-in kit you need for tours and live performances.

Firstly, the Club-JAM Kit features deep-sounding Poplar shells, providing users with ample power and projection for small venues. In addition, the compact design and construction of the Club-JAM make it lightweight enough to carry around.

Secondly, the Tama Club-JAM Kit utilizes a bass drum-mounted cymbal holder, minimizing the need for cymbal stands. Thus, reducing the overall footprint of the Club-JAM Kit. Lastly, TAMA designed the DSS58LJ Bag Set for this kit; however, it doesn’t come with the kit.


  • Aqua Blue Unicolor Finish
  • Single tom holder
  • Bass-mounted cymbal arm
  • Bass drum wood hoop
  • Compact construction


  • Excellent for drummers looking for a lightweight drumkit in a 4-piece construction.
  • Fairly easier to lug around in comparison with standard kits.
  • Perfect for small venues and unplugged performances.
  • Effectively implements a compact construction, minimizing the kit’s footprint as a result.


  • TAMA sells the dedicated DSSS58LJJ Bag Set for this kit separately.

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The Most Versatile Tama Drum Set

Tama Starclassic Walnut Birch Lacquer 3-Piece Shell Pack

Tama Starclassic Walnut Birch Lacquer 3-Piece Shell Pack - Satin Sapphire Fade

Series: Starclassic Tama Drum Set

In my 30-year drumming career, I always value versatile kits, especially when playing multiple gigs in different genres. Implementing a perfect ratio between Walnut and Birch, the Starclassic delivers a sound that sits perfectly within the low-mid frequency. In addition, the kit also produces a warm tone that’s balanced by the clarity and projection of birch.

Furthermore, the Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch Kit features bearing edges, allowing for a better shell and drumhead fit. As a result, this maximizes the shell’s resonance for an unparalleled tone projection. The Tama Starclassic also features the Star-Cast Mounting System improving the shell’s overall resonance.

Moreover, the Starclassic Kit comes with Quick-Lock Tom Brackets and Swivel-Wing Tom Holder. Thus, providing users with a seamless tom adjustment without any type of hassle or intrusion. Finally, the Starclassic features Evans and Tama heads, providing users with the best tone possible.


  • Walnut/Birch shell material
  • Bearing edges
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Quick-Lock Tom Brackets and Swivel-Wing Tom Holder
  • Evans and Tama Drumheads


  • Delivers an extremely versatile sound that cuts through various genres.
  • The kit’s hardware and construction maximize shell resonance for an unparalleled tone.
  • Utilizes air-cushioned floor tom legs, eliminating shocks for a stable drumming feel.
  • Features an ergonomic tom system, improving the adjustability and sound of tom drums.


  • The most expensive Tama drum set on this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tama Drumkits

Is Tama a good dum set?

TAMA is one of the world’s best drum manufacturers. The company’s dedication to providing drummers with all the necessary drumming features without breaking the bank puts them on top. In addition, Tama is one of the most trusted brands by drumming legends such as Mike Portnoy and Lars Ulrich. Thus, making the brand an excellent choice from beginners up to professionals looking for the best drum performance possible.

What drummers play Tama drums?

As stated, drummers such as Mike Portnoy and Lars Ulrich endorses Tama drum sets. However, the brand doesn’t only cater to professionals— but to beginners and intermediate drummers too! For instance, the Imperialstar series packs all the necessary drum features within an affordable kit. Therefore, regardless of your drumming skill, I suggest you should consider getting TAMA drumkits.

What is the top of the line Tama drums?

The TAMA Star Series utilizes Maple Shells which produces a wide and bright tone perfect under any musical setting. In addition, the series feature high-end hardware such as bass drum spurs, Remo Ambassador and Powerstroke heads, and Super-Resonant Mounting System. Consequently, making the Star Series the flagship drum model of TAMA.

Where are Tama Imperialstar drums made?

Tama crafts the Imperialstar series within their Evergrand factory in China. Similar to other instrument manufacturers, Tama outsources the labor and assembly of the Imperialstar. As a result, effectively putting the manufacturing costs down, allowing Imperialstar to brandish an affordable price tag.

Which bands use Tama drums?

Professional and legendary bands worldwide utilize Tama drums. For instance, the band Metallica utilizes the Tama drums within their recordings and live performances. Dishing out Grammy-winning albums and filling sold-out arena shows prove that a Tama drum set can handle any musical setting.

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