Talentstar 11pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set Review

I’ve been thinking about buying my little girl her own drum set. At first, I’d go with those toy looking drums I’ve seen in department and toy stores, but wouldn’t it be better to buy a kids drum set, but looks almost professional? I’ve found the Talentstar 11pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set.

The Talentstar 11pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set is a really cool, reddish little drum set that is obviously made for kids. I have never seen any other little drum set that is as cool as this one.

Manufacturer specs:

  • Dominant color of the drum set is red
  • Materials used: nontoxic paint; Aluminum and ABS plastic; has a very durable design
  • Size: XXL
  • Amazing quality
  • Chair size is 10 inches
  • Excellent and real sound
  • Bass drum size is 14 inches in diameter
  • Chair size is 10 inches

This is a complete set that is perfect for children that want to learn drums, but parents aren’t so sure if their kids will really commit to studying the drums. You won’t find any problems with the weight of this drum set. I bring this drum set with me whenever I find my little girl wants to play it in a different setting. What’s more, many people enjoy watching her play the drums.

What to expect from the drums?

First of all, this is like a toy drum set. I’ve seen reviews from other customers that bought the same drum set as mine. At first, I was skeptical about this drum set because of the whole complaints that I’ve read from various reviews, but I was still optimistic about it. Glad that I listened to my instinct. I’ve gotten my hands a cool drum set and even my little girl really loves it.

This is what you’d usually expect when you buy it for a very affordable price. Many complaints have contents that are expecting too much. If you were to buy a drum set that is almost on the same level that of the professionals, then it is best that you look for a kid drum set that is designed for them to learn on the way towards professionalism. This drum set is a good investment to instill their creativity in showing interests in playing the drums.

Here’s a bit of warning: I bought this drum set and it is still intact even until now. The reason that I’ve read a lot about how poor the quality of this drum set is probably with how the children behaved around with the drum set. My little girl has a knack for treasuring whatever she receives, which is why the drum set is still alive on her hands after 3 months from purchase.

So I advise to all other customers out there that are looking to buy a drum set that can withstand kids that have heavy hands or those that can’t stay put in one place. This is definitely not recommended for kids that are hyperactive. But if you want to let them try and play this drum set, by all means do so.

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