8 Student Snare Drum Kit Reviewed— Rhythm Practice in a Budget

A student snare drum kit is an excellent tool for beginners getting into drumming. Whether you are practicing paradiddles or your snare chops, it is ideal to have one. In addition, regular snare practices can degrade the snare beater’s material. Therefore, we advise beginner drummers to utilize a student snare drum kit, allowing them to practice worry-free and efficiently.

Furthermore, a student snare drum kit is ideal for beginner marching band drummers, enabling them to practice at home. Moreover, beginner snare drum kits cost less than entry-level to intermediate snare drums, making them bang for the buck. In this light, we collected 8 of the best snare drum kits for starting drummers.

What to Look for Before Buying Snare Drum Kit For Students?

student snare drum kit

Before buying a student snare drum kit, buyers must first ensure its quality. A low-quality snare drum kit will provide users with subpar durability. In addition, a low-quality snare’s tone won’t stand against snare drums from leading manufacturers. Thus, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best student stare drum kit in the market!

Shell Material

Being cheap doesn’t mean a snare drum kit should feature low-quality materials. In this light, we recommend buyers find snare drums that feature budget-friendly hardwood shells such as poplar. In addition, buyers could also settle for steel shells, providing a well-rounded tone versatility without breaking the bank.

Snare Batter and Resonant Heads

A snare drum’s batter and resonant heads are two vital parts that help shape a snare’s tone. Therefore, we advise buyers to look for good-quality snare heads before finalizing a purchase. For instance, some snare drum kits come with branded heads such as Remo snare heads.

However, it’s alright if the heads that come with a student snare drum kit are generic. Buyers can still purchase aftermarket drum heads such as the Evans hydraulic drum heads.

Additional Features

Some student snare drum kit manufacturers include free drum sticks in their bundles. Meanwhile, some manufacturers include a snare stand and bag, allowing users to add them to their portable drumkit. Finding a student snare drum kit with additional features helps users get the best out of their drum kit without spending much.

8 Excellent Snare Drum Kits for Students

Ashthorpe Snare Drum Set

Ashthorpe Snare Drum Set with Remo Head (Black) - Student Beginner Kit with Stand, Padded Gig Bag, Practice Pad, Neck Strap, and Sticks

Brand: Ashthorpe

Type: Poplar Hardwood Student Snare Drum Kit Bundle

Featuring the Remo UT-series head, the Ashthorpe Set is an affordable yet premium-sounding snare drum. In addition, Ashthorpe utilized a genuine poplar hardwood shell coated with a high-gloss finish. Thus, providing the snare with excellent response, resonance, and tone.

Furthermore, the kit comes with an adjustable 2 ½ ft snare stand, making it an excellent addition to a drumset. Ashthorpe also included a neckstrap, drumsticks, and a practice pad, providing versatile performance for both marching band and bedroom drummers.

Moreover, the kit comes with a premium padded gig bag, enabling users to bring the snare almost anywhere! Finally, the padded gig bag comes with a stand and drumstick compartment for better kit portability.


  • Remo UT-series batter and resonant head
  • 14” x 6” size
  • Poplar hardwood shell
  • 10 tuning lugs
  • Premium padded gig bag


  • The included premium padded gig bag offers better snare portability.
  • Considering its price point, the inclusion of Remo heads is a steal.
  • Comes with a mute practice pad for quiet practice sessions.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Despite the inclusion of Remo heads, this snare kit is still an entry-level kit.

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Vangoa Snare Drum Set

Vangoa Snare Drum Set, Student Snare Drum Kit with Stand, Drum Mute Pad, 5A Drum Sticks, Drum Keys, Sticks, 14'X 5.5' Black

Brand: Vangoa

Type: Poplar Hardwood Student Snare Drum Kit

The Vangoa Snare Drum Set is an ideal 14” snare for beginners learning the fundamentals of drumming. Firstly, Vangoa constructed the snare with a 6mm Poplar shell and 45” over-bearing edge. Consequently, allowing the snare to transmit its vibration evenly at the center. Moreover, the snare features 10 sturdy lugs, stretching the head evenly across the snare.

Secondly, the set comes with an adjustable drumstand with memory foam, allowing users to customize the snare height and angle. In addition, the drum stand features double-braced legs supplemented with rubber feet, providing a stable performance during practice sessions.

Lastly, the Vangoa Snare Drum Set comes with a 600D oxford bag with 10mm padding. Thus, providing excellent protection on the snare when traveling.


  • 6mm Poplar shell
  • 45” round-over bearing edge
  • 10 sturdy snare lugs
  • 600D Oxford padded gig bag
  • Upgraded drum stand


  • The inclusion of 10 sturdy snare lugs improves the snare’s tuning stability.
  • Provides an open and balanced sound.
  • Stable drum stand construction.
  • Comes with other essentials such as a mute pad, speed drum key, and 5A drumsticks.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Ashthorpe set despite including a generic head.

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Mendini 14 x 3.5 inch Student Steel Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag

Mendini 14 x 3.5 inch Student Steel Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag, Sticks and Non-Adjustable Stand (Pad not included)

Brand: Mendini

Type: Steel Student Snare Drum Kit

Perfect for students who want a clear and crisp sounding snare, the Mendini Student Steel Snare doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a steel shell, the Mendini student snare vibrates freely; thus, producing bright snare tones.

Furthermore, Mendini throws in a double-brace stand, providing stable performance for beginner drummers. In addition, the Mendini student steel snare comes with a pair of standard-sized drumsticks for convenience.

Finally, the kit comes with a padded soft case with extra straps and compartments for the stand and drumsticks.


  • 14” x 3.5” size
  • Steel shell
  • Double brace stand
  • Padded soft case
  • 10 snare lugs


  • Provides bright snare tones.
  • Durable construction and materials within a budget-friendly price point.
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate drummers.
  • The kit comes with a mute pad for silent snare practice.


  • The kit’s stand is not adjustable.

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SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit 

SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit - 12 Inch Double Sided Silent Practice Drum Pad & Four Inch Snare Drum with Two Different Surfaces & Drumsticks

Brand: SLINT

Type: Student Snare Drum Kit for Silent Practice

Excellent for muscle memory drum practice, the SLINT Drum Pad provides near-silent noise for bedroom drummers. Whether you are in a room or you don’t want to irritate your neighbors, SLINT  has you covered.

The SLINT Drum Pad features a premium double-sided drum pad that emulates the feel of authentic snares. In addition, the snare pad incorporates non-toxic elastic rubbers on its primary side for that bouncy snare feel. The secondary head features a softer rubber, which provides less rebound when hit.

Moreover, the kit’s stand utilizes a durable double-braced construction for a steady practice experience. The stand also incorporates a fully adjustable height and diameter, allowing users to use it on regular snares too.


  • Double-sided drum pad construction
  • Adjustable snare stand
  • Nontoxic elastic rubber pad side
  • Soft rubber pad side
  • Drumming for Beginners E-book and Audiobook


  • Comes with extra features such as 3 pairs of drumsticks and portable stick covers.
  • Ideal for student drummers who want to learn by themselves.
  • Users can utilize the included stand as a snare or pad stand.
  • Budget-friendly price point.


  • The included stand features cheap materials, making it hard to operate.

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EASTROCK Snare Drum 14x5.5inch for Students, Beginners with Gig Bag, Sticks, Drum Keys,Frosted Material Drum Skin


Type: Poplar HardwoodStudent Snare Drum Kit

EASTROCK designed this student snare drum kit to provide tight tones— and they did just that. The EASTROCK drumhead utilizes a 1-ply 10-mil coated film with inner felts. Thus, providing users with proper tension that eliminates unwanted overtones from the mix.

Furthermore, the EASTROCK snare features a 9-ply poplar shell, improving the snare’s overall tone while driving the cost down. In addition, the snare’s metal drum lugs provide incredible tuning stability, reducing overall tuning time.

Finally, EASTROCK throws in an adjustable stand and Oxford gig bag to complete the package. Thus, providing the set with improved overall stability and portability respectively.


  • 9-ply Poplar drum shell
  • 1-ply 10-mil coated head
  • 14” snare size
  • Adjustable stand
  • Oxford padded gig bag


  • Minimizes overtones for a tighter drum sound.
  • Produces a loud snare sound due to its 1-ply construction.
  • The gig bag utilizes a backpack design for easier gear transportation.
  • Adjustable stand height and hitting angle.


  • Not ideal for drummers who practice within a confined space due to its loud volume.

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Eastar Snare Drum Set with Drum Sticks

Eastar Snare Drum Set with Drum Sticks,for Beginners with Snare Drum Stand, Mute Pad, Snare Drum Bag, Drum Key, 14'X 5.5',Starry Black

Brand: Eastar 

Type: Student Snare Drum Kit

Specifically designed for a tighter sound, the Eastar Snare Kit features internal felt, eliminating overtones to generate a cleaner sound. In addition, the kit includes a silicone mute pad players can use to reduce the snare’s volume by 80%. Thus, providing users with a way to get rid of overtones and loud snare volumes. Moreover, the snare utilizes 10 lugs, stretching the head across evenly for a better tone.

Meanwhile, the set’s stand extends up to 43”, allowing users to adjust the snare’s height for standing or seated practice. Lastly, the Eastar Snare Drum Set incorporates rubber arm tips, protecting the snare from scratches and slipping.


  • 10 snare lug construction
  • Drum mute pad
  • Adjustable extra-high stand
  • Rubber arm tip
  • Snare drum bag


  • Ideal for both loud and silent practice sessions.
  • Provides users with a tight and clean-sounding tone.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.
  • Easy assembly process.


  • The included snare bag lags in terms of durability.

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EX Digital Practice Drum Pad with Drumsticks and Stand

EX Electronic Practice Drum Pad with Stand and Bag and Drumsticks - Portable Practice Pad Training Set for Kids and Beginners - Quiet Design with Built-in Metronome and Realistic Feel

Brand: EX

Type: Digital Student Snare Drum Kit

The EX Digital Practice Drum Pad is the ultimate budget-friendly student snare drum kit on the market. Firstly, the EX Drum Pad features a built-in metronome and audible count function. Consequently, allowing drummers to have an interactive platform where they can practice their chops. In addition, the metronome feature has a capacity of 30-250 bpm, ensuring that drummers play on time.

Secondly, the EX practice pad features an earphone jack, providing an extremely silent practice session. Moreover, the pad incorporates a large LCD, enabling users to navigate and operate the product easily.

Finally, the product comes with a heavy-duty stand that is adjustable from 20” up to 35”. Furthermore, the included stand features a foldable construction, providing users with a portable practice set.


  • Metronome function
  • Stopwatch mode
  • 30-250 bpm tempo range
  • Earphone jack output
  • Adjustable heavy-duty stand


  • Budget-friendly price point.
  • Provides incredible features that acoustic snares do not have such as a built-in metronome.
  • Comes with various digital features such as a built-in metronome for convenient practice sessions.
  • Runs using batteries or an external power source.


  • The drum pad only offers a beep when hit.

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Hisonic Signature Series LXG-20 10″ Drum Practice Pad

Hisonic Signature Series LXG-20 10' Drum Practice Pad with Stand & Sticks

Brand: Signature Music Instruments

Type: Student Snare Drum Kit for Silent Practice

If you are looking for a snare practice pad without the noise, the LXG-20 is an excellent contender for that. The Hisonic Signature Series LXG-20 features a rubber surface that replicates the feel of acoustic snare heads.

Furthermore, the Signature Music Instruments designed the LXG-20 with an ultralightweight construction. Paired with the included gig bag and foldable stand, the product is portable and easy to assemble.

Moreover, the included stand is adjustable from 20” up to 32”. In addition, the inclusion of rubber nonslip feet helps the product to remain still under intense beating. Finally, the set includes a pair of drumsticks, allowing users to practice with the LXG-20 right out of the box.


  • Metronome function
  • Stopwatch mode
  • 30-250 bpm tempo range
  • Earphone jack output
  • Adjustable heavy-duty stand


  • Extremely portable and lightweight construction.
  • Features an adjustable and stable pad stand.
  • Comes with a free pair of drumsticks.
  • Excellent for drummers who want to practice with headphones for electronic drums.


  • The LXG-20’s price point is close to the EX Electronic Pad— which has more features.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Snare Drum Kits for Students

What is a student snare drum?

A student snare drum kit comprises a snare drum, stand, and other products such as a gig bag. A student snare drum kit is a platform for beginners to practice their chops and rhythm without degrading their kit’s snare. Typically, a student snare drum kit comes within a budget-friendly price point unlike standard snare drums.

What is the average cost of a snare drum?

An entry-level snare drum typically costs around $300 up to $500. Some snare drums even cost above $1000; thus, making them expensive for daily practices. Therefore, we advise beginners to utilize a student snare drum kit costing around $50 up to $150 to save money in the long run.

What is a good snare drum for beginners?

Some of the best budget-friendly student snare drum kits are the following:

  • Ashthorpe Snare Drum Set with Remo Head
  • Vangoa Snare Drum Set
  • Mendini Student Snare Drum Set
  • SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit
  • EASTROCK Snare Drum for Students
  • Eastar Snare Drum Set with Drum Sticks
  • EX Digital Practice Drum Pad with Drumsticks and Stand
  • Hisonic Signature Series LXG-20

What sound does a snare make?

Within a drumkit, a snare typically sounds bright with minimum sustain. In addition, it also utilizes a snare underneath to provide a “cracking” effect on the tone. Within a 4/4 beat, a snare usually goes in beats 2 and 4, providing downbeat accentuations.

What size snare drum is the best?

For beginners, we advise them to get a 14” student snare drum kit. Thus, allowing beginners to get used to hitting standard-sized snares. In addition, a 14” snare has a good tuning range fit for students starting to get the grip of drumming.

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