Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is a package that could turn your kid into a future rock star. It is a drum set that would help your children pursue their dream career with the right accessories to get them started playing.

The set has a full range of accessories, features, and finishes ideal for long-term use. Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Junior Drum Set is designed for hours of fun and learning in every drumbeat.

Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Review

Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Review

What Comes in the Box

This Spectrum Junior Drum Set has a wide array of accessories in one box, which includes a tom-tom drum, a bass drum, a snare drum, chrome hardware, an 8-inch crash cymbal, a cymbal stand, and a bass drum pedal. Moreover, it features an adjustable drum throne, drum sticks, a non-skid rubber footed throne, and an assembly of instructions. Specifically, the drum throne is fully adjustable, making it easier for you to set the musical instrument perfectly for your drumming aspirant.

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Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Features & Technical Details

The Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Drum Set comes in a chrome material and red color. The 20-pound product has a general dimension of 16 inches by 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches.

Given below are the top rated features of the product:

Easy setup.

If you despise painful assembly, Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is a good choice. It is very easy to assemble, even if you are beginner in doing so compared to other sets.

Considerable sound quality.

Despite being structured for kids, the quality of sound generated by the drum set is ideal. You would not even believe that the product is also deemed as a toy. It is possible for Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set’s sound quality to level with professional quality drum kits.

Non-skid rubber feet.

This is highly helpful for parents who do not want to move the set every now and then after his or her child’s training. All stands are designed with rubber feet to keep the set stable while being used.

Professional finish.

Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set does not look like a toy at all. It is even has an appealing red finish and bright metallic hardware, making it look more eye-catching.

Adjustable throne.

Even as your kid grows, the throne is fully adjustable, making it suitable for continuous drum lessons and training.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Most positive feedbacks were provided by the existing owners of Spectrum AIL 621R Junior Drum Set. According to them, they highly consider the product as an instrument, instead of a toy. It could withstand serious beating, which means that its materials are perfectly durable even for very young children.

The looks and sound of the drum set are completely matched. The Spectrum junior drum set has a professional adult drum set look, and it shows that it could be used even by older and experienced drummers due to its sound quality.

The assembly of Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Drum Set has been commended by parents for they did not consume much time to set it up. They said that the instructions were very straightforward and easy to understand.

Lastly, most buyers of the kid’s drum set found it reasonably priced for a quality that so high. They believe Spectrum’s product is simply a scaled down version of an adult drum set.

Pros of the Product

  1. Professional-looking
  2. High sound quality
  3. Adjustable throne
  4. Solid built
  5. Very quick and easy to assemble

Cons of the Product

  1. Parts do not stay secured

Who Should Buy This Product

Spectrum AIL 621R Junior Drum Set is a must-buy for parents looking for a drum set with a good quality and great price. The product is reasonably valued, making people doubt its quality. Nonetheless, most of its users found it exceptional due to its professional sound and durable materials.

The finish of Spectrum’s drum set is also attractive, making it look like its expensive counterparts. For people who want to provide gifts that do not embarrass, this set is a great choice, especially now that it could serve the purpose of a toy and instrument.

Spectrum AIL 621R

Spectrum AIL 621R 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

Conclusion and Recommendation

The price does not always determine the quality of a product, and Spectrum AIL 621R Junior Drum Set proves it. It shows that despite its lower value, many have been pleased by its overall performance. Besides its complete set of accessories, it does not fail to keep kids trained without the cheap and very toy-like drum rhythm.

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