The Truth Behind Soundproof Curtains — Are They Legit or a Sham?

Soundproof curtains provide drummers with a comfortable practice environment. As a drummer, I understand the need for soundproofing a drum room. Let’s face it, an acoustic drumset plays extremely loud in comparison with a beat machine with keyboard. There will come a time when you’ll hear complaints from your landlord or neighbors regarding your kit’s noise level.

On the other hand, having a well-treated drum room help bring out the sound of various drumkits. Therefore, I crafted this guide in the hopes of helping you find the best soundproof curtains for your studio.

What are Soundproof Curtains?

A soundproof curtain is one of the few budget-friendly “soundproofing” methods drummers can utilize. Musicians typically hang soundproof curtains in front of windows or walls. Consequently, minimizing the external noise that comes within the studio. Conversely, soundproof curtains effectively reduce the noise heard outside a drum room.

However, calling a soundproof curtain truly “soundproof” is an overstatement. Professional sound engineers say that nothing can beat a soundproof room with the proper building materials and design. Nevertheless, soundproof curtains still effectively reduce the audible noise outside of drum rooms.

The Benefits of Using Soundproof Curtains

soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains are an excellent product for drummers looking to improve their playing area. In addition, utilizing soundproof curtains provide various benefits that can elevate an individual’s drumming experience.

Price Point

As we know, not everyone has the luxury to install soundproofing materials on their walls and windows. Getting soundproof curtains is a cheap way to eliminate reverb and other unnecessary noises that can alter your drum tone. Therefore, if you’re strapped for cash, getting soundproof curtains is the way to go.

Noise-dampening Capabilities

Although soundproof curtains do not have the same soundproofing capabilities as other materials. However, they still effectively dampen noise that can help save you from getting neighbors annoyed.

Moreover, a soundproof curtain helps eliminate unwanted room reverb. Consequently, providing users with a sharp and refined drum sound.


Of course, soundproof curtains don’t only function as a noise-dampening addition to your home. Due to a soundproof curtain’s thick construction, it also works excellently as a blackout curtain. Thus, providing users with better protection against the sun and privacy against prying eyes.

Furthermore, soundproof curtains work decently when insulating heat. As a result, providing users with better temperature control without letting their energy bills shoot through the roof.

What to Look for When Buying A Soundproof Curtain?— A Buyer’s Guide

soundproof curtains

Since we have settled the benefits of using soundproof curtains, let’s tackle the things buyers should consider when buying one. As we know, not all soundproof curtains provide the best performance when they feature substandard materials and specifications.

Furthermore, some cheap soundproof curtains claim to feature noise-dampening properties; subsequently, leading to disappointment once installed in a room. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide with the hopes of helping buyers find the best soundproof curtains on the market.

Material and Construction

As stated, a decent soundproof curtain should feature a thick construction paired with various materials. Main curtain materials such as velvet and suede usually provide the best noise-dampening effect. However, velvet materials aren’t known as good noise dampeners. Instead, they work excellently on killing off a room’s excess reverberation.

On the other hand, buyers could also look for interior curtain materials such as vinyl cores and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This specific construction allows the curtain to effectively block unwanted external sound.

Moreover, it would be also beneficial if buyers could find curtains with thermal layer features. Having a soundproof curtain with thermal controlling properties can help users save up on electricity while dampening their studio noise.

Furthermore, buyers should also look for soundproof curtains that boast a heavier construction. Finding one ensures better sound isolation and noise-dampening capabilities in comparison with lighter soundproof curtains.

Soundproof Curtain with Excellent Materials from Amazon

HLC.ME 100% Complete Blackout Lined Curtain Drapery
HLC.ME Dakota 100% Complete Blackout Lined Drapery Thick Double Layer Thermal Insulated Energy Efficient Soundproof Curtains Grommet Panels for Bedroom & Living Room, 2 Panels (52 W x 108 L Black)

Brand: HLC.ME

As stated, an effective soundproof curtain should have a thicker construction. Here is where the HLC.ME becomes an excellent choice! The HLC.ME blackout curtain features a double-layer construction, providing users with better light blockage and noise dampening.

Furthermore, HLC.ME curtains utilize durable polyester materials crafted to deliver a premium look and feel. In addition, these curtains feature thick materials which guarantee 100% blackout during daytime. Therefore, if you’re looking for a thick soundproof curtain, you cannot go wrong with HLC.ME.


  • 8 metal grommets
  • 2 layers of heavy-duty polyester material
  • 9 sizing and colorway options
  • Thick but soft curtain feel
  • Modern construction and design


  • Effectively dampens external noises for a quieter environment.
  • The product’s thermal isolation features help users conserve energy.
  • Blocks 100% of incoming light during daytime.
  • Users can easily style the curtain to fit the aesthetic of their house’s interior design.


  • The product’s thermal liner is white; thus, making it prone to staining.

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Curtain Size

To get the best performance out of a soundproof curtain, buyers should get their curtain size correctly. Therefore, buyers should take account of the window they are trying to cover.

Unlike standard window curtains, buying a soundproof curtain the same size as a window is a no-go. In this light, buyers should look for curtains that cover their floor up to the ceiling. Moreover, getting a soundproof curtain that covers further between the sides of a window is also ideal.

The Best Soundproof Curtain for all Window Sizes

NICETOWN Full Shading Curtain for Windows
NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains for Windows, Super Heavy-Duty Black Lined Blackout Curtains for Bedroom, Privacy Assured Window Treatment (White, Pack of 2, 52 inches W x 95 inches L)


Perfect for all window sizes, the NICETOWN Curtains offers a wide array of lengths and widths for all drum enthusiasts. The NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains feature a black liner backing, providing an extra layer, improving its blackout capabilities.

Furthermore, this NICETOWN curtain feature incorporates lined curtain panels. Consequently, allowing the curtain to absorb sound twice as better as single-layered curtains. Finally, the NICETOWN curtains come with triple-weave blackout fabric, allowing the product to effectively insulate temperature.


  • 100% Polyester material
  • Black liner backing
  • UV resistant
  • Heavyweight lined curtain panels
  • Triple-weave blackout fabric


  • Provides users with a large selection of sizes to choose from.
  • Boasts a construction free from harmful chemicals.
  • Features machine-washable materials.
  • Delivers better noise dampening capabilities than single-layer curtains.


  • More than twice the price of the LUSHLEAF Blackout Curtains.

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Cost of Curtain

Many drummers resort to using soundproof curtains to save up on costs. In comparison with a fully soundproof drum room, the price of getting soundproof curtains is much cheaper. Therefore, I recommend buyers find affordable soundproof curtains without compromising specifications and features.

The Best Budget-friendly Soundproof Curtain from Amazon

LUSHLEAF Blackout Curtain
LUSHLEAF Blackout Curtains for Bedroom, Solid Thermal Insulated with Grommet Noise Reduction Window Drapes, Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room, 2 Panels, 52 x 84 inch Grey


One of the biggest fear of drummers who wants to dampen the noise within their practice area is price. As a drummer, I share the same fear of having to break the bank to soundproof my drum room. However, LUSHLEAF designed this curtain to help drummers achieve this goal without costing them a fortune.

Firstly, the LUSHLEAF Blackout Curtains feature 100% polyester fabric designed for thermal and sound insulation. Secondly, these curtains feature UV ray blocking properties, protecting users from harmful rays. Lastly, LUSHLEAF improved this curtain’s thermal insulation, allowing users to save on their monthly bills.


  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Thermal insulation
  • 90% light blocking capacity
  • UV ray resistant
  • 7 lengths to choose from


  • Easy-to-clean thanks to the product’s machine washable materials.
  • Comes with a 60-day easy return policy.
  • Perfect for drummers looking for budget-friendly soundproof curtains.
  • Effectively helps air conditioning units and radiators to cool or heat rooms.


  • Although this product is budget-friendly, it still lacks in terms of thickness.

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Is a Soundproof Curtain Worth It?— Our Verdict

In conclusion, soundproof curtains are perfect for drummers within a tight budget. In addition, getting a soundproof curtain for your room provides various benefits such as noise-dampening and more.

A common misconception among musicians is that soundproof curtains should block 100% of outgoing and incoming noise. However, this belief is a myth since nothing beats treating and constructing a room to become soundproof.

Nevertheless, drummers can still get a noiseless experience by utilizing an electronic drum and the best in ear monitors for drummers. But I can’t blame you if playing acoustic drums is your preference. If this is the case, then it would be ideal to check the product below:

The Best Soundproof Curtain for Sound Absorption

US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

US Cargo Control 96'x80' Extra Large Sound Dampening Blanket with Grommets for Wall Hanging, Acoustic Blanket, Sound Reducing Blanket, Machine Washable, 12 Pounds, Black

Brand: US Cargo Control

Being a drummer for 30 years and counting, I understand the hatred for room reverberation. Having too much of it can alter the tone of acoustic drums— and we know these sets don’t come cheap. Therefore, I introduce to you the US Cargo Control Sound Blanket to provide your kit with a tighter tone.

US Cargo Control specifically designed this sound blanket with a blend of woven cotton and a polyester shell. Moreover, the Cargo Control Blanket features a 100% recycled cotton filler, ensuring an eco-friendly construction. Lastly, the sound blanket also comes with 9 grommets for easy hanging.


  • Woven Cotton Polyester Shell
  • 100% recycled cotton filler
  • 9 blanket grommets
  • 12 lbs in weight
  • 96”x80” in size


  • Ideal for studio and bedroom use.
  • Perfect for absorbing sounds coming from neighbors.
  • Effectively kills room reverberation when drumming.
  • Significantly improves the overall tone of acoustic drums during recording.


  • The most expensive soundproof curtains on this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Soundproof Curtains

Do soundproofing curtains really work?

As stated, getting a soundproof curtain is an effective way to eliminate reverberation within a room. Therefore, making soundproof curtains necessary for studios that record acoustic drums.

However, despite it having the word “soundproof” in its name, soundproof curtains aren’t 100% “soundproof”. Nevertheless, they still work perfectly in terms of reducing incoming and outgoing noise.

What kind of curtains are soundproof?

Curtains that feature a thick construction could be considered soundproof curtains. Still, if you’re skeptical about the curtain you’re buying, one good determinant of a “soundproof curtain” would be its material.

Curtains that feature polyester and suede materials are great noise absorbents. In addition, some features such as thermal insulation and triple-weave fabrics help dampen the noise within a studio.

Do thick curtains block out noise?

The general rule of thumb with soundproof curtains is “the thicker, the better”. In a nutshell, the more mass you have within the curtain, the more effective it is in blocking incoming noise.

However, the thicker soundproof curtains are, the heavier they become. Therefore, I advise buyers to ensure that the structure they have can support the weights of heavy curtains.

How do I stop noise coming through windows?

A cheap and effective way to stop noise from coming through windows is by utilizing a soundproof curtain. Although soundproof curtains will not provide you with a noiseless experience, using one is still worth the shot.

On the other hand, if you want a noiseless room, I would suggest using acoustic panels behind your soundproof curtains. Moreover, treating your room to become fully soundproof will do wonders for your studio since nothing beats proper room treatment.

How much do quiet curtains cost?

Soundproof curtains are more expensive than your standard room curtain because of their thicker construction. However, buying a soundproof curtain shouldn’t tear a hole in your wallet. Typically, good soundproof curtains would cost around $40 up to $100.

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