Simmons SD7K is a Great Starter Electronic Drum Set

I recently purchased a Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit to teach myself to play the drums. I did a fair amount of shopping for an electronic drum kit before settling on the Simmons SD7K, weighing considerations of price and features. While the Simmons SD7K may not be the most advanced electronic drum set on the market today, I find that I am quite pleased with the balance of features and quality that Simmons has reached in its SD7K electronic drum set.

The Simmons SD7K electronic drum set has fifty preprogrammed drum kits in its control unit, which means that new drummers are free to experiment with, and learn, many different styles of drumming. These preprogrammed drum kit samples include modern rock drumming kits, retro 1960s drum kits, reggae kits, 1980s electronic synth kits, and many more.

In addition to the preprogrammed drum kits, the Simmons SD7K electronic drum set has fifty preprogrammed MIDI songs that you can use to practice your drumming chops with various music styles, again ranging from rock and reggae to jazz and swing. The MIDI songs can be played with or without preprogrammed sample drumming, so you can practice your improvisational drumming.

The Simmons SD7K electronic drum set has a total of five drum pads, including a snare drum pad that has an extra sensor for rim shots and a bass drum pad. The Simmons SD7K also has three cymbal pads, including a hi-hat, a crash, and a ride. I am quite satisfied with the sensitivity of the drum pads, but the cymbal pads seem to be less sensitive to quick drum rolls. The hi-hat includes a floor pedal trigger, but the bass drum pedal is not included with the Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit.

The Simmons SD7K control unit also has a MIDI interface to connect the SD7K to a computer for MIDI sampling. In addition, the Simmons SD7K also has quarter-inch input and output jacks to allow you to drum along to your favorite music. I often drum with a set of high quality stereo headphones so as not to annoy my neighbors, but you could also connect a drum amplifier if you wanted to use your Simmons SD7K in lieu of a traditional acoustic drum kit.

One thing to keep in mind when budgeting for your Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit is that there are a few accessories you will also need to get started. You will need to shop for a bass pedal, a drum throne, some good quality drum sticks, and either a set of headphones or a drum amplifier. I purchased my Simmons SD7K drum set from Guitar Center for $599, but I ended up spending just under $1000 after purchasing all the accessories I needed to get started as a beginning drummer.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit. My SD7K has allowed me to learn the fundamentals of drumming while experimenting with many different styles of music and drum kits. The Simmons SD7K is a perfect starter electronic drum set for the beginning drummer or for the more experienced acoustic drummer who would like to get his feet wet with electronic drumming. If you have always wanted to learn to play the drums but are wary of buying a drum set for whatever reason, do yourself a favor and buy a Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit. My Simmons SD7K has made me into the fully-fledged drummer that I always wanted to be.

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