A Review on the 5 Best Roto Toms to Expand Your Kit’s Sound!

Roto toms possess specific harmonic frequency spectra that depend on their construction. The roto tom’s definitive pitch characteristic is why they are one of the leading choices for composers when writing music.

The Best Roto Toms Reviewed in This Guide

A roto tom functions like a regular drum— it has a drumhead you hit with a drumstick. However, the difference between the two begins if we look at their bodies. A Roto tom utilizes aluminum and sometimes die-cast zinc frames. Therefore, providing users with a better tonal tom range than a standard drum kit.

Another difference between a roto tom and standard drums is that the former doesn’t utilize a drums key. Tuning a roto tom only requires users to rotate its drumhead, lowering and raising the drumhead’s tension— affecting its overall pitch.

Therefore, if you want to expand your drumkit’s tom sound, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I collected 5 excellent roto toms you can use in various musical settings.

2 Roto Toms for Beginners and Drummers on a Budget

Gammon Percussion Roto Toms 6″, 8″, 10″ Drum Set

Gammon Percussion Roto Toms 6' 8' 10' Drum Set with Double Braced Stand & Tunable Heads by Gammon

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly rototom set, this is the product for you! The Gammon Percussion Roto Tom is a 6”, 8”, and 10” roto drum set. In addition, drummers and percussionists can use this set as-is or add them to an existing drumkit.

The Gammon Percussion Roto Tom set features the standard rototom tuning method. Each drumhead in the set rotates to tighten or loosen the drumhead’s tension. Moreover, each Roto Drum in the set offers full-octave tuning, making the kit ideal for almost all musical settings.

Furthermore, the set comes with a heavy-duty double-braced stand which offers good rototom placement flexibility. The stand’s usage of a tripod-style base makes it highly stable even under the use of the hardest hitters.

Key Features:

  • 6”, 8”, and 10” roto tom drums
  • Cast metal frame body
  • Double-braced stand
  • 24” stand cross bar
  • Tripod stand base


This rototom set comes with a full-octave tuning range, making it compatible with multiple genres and musical settings. These roto toms also come with cast metal frames, providing incredible durability in the long run.


There’s no problem with the Gammon Percussion when it comes to sound. The heads are also easily interchangeable. However, this roto tom set is somewhat scratchy and gritty to tune, requiring aftermarket lubricants to ease the process.

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Ashthorpe Roto Toms with Stand

Ashthorpe Roto Tom Drum Set with Stand - 6', 8', 10' Toms with Remo Heads

The Ashthorpe roto tom set combines durability, ease of use, and tone in one budget-friendly package. Firstly, the Ashthorpe roto tom feature Remo UT-series brand heads. This drumhead doesn’t only sound great on a small snare drum, but it also works excellently with roto toms.

Secondly, Ashthorpe constructed this rototom set using chrome hardware, providing users with incredible durability. In addition, the kit utilizes an adjustable heavy-duty stand. Its double-braced construction offers users better durability and stability when in use.

Lastly, these roto tom drums are pretty straightforward to use! Each roto toms slides easily to the kit’s crossbar. The kit also features an incredible tuning system that offers a full octave and allows users to tune while playing.

Key Features:

  • 6”, 8”, and 10” roto tom drums
  • Full-octave tuning
  • Heavy-duty stand
  • 24” crossbar
  • Remo UT-series drumhead


The Ashthorpe Roto Tom Drums are perfect for both beginners and professionals, thanks to their plethora of features. In addition, it’s also effortless to assemble and highly comfortable to use. The set also includes Remo drumheads, a rare specification considering this product’s price point.


Although these roto toms come with Remo drumheads, these included drumheads are too thin for my liking.

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3 of the Best Roto Toms for all Musical Settings

DIMAVERY DP-30 Roto Toms with Stand

DIMAVERY DP - 30–Tom Roto-Set with Stand

The Dimavery DP-30 is a no-compromise roto tom drum set that focuses on durability and stability. Dimavery’s utilization of chromed metal parts on the DP-30 makes it durable against dents and unwanted scratches. That’s why the Dimavery DP-30 is ideal for gigging drummers who can’t avoid the harshness of being on the road.

Like all roto toms, the Dimavery DP-30 utilizes the exact standard tuning mechanism. In addition, the DP-30 offers a full octave range for its 6”, 8”, and 10” roto toms. Therefore, making it easy for users to tune their drumhead according to the pitch they want.

Furthermore, the Dimavery DP-30 utilizes a high-quality stand with a strutted tripod. In effect, the DP-30 delivers highly stable performance in every hit.

Key Features:

  • 6”, 8”, and 10” roto tom drum sizes
  • Chromed metal materials
  • Standard roto tom tuning mechanism
  • Heavy-duty stand
  • Strutted tripod stand base


The Dimavery DP-30 is an ideal roto tom drum set for gigging and touring drummers and percussionists. Thanks to its chrome materials, this roto tom set can withstand the dents and scratches that touring can inflict. Moreover, these roto toms also deliver excellent tuning stability.


Even though this roto tom set is a bang-for-the-buck, it takes a long time to arrive at your door.

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Percussion Plus 12-inch Roto Toms

Percussion Plus 12 inch Rotodrum

If you want roto toms that deliver a lower tone similar to a floor tom, this is the set for you! Firstly, this Percussion Plus Roto Tom set features 12” and 14” roto toms, delivering a wide pitch range. These roto toms also make an excellent addition to a drum kit’s tom set, helping a drumkit become more colorful and expressive.

Secondly, Percussion Plus included a heavy-duty rail and stand on this kit. In addition, the stand comes with double-braced tripod-style legs. As a result, proving users with better balance and stability compared with other stands on this list.

Key Features:

  • 12” and 14” roto toms
  • Includes stand and rail
  • Double-braced tripod-style legs
  • Chrome materials


The Percussion Plus roto tom drums boast a simplistic construction that’s easy to use. This makes this kit perfect for drummers who don’t want the hassle of setting up roto toms. Furthermore, this is the only kit within this list that offers a 14” roto tom drum.


I think this product is a little bit overpriced considering the features that come with it.

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Remo Rototom Set

Remo Rototom Drum

Remo was the first company that started the movement to commercialize roto tom drums. In addition, they were the first to innovate and bring roto toms to the mainstream crowd. If you want the best rototoms on the market, you know how the saying goes; you can’t beat the original.

The Remo Rototom features a rapid-tuning system that allows drummers to tune the drums by rotating the frame. What separates this tuning system from other rototom systems is that it offers a tuning range of more than one octave.

Furthermore, the Remo Rototom features an aluminum frame that holds the drum’s tension rods. Subsequently, these tension rods are attached to a crossbar mounted on a stand. This eliminates the roto tom’s need for a drum shell, minimizing the product’s overall weight as a result.

Key Features:

  • 6”, 8”, and 10” roto toms sizes
  • Aluminum frame
  • Remo PINSTRIPE Drumhead
  • Double-braced stand


The Remo Rototom Set boasts a higher tuning range than other sets within this list. Moreover, this product is highly versatile and ideal for live and recording sessions. Lastly, the Remo Rototoms is currently the industry standard roto tom, making it the best in the market.


This roto toms set is the most expensive offer on this list.

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What Should I Look for When Buying Roto Toms?— A Buyer’s Guide

Man playing a Drum Set - Roto Toms

Various factors affect the overall performance of a roto tom. That’s why drummers should know the specifications they should look for to meet their preferences. Thus, I crafted this guide, helping you find the features to look for in roto toms that will suit your needs.

Roto Tom Size

The size of roto toms varies from 6” up to 18”. A larger roto tom diameter would tend to have a deeper sound than a smaller roto tom diameter. Drummers could also experiment with roto toms’ size and tuning to create more exciting sounds.

If you aren’t sure what size to get, I recommend getting a standard set size of 6”, 8”, and 10”. Therefore, allowing you to tune each roto tom an octave apart for the most comprehensive pitch range possible.

Tuning Range

Typically, a roto tom has a tuning range of a full octave. This is enough for most performances and musical settings— considering that you’ll have three roto toms in your kit.

On the other hand, Remo designs their roto toms with a tuning range of more than an octave. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best pitch range possible, you should go with the Remo Roto Tom.


A roto tom doesn’t have a shell to allow the drum to resonate. Consequently, making its drumhead do the heavy lifting in terms of tone. That’s why buyers must find the best drumhead for their roto toms.

Typically, a roto tom set would come with an unbranded drumhead. However, if you want to ensure the quality and sound of a roto tom, buyers should go with well-known drumheads.

For instance, the Ashthorpe roto set comes with the Remo UT-series drumhead. In addition, the Remo Roto Tom comes with Pinstripe drumheads, one of the best among roto drum toms.

Frequency Asked Questions about Roto Toms

Are roto toms still made?

Although it’s pretty challenging to find roto toms today, they are still being made. The current biggest manufacturer of roto drums today is Remo. However, other manufacturers such as Ashthorpe and Gammon Percussion pose a competition against the former.

What are RotoToms used for?

Roto toms are tom drums that feature a rotating tuning mechanism, allowing users to tune them on the fly. In addition, they feature a shell-less construction that eliminates resonance, making their attack quick without much sustain.

Drummers usually use roto toms as a way to expand the sound of their drumkits. A roto tom is also great for compositions due to its variable definite pitch. According to Remo, a roto tom drum is also perfect for percussion ensembles within orchestral settings.

Are roto toms good?

Roto toms are shell-less drums that are excellent for adding to the sound of a drumkit. In addition, they also improve a song’s tonal characteristics. They are also sold within sets for a low price. Therefore, if you’re looking to expand your drumkit’s sound without paying much, a roto tom is excellent for you!

Who made roto toms?

The first roto tom was first made in 1968 by Chicago Symphony’s percussionist Al Payson. The first roto drum has seen its first use through Michael Congrass’ Variations for Four Drums and Viola.

How do you mount a single Roto Tom?

Typically, a roto drum is mounted using a stand’s crossbar bolted on a stand. Drummers can also mount a single roto tom by using an aftermarket roto tom mounting attachment that is compatible with most stands.

Enjoy your New Roto Toms!

Large Drum Set - Roto Toms

In conclusion, a roto tom set is a great and cheap way for drummers to expand their drumkit’s sound. Furthermore, a roto tom can provide a recording or live performance with better percussive quality and character.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light regarding the use and importance of a roto tom set within a kit. Did you find this guide helpful in finding the right roto tom according to your needs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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