6 of the Best Roland Hi Hat and Accessories: Make your Kit Great Today!

A Roland Hi-hat is one of the most sought-after electronic hi-hat controllers for drummers with electronic drummers. Roland’s dedication to its craftsmanship and quality provides drummers with durable triggers, given that you use the best sticks for electronic drums. In addition, Roland crafted countless innovations such as the V-Drums Kit and the Roland TD-1DMK Electronic drum Set.

In a nutshell, Roland is one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to electronic drum kits and the needed accessories. Roland’s craftsmanship produces electronic hi-hat triggers with incredible playability and better digital sound. Therefore, I collected 6 of the best Roland Hi-hat and accessories. Consequently, making your electronic drums sound better than their stock’s peak potential!

What to Look for When Buying Roland Hi-Hats?— A Buyer’s Guide

Roland Hi Hat

Let’s face it, an electronic hi-hat’s material isn’t as crucial as an acoustic hi-hat’s material in terms of sound. For instance, Paiste Hi-hats would differ in sound depending on their bronze material and hammering. Conversely, a Roland Hi-hat’s performance relies on the capacity of its sensors and more.

The differences between acoustic and electric hi-hats make it hard for drummers to find the best product for their needs. Therefore, without further adieu, let’s look into the different things to consider when buying Roland Hi-hats.

Hi-Hat Swinging Motion

As a drummer, I prefer it when my hi-hat triggers can accurately replicate the playing feel of acoustic hi-hats. Not only does it allow me to play on time, but it also helps me not throw my rhythm away.

Even though you have an electric kit in your home, there will be an inevitable moment when you’ll play with an acoustic kit. Therefore, finding a Roland Hi-hat that emulates a natural swinging motion is a must.

Hi-Hat Response

Signal latency is one of the worst enemies of a drummer playing an electric kit. For example, some electronic hi-hats produce noticeable latencies that may affect a drummer’s rhythm. In this light, buyers should look for electronic hi-hats with instantaneous response times. Luckily, Roland hi-hats are one of the best electronic hi-hats when it comes to trigger-response.

Hi-Hat Sizes

As we know, acoustic hi-hat sizes vary from as small 8” up to 16”. In this light, I recommend drummers to find an electric hi-hat that features these sizes. Thus, resulting in an easier transition to acoustic hi-hats when the situation calls.

However, I strictly recommend beginners to find a 13” hi-hat pad as this sizing is beginner-friendly. In addition, 13” hi-hats are the most common hi-hat size; therefore, allowing beginners to easily transition between electric and acoustic hi-hats.

6 Incredible Roland Hi-Hats for Electronic Drumkits

Roland VH-10 V-Drum Hi-Hat

Roland VH-10 V-Drum Hi-Hat, 10-Inch

Type: Roland Hi-hat Drum Trigger

The Roland VH-10 Hi-hat is perfect for drummers in the market looking for an affordable and authentic-feeling hi-hat. The Roland VH-10 features a 10” hi-hat size, providing users with a compact and beginner-friendly sizing.

Furthermore, the VH-10 functions and responds like an acoustic hi-hat! Featuring a stand-mount construction, the VH-10 allows drummers to use standard or remote hi-hat stands when mounting. As a result, providing users with an accurate response and playing feel on every hit.

Moreover, Roland designed the VH-10 with a dual-trigger system, projecting drummer articulation and nuances when playing. Finally, Roland also utilizes a textured playing surface. Consequently, bringing down the hi-hats acoustic volume, providing drummers with extremely silent practice sessions.


  • 10” hi-hat size
  • Stand-mount construction
  • Dual-trigger system
  • Textured surface
  • Lightweight construction


  • Provides users with a realistic hi-hat playing feel and response.
  • The utilization of textured rubbers makes the VH-10 extremely silent.
  • Mountable on standard or remote hi-hat stands.
  • Features a bow and edge striking edge for strike differentiation.


  • Cheapest V-drum compatible Roland hi-hat.

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Roland VH-11 V-Hi-Hat 12in

Type: Roland Hi-hat Drum Pad

If I would describe the Roland VH-11, one word would come to mind— authentic. Firstly, the VH-11 also features the facets of the VH-10 within an upgraded platform. For instance, the Roland VH-11 Hi-hat incorporates the feel of acoustic hi-hats, similar to the VH-10.

Secondly, the VH-11 features a fixed lower pad that clashes with a floating top pad. Thus, resulting in an electric hi-hat that replicates the movement of acoustic hi-hats. Moreover, this allows the VH-11 to mount on a standard hi-hat stand.

Lastly, the VH-11 features the Roland Dual Triggers, providing users with a realistic drumming feel. Therefore, if you love the feel of acoustic hi-hats on an electronic kit, then the VH-11 is the one for you!


  • Dual trigger capability
  • 2-piece Hi-hat construction
  • Floating design
  • Full-motion feel
  • Textured surface


  • Compatible with standard hi-hat stands.
  • The VH-11’s 2-piece setup replicates the feel of acoustic hi-hats.
  • Features a smooth mechanical operation.
  • Easy setup and outstanding transportability.


  • The VH-11’s overall weight is somewhat heavier than other electronic hi-hats.

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Roland VH-13 V-Hi-Hat - Black Finish

Type: Premium Roland Hi-hat Drum Pad

Excellent for drummers who want absolute control of their electronic hi-hats, the VH-13 offers just that! Roland specifically designed the VH-13 to feel like authentic hi-hats. In addition, the VH-13 also works with standard stands, allowing drummers to enjoy acoustic hi-hat responsiveness within a silent hi-hat.

Moreover, the VH-13 features a 2-piece construction, allowing users to use its settings ranging from close to open. The VH-13 also features a cymbal bottom sensor, offering users 13 different ways to play expressively. Furthermore, Roland crafted the VH-13 with dual-zone triggers, widening the hi-hat’s overall expressiveness and response.

Finally, the Roland VH-13 comes with all vital accessories such as a clutch, clamp, and cables. Thus, making itself ready to play right out of the box!


  • 12” hi-hat size
  • Dual-zoned Triggers
  • 2-piece construction
  • Bottom cymbal advanced motion sensor
  • Acoustic hi-hat stand compatibility


  • The most expressive hi-hat within the Roland VH series.
  • Compatible with the TD-50 drum module.
  • Functions closely to acoustic hi-hats, even being able to copy its expressiveness.
  • Offers extremely convincing hi-hat sounds.


  • The most expensive Roland hi-hat within the VH series.

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Roland CY-5

Roland CY-5 Electric Drum Splach, 10-Inch, Black

Type: Budget-friendly Roland Hi-hat

I understand the pain of browsing through product after product, only finding expensive gear. With the CY-5, this problem is nothing but a distant memory. Firstly, the CY-5 features a 10” playing zone, providing a large room for error in every hit, especially for beginners. In addition, this large playing area makes the Roland CY-5 drummer-friendly and roomy for hi-hat chops.

Secondly, the CY-5 offers separate bow and edge triggering, something rare within its price. Not because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t feature some of the sought-after specifications in mid-level hi-hats!

Lastly, the Roland CY-5 is extremely versatile, allowing drummers to use it as a splash cymbal or a hi-hat replacement. Therefore, if you are within a tight budget, the Roland CY-5 is perfect for you!


  • 10” hi-hat playing zone
  • Bow and edge triggering
  • 2-piece construction
  • Black colorway
  • ¼” stereo cable


  • Offered within an affordable price point in comparison with the Roland VH Series.
  • Comes with a separate bow and edge triggering for better expressiveness and dynamics.
  • Beginner-friendly playing zone.
  • The CY-5’s 2-piece construction allows it to function as an authentic hi-hat.


  • The CY-5 lacks sound quality in comparison with the VH Series.

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Roland RDH-120A Heavy Duty Hi-hat Stand

Roland RDH-120A Heavy Duty Hi-hat Stand with Noise Eater

Type: Roland Hi-hat Stand

Having a noisy stand within an electronic drumset can be quite annoying. A noisy standard stand can distract drummers, given the quietness an electric drumkit provides. Therefore, I advise drummers with electronic kits to get the Roland RDH-120A Heavy Duty Hi-hat stand!

The RDH-120A features air-filled rubber cups on its base, minimizing the energy accumulation on the stand’s base. In addition, the Noise Eater sound isolation of the RDH-120A utilizes dome rubber dampers, reducing the stand’s overall vibration.

Moreover, the RDH-120A incorporates a two-legged construction. Consequently, allowing the Roland RDH-120A to become stable and compact at the same time.


  • Double-legged stand construction
  • Dual-chain drive
  • Base rubber cups
  • Noise Eater sound damper
  • Tension control adjuster


  • Excellent for drummers looking for a compact hi-hat stand.
  • Ideal for drummers who has neighbors or housemates downstairs.
  • Boasts noise dampening features.
  • Easy to set up and fold for storage.


  • The RDH-120A doesn’t come with a clutch, which is a bummer considering the amount of money you’re paying for it.

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Roland FD-8 Compact Hi-Hat Controller

Roland FD-8 Compact Hi-Hat Controller 8.8 x 19.2 x 7.8 in

Type: Roland Hi-hat Controller

With the Roland FD-8 Compact, experience unparalleled hi-hat control within your V-Series drumkit! Featuring an improved response and smoothness, the FD-8 boasts better control and durability than stock Roland hi-hat controllers.

Furthermore, the FD-8 Compact is also compatible with all TD-Series modules, making it extremely versatile. In addition, Roland designed this hi-hat controller with a stable construction, minimizing accidental slips and movements when in use.

Moreover, Roland includes a module connection cable and an instruction manual for user convenience. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your hi-hat’s performance, then the FD-8 Compact is the next step!


  • Realistic hi-hat sound
  • TD-series module compatibility
  • Stable construction
  • Versatile functionality
  • V-Drum compatible


  • Offers better open and close responsiveness and action than stock controllers.
  • Features a solid construction that reduces accidental slipping for a better playing feel.
  • Extremely accurate and easy to adjust.
  • Boasts a quiet operation and realistic hi-hat sounds.


  • An unnecessary purchase if you already own a Roland V-drum kit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Hi-hats

What is Roland known for?

Roland has been an innovator in the world of digital musical instruments and accessories since 1972. Some of the first innovations that led Roland to their success were the Juno-106 synthesizer and the TR-808 drum machine. For modern-day musicians, Roland was also a leading player with the development of MIDI.

Who owns Roland?

Ikutara Kakehashi has founded and currently heads the Roland Corporation. He led the company since its founding up until today. Therefore, Ikutara Kakehashi spearheaded various innovations that will ultimately shape the world of electronic music.

Is Roland a good brand?

As stated, Roland has been one of the leading forces of digital and electronic music innovation since 1972. In addition, Roland is trusted by professionals such as Mike Moore and Lady Gaga’s Keyboardist— Brockett Parsons.

In a nutshell, Roland is a company that helped shape the music we all know and love today. Thus, you can never go wrong with its instruments and products.

Are Roland drum kits good?

Roland is one of the key manufacturers and innovators in the era of electric drumkits. As we know, various tone purists and drumheads dislike electronic drumkits because of their “monotonous” and “digital” sounds. However, Roland has tirelessly innovated their electronic drumkits, allowing drummers to experience authentic-sounding and feeling e-drums such as the V-drums.

Are Roland and Alesis Compatible?

Technically, drum controllers and hi-hats would work on other modules, albeit some performance and compatibility issues may arise. In this light, I only recommend Roland Hi-hats and controllers with Roland drum modules and vice versa.

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