7 Best Remote Hi Hat Stands— Different Cable Hi Hat Systems for Your Kits

If you’re a drummer, you know how important it is to have a good hi-hat stand. After all, the hi-hat is one of the most important components of your kit. But what if you could eliminate the need for a hi-hat stand altogether? That’s where remote hi hat stands come in. 

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7 Best Remote Hi Hat Stands Reviews

Pearl RH2050 Eliminator: Remote Hi-Hat Stand

Pearl RH2050 Eliminator: Redline Dual-Leg Remote Pro Hi-Hat Stand

Brand: Pearl

Type: Cable-operated Remote Hi Hat Stands

The Pearl RH2050 Eliminator is the only remote hi hat stand in the market that features interchangeable cams. In addition, the RH2050 incorporates a PosiLink drive system, allowing users to customize the hi-hat’s attack according to their specifications.

Pearl specifically designed the RH2050 Eliminator for drummers who love fine-tuning their equipment. Firstly, the RH2050 comes with 4 interchangeable cams, allowing users to customize their stroke. Secondly, Pearl includes their PowerShifter adjustment to help users switch within three playing positions. Lastly, Pearl’s precision spring tension dial helps users dial their preferred hi-hat tension.

Therefore, if you are looking for customizable remote hi hat stands, you can never go wrong with the RH2050 Eliminator!


  • Interchangeable twin double-chain cams
  • Pearl Precision Spring Dial
  • PosiLink drive system
  • Pearl PowerShifter
  • Traction Plate Footboard


  • Excellent for drummers who love to tweak their gear.
  • One-of-a-kind interchangeable cams construction.
  • Provides a genuine hi-hat feel within a remote construction.
  • Features push-button spikes and rubber feet, making it ideal for all surfaces.


  • Not ideal for beginners due to its various tweaking controls.

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DW DWCP9502LB8 Hi-Hat Stand

DW DWCP9502LB8 Hi-Hat Stand

Brand: Drum Workshop (DW)

Type: Cable-operated Remote Hi Hat Stands

The DW9502LB is excellent for drummers looking for professional-level cable-connected remote hi hat stands. Firstly, the DW9502LB features the MG-1 and MG-2 Mega Clamp mounting hardware, ensuring a stable attachment on various drum hardware. In addition, the inclusion of the DW Drop-Lock clutch makes the DW9502LB’s setup easier.

Secondly, the product’s Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension allows users to fine-tune their hi-hat’s tension for a customized tone. Moreover, the utilization of a high-tech ball-bearing hinge provides the DW9502LB with an efficient and quick action.

Lastly, the DW9502LB features a uni-body folding footboard, providing it with better portability. Paired with a free hardware bag, the DW9502LB boasts unparalleled transportability for gigging and touring drummers.


  • MG-1 and MG-2 Mega Clamp Mounting Hardware
  • Drop-Lock Clutch
  • Ball Bearing Hinge
  • Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension
  • Uni-body folding footboard


  • Perfect for gigging and touring drummers.
  • Boasts professional-level quality and materials.
  • Comes with a free carrying case.
  • Features a low-profile housing for a seamless performance.


  • More expensive than the Pearl RH2050 Eliminator while offering less adjustable features.

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Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by GRIFFIN

Griffin Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal Drummers Cable Auxiliary Cymbal High Hat Percussion Hardware with Drum Key | Heavy Duty Sturdy HiHat Holder | All Metal Construction Mount Complete Kit


Type: Entry-level Cable-operated Remote Hi Hat Stands

Perfect for drummers on a budget, the GRIFFIN Remote Hi-hat Stand features great specifications for its price. First, the GRIFFIN Remote Hi-hat Stand comes with a double locking spring tension knob. Consequently, allowing users to conveniently adjust the hi-hat’s tension through 5 settings with varying intensity.

Second, Griffin constructed this remote hi-hat stand with a 4.5ft long cable, providing a lightning-fast response without losing hi-hat detail. In addition, the Griffin remote hi-hat stand features a fully-adjustable cam system, enabling drummers to control the pedal’s tension.

Third, the pedal features frictionless bearing hinges for a smooth pedal feel and action. Finally, the Griffin remote hi-hat stand features double spine-weighted pedal plates and floor spikes that provide a stable performance.


  • 4.5ft cable
  • 5-setting tension adjustment system
  • Double-locking spring tension knob
  • Frictionless bearing hinges
  • Fully-adjustable cam system


  • Fully-customizable features within an affordable price point.
  • Comes with a 30-day money guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
  • Provides users with a snappy hi-hat response.
  • Features a combination of foot stop and floor spikes, preventing accidental slips when playing.


  • The shorter cable design restricts the hi-hat’s displacement distance.

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Meinl Cymbals MXH X-Hat Auxiliary Hihat Arm

Meinl Cymbals Clamp X-Hat Cymbal Stand Arm for Auxiliary Hihats or Stacks with Clutch and Adjustable Tension, Chrome Plated Steel, 2-Year Warranty (MXH)

Brand: Meinl

Type: Auxilliary Extension for Remote Hi-hat Stands

The Meinl MXH X-Hat Arm is excellent for drummers wanting to get the most out of their remote hi-hat stands. The Meinl MKH X-Hat Arm boasts a tension adjustment feature, enabling drummers to fine-tune the hi-hat’s opening. In addition, this specific hi-hat feature provides users with limitless hi-hat possibilities. From very loose sizzling tones up to crisp and tight sounds, the Meinl MXH X-Hat Auxiliary arm has you covered!

Furthermore, Meinl designed the MKH X-Hat’s boom and clamp arm to allow the stand to easily mount on various hardware. Moreover, this feature makes enables the MKH X-Hat to be stable in various heights and angles.


  • Tension adjustment feature
  • Clamp and boom arm
  • Sturdy arm construction
  • 14” arm length
  • Adjustable height and angle


  • An ideal upgrade for remote hi-hat stands.
  • Durable and robust construction.
  • Allows users to adjust the hi-hat’s tension, providing limitless hi-hat tonal possibilities.
  • Extremely versatile thanks to its height and angle adjustment capability


  • Features plastic tightening bolts which may break over time.

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Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi-Hat Stand

Tama Iron Cobra 900 HH905RH Remote Hi-Hat Stand

Brand: Tama

Type: Cable-operated Remote Hi Hat Stands

The Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi-hat Stand is perfect for drummers who require a snappy hi-hat performance.

Firstly, the Tama Iron Cobra features Jagwire control cables, resulting in a fast hi-hat response. In addition, the Iron Cobra’s Jagwire control cables produce zero to no latency, providing an authentic hi-hat feel.

Secondly, the Tama Iron Cobra incorporates a modified tripod which allows the stand to fit in tight spaces. Thus, making the Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi-Hat Stand perfect for portable and compact drumkits.

Lastly, the Iron Cobra comes with a telescoping ratchet clamp system, allowing the stand to accommodate various hi-hat angles and positions. As a result, making the Iron Cobra extremely versatile and reliable.


  • Jagwire Remote Hi-hat Cables
  • Modified tripod
  • Telescoping and rotating ratchet clamp system
  • Hardware bag
  • Compact construction


  • Ideal for compact drumkits and tight spaces.
  • Comes with a free hardware bag, making it perfect for drummers on the go.
  • Features cables from Jagwire— a high-end mountain bike company.
  • Boasts durable materials that can handle all types of abuse.


  • Features excellent specifications; however, this comes within an expensive price point.

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DW 9000 Series Remote Hi-Hat

DW 9000 Series Remote Hi-Hat, 6 Foot

Brand: Drum Workshop (DW)

Type: Cable-operated Remote Hi Hat Stands

The DW 9000 Series Remote Hi-Hat is the faster and more compact version of the DW9502LB. Firstly, the DW 9000 Series feature 6-foot heavy-gauge tubing. Thus, providing the DW 9000 Series with a quicker hi-hat response in comparison with its 8-foot version.

Secondly, the DW 9000 Series feature double-braced legs within a low-profile casting. As a result, making the kit is incredibly stable and perfect for small spaces such as dorm rooms.

Lastly, the DW 9000 series features the DWSM776 Dogbone Multiclamp. Consequently, allowing the product to become compatible with most cymbals in the market.


  • 6-foot heavy-gauge tubings
  • Uniquely designed cable
  • Standard clutch
  • DWSM776 Dogbone Multiclamp
  • Double-braced legs


  • Extremely durable and stable build.
  • Compatible with all hi-hat types.
  • Very snappy hi-hat response.
  • Smooth and seamless construction.


  • Offered within an expensive price point.

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PDP Concept Closed Hi-Hat Arm with Mega Clamp

PDP Concept Closed Hi-Hat Arm with Mega Clamp

Brand: Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP)

Type: Auxilliary Extension for Remote Hi-hat Stands

Boasting a versatile design, the PDP Hi-Hat Arm features a toothless QuickGrip clamp. Thus, allowing the arm to mount hi-hats, cymbals, and other drum accessories. In addition, this feature enables users to use the arm in various ways such as a mic stand.

Moreover, the product utilizes an all-metal clamp with a friction disc which lets users adjust the stand in any orientation. As a result, users can easily incorporate the PDP Hi-Hat Arm in any drum kit style.

Lastly, the arm’s clamp can easily transform to 10.5mm through an included drum key brake. This allows users to fit the product with any DW and PDP arms with ease.


  • Toothless QuickGrip clamp
  • All-metal clamp
  • Friction disc
  • Versatile design
  • Convertible factory-set clamp


  • The stand offers limitless adjustment thanks to its all-metal clamp with friction disc.
  • A budget-friendly option for hi-hat displacement across the set.
  • Convertible clamps.
  • Users can easily mount other drum accessories on the stand.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Meinl MXH X-Hat Hi-hat Arm.

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What is a Remote Hi-Hat Stand?

A remote hi-hat stand is a device that allows you to mount your hi-hat cymbals on a separate stand, away from your main drum set. This provides us with flexibility in positioning hi-hats anywhere in their kit.

How does a Remote Hi-Hat Stand work?

A remote hi-hat stand allows us, drummers, to play the hi-hats without having to be in direct contact with them. Instead, the drummer uses a foot pedal to operate the hi-hats, which are mounted on a separate stand.

This allows for greater freedom of movement and can help to create a more dynamic sound.

Remote hi-hat stands are generally made from metal or heavy-duty plastic, and they typically have three legs for stability.

Why Use Remote Hi-Hat Stands?

The benefits of a remote hi-hat stand are numerous.

First and perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it frees up space on your drum set. With a traditional hi-hat stand, the pedal takes up valuable real estate on your drum throne.

With a remote hi-hat stand, the stand can be placed elsewhere – freeing up space for other drums and cymbals.

Second, a remote hi-hat stand provides increased flexibility in terms of placement and positioning. It also gives you more control over the placement of your hi-hats within your drum kit, which can lead to a more efficient and comfortable setup.

With a traditional hi-hat stand, the angle and distance of the hat from the snare drum are fixed; with a remote hi-hat stand, however, you can experiment with various placements to find the perfect sound for your kit.

Last, but not least, remote hi-hat stands can also help reduce stage clutter and trip hazards. In addition, if you use a portable drumkit, a remote hi hat stand is a must-have due to its naturally lightweight construction.

So if you’re looking for a way to add more versatility and convenience to your drumming setup, then you should definitely consider investing in a remote hi-hat stand!

What to Look for Before Buying a Remote Hi-hat Stand— A Buyer’s Guide

Remote Hi Hat Stands

As stated, remote hi hat stands are ideal for drummers who want a compact drum kit. In addition, this specific hi hat stand construction is great for gigging and touring drummers alike. However, finding the best remote hi hat stands is no easy task. Thus, we created this buyer’s guide to help you find a remote hi hat stand suitable for you!

Remote Construction Style

Typically, remote hi hat stands feature a cable system that functions similarly to bicycle brakes. These cable systems among remote hi hat stands provide flexibility, allowing users to freely put position their hi-hat anywhere within the kit.

Furthermore, there is also an auxiliary hi-hat extension that drummers can utilize to displace hi-hats in a convenient place. Even though they are usually cheaper than cable systems, they still lack flexibility, making them bulky.

Moreover, manufacturers such as DW utilizes a linkage assembly similar to a double bass pedal. Thus, providing drummers the freedom to position their hi-hats at a fixed distance around the kit. However, this remote construction style doesn’t offer the same flexibility as a cable system.

In the end, picking a remote hi-hat construction style boils down to buyer preference. Therefore, we advise drummers to pick a remote construction style that will provide for their needs.


Of course, one of the main factors buyers should look into is a stand’s material. A stand’s material provides buyers with insight into a specific product’s durability. Moreover, remote hi-hat stands with durable materials have a longer lifespan, helping buyers save money in the long run.

Thus, we recommend users find remote hi hat stands with durable stainless steel materials that can handle a beating. In addition, finding stands with a chain or direct drive can provide drummers with better reliability than belt drives.

Price Point

Remote hi hat stands are typically expensive, especially products manufactured by leading brands such as Pearl, Drum Workshop (WD), and Gibraltar Hardware. However, some off-brand manufacturers offer comparative, if not better, performance against these brands. In this light, we included some off-brand products for drummers looking for budget-friendly remote hi hat stands.

Remote Hi-Hat Stands FAQs

How do you mount a remote hi-hat?

Drummers can utilize an auxiliary arm to mount the hi-hat on a drum rack. Therefore, allowing the hi-hat to “float” in a specified space. For the hi-hat controls, drummers can use a cable-operated remote hi-hat, providing users with a snappy hi-hat control without sacrificing flexibility.

How does a remote hi hat stand work?

Remote hi hat stands allow drummers to minimize the size of their drum kit. In addition, a remote hi-hat stand allows users to mount their hi-hats differently, often done to minimize a kit’s footprint. Typically, a remote hi hat stand utilizes a cable that acts like a bicycle brake, enabling drummers to operate their hi-hats within a set distance. Therefore, a remote hi-hat stand works as a convenient tool that opens a lot of drumkit layout possibilities for drummers.

Do hi-hat stands make a difference?

A hi-hat’s material determines its initial sound. In addition, other factors such as room treatment, hat tension, and clutch material shapes the overall sound of a hi-hat. However, hi-hat stands don’t affect a hi-hats tonality. Typically, a hi-hat stand only affects the overall playing experience of a drum kit.

How much does a hi hat stand cost?

In today’s market, remote hi hat stands are much more expensive than standard ones. For instance, a standard hi-hat stand’s price can go from $60 up to $700. On the other hand, manufacturers offer entry and intermediate-level remote hi hat stands around $160 up to $500. In sffiyion, professional-level remote hi hat stands can go above the price of $500 depending on the material and construction.

Does a good hi-hat stand matter?

A drummer would want a good hi-hat stand since it improves the overall playability and feel of a drum kit. In addition, a hi-hat stand with an excellent mechanism can help drummers accentuate their hi-hat patterns for more expressive drumming. Moreover, a hi-hat stand determines the overall hi-hat stability. Therefore, getting a good hi-hat stand is a must for every drummer.

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