10 Best Paiste Hi Hats— Great Sounding Hi-hats for all Drummers

Paiste Hi-hats are Swedish-manufactured hi-hats that offer drummers outstanding and incredible playing feel and quality. Today, drummers rever Paiste as the third-largest manufacturer of cymbal sets, gongs, and other percussive instruments. Moreover, Paiste has been the one behind various cymbal innovations such as the flat ride, B8 bronze, and splash cymbal.

Since 1906, Paiste has been a leading innovator in the world of drumming. Trusted by beginners and professionals worldwide, you can never go wrong with Paiste. Therefore, we collected 10 incredible Paiste Hi-hats for you to enjoy!

What are the Different Paiste Hi-hat Series?— A Buyer’s Guide

Paiste Hi-hats

Similar to Zildjian, Sabian, and Meinl Hi-hats, Paiste Hi-hats have a wide array of series that caters to various playing styles. In this light, buying Paiste Hi-hats may become a confusing ordeal, especially for beginners and drummers new to the brand. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide, helping drummers narrow down their options when buying a Paiste Hi-hat.

Signature Series

The Signature Series is Paiste’s high-end cymbal line since 1989. Featuring Paiste’s Proprietary Bronze alloy, the Signature Series is an ideal hi-hat for any musical setting. In addition, the Signature Series provides users with a well-balanced performance accompanied by a full and rich sound.

4 Subtypes of the Paiste Signature Series:

  • Traditional- produces a dark and smoky tone with easily controllable dynamics.
  • Dark Energy- dark but crispier and well-balanced than the Signature Traditional Series.
  • Reflector- rich, dark, and warm-sounding cymbals.
  • Precision- bright and warm-sounding cymbal with excellent tonal projection.

Formula 602 Series

Paiste utilizes CuSn20 alloys (B20 Bronze) on the Formula 602 Series. Thus, providing the cymbals with a high-end sound and feel. Meinl divided the Formula 602 series into 2 subtypes— the 602 Classic and Modern.

2 Subtypes of the Formula 602 Series:

  • 602 Classic- excellent for classic music thanks to its clear and consistent sound.
  • 602 Modern- offers a wider dynamic range than the 602 Classic.

Paiste Masters Series

The Paiste Masters Series features the CuSn20 alloy similar to the Formula 602 series. However, the Masters Series provides the best frequency among Paiste Hi-hats. As a result, improving the cymbal’s overall versatility for any musical genre it may face. Furthermore, the Paiste Masters provides users with incredible projection and tone, making them ideal for both live and studio drumming.

2002 Series

The Paiste 2002 series has been around since 1971. The series utilizes the CuSn8— also known as B8 Bronze alloy— for its cymbals. The CuSn8 provides the 2002 Series with a bright and precise sound that can cut even in the densest mix. Therefore, making them excellent for live playing and even during studio recordings.

2002 Big Beat Series

The 2002 Big Beat Series also utilizes the CuSn8 like the 2002 Series with slight changes. The 2002 Big Beat incorporates a different hammering pattern that provides a brilliant, warm, but deep sound. In addition, this specific construction allows the Big Beat to produce a full and wide sound perfect for all types of mixes.

Paiste Rude Series

Paiste specifically the Rude Series for metal, punk, and rock drummers in mind. The series features the CuSn8 alloy that provides a raw and powerful projection perfect for aggressive chops. Therefore, if you require that extra oomph of energy in your kit, the Paiste Rude Series is for you!

900 Series

The 900 Series incorporates a CuSn8 bronze alloy that excellently replicates the 2002 Series. However, Paiste repackaged the 2002’s full, warm, and dynamic sound into a budget-friendly price point. In this light, I recommend this series for serious drummers who want to upgrade their kit within a budget.

Paiste Giant Beat Series

Perfect for classic rock and country, the Paiste Giant Beat Series features the CuSn8 alloy. In addition, the Giant Beat Series utilizes a unique hardening process. Consequently, providing the Giant Beat Series with incredible durability against hard-hitting drummers. Moreover, the Giant Beat Series produces a bright and classic sound perfect for hard-rocking drummers.

Color Sound 900 Series

The Color Sound 900 Series replicates the sound of the 2002 Series within a budget-friendly price point. Similar to the 900 Series, Paiste constructed the Color Sound with a CuSn8 bronze alloy. The main difference between the two is that the Color Sound features 4 various colorways— blue, red, purple, and black.

Paiste PST Series

The Paiste specifically designed the PST Series with CuSn8 bronze material in every model. Thus, catering to every drummer’s budget. In this light, the Paiste PST Series is an effective budget-friendly solution to your drumming needs!

5 Subtypes of the Paiste PST Series

  • PSTX- utilizes CuSn8 and MS63 Brass & Aluminum for a dry and explosive sound.
  • PST8-  features a reflective CuSn8 finish that provides a warm, full, and brilliant tone.
  • PST7-  undergoes a specific lathing process that helps the series provide a bright and classic tone.
  • PST5- produces a clear and brilliant tone perfect for all genres.
  • PST3- ideal for drummers looking for a clean, brilliant, but explosive sound.

Paiste 101 Series

The 101 Series is Paiste’s entry-level cymbal line. The series utilizes MS63 Brass materials, helping Paiste cut the series’ overall cost. As a result, the 101 Series still produce a bright and cutting sound perfect for practice and live performances.

10 Outstanding Paiste Hi-hats You Can Buy Today

Paiste PST 7 Hi-Hat Pair

Paiste PST 7 Accordion Accessory (1703714) Natural

Series: PST Series Paiste Hi-Hats

The PST 7 Hi-hat features Paiste’s CuSn8 bronze material. Thus, replicating utilizing the same material of the legendary 2002 Series without costing as much. In addition, the CuSn8 bronze provides the PST 7 with a brilliant, strong, and wide tone. Consequently, allowing the hi-hat to cut within a dense mix.

Furthermore, the PST 7 features a heavy feel, resulting in a tight stick sound and medium sustain. Therefore, if you want traditional-sounding cymbals without spending much, then the PST 7 is perfect for you!


  • 14” Hi-hat Size
  • CuSn8 (B8 Bronze) material
  • Medium top and heavy bottom
  • Traditional finish
  • Bright sound


  • Utilizes the same material as the Paiste 2002 Series.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Produces a bright and clean-cutting sound.
  • Suitable for aggressive and loud-sounding music such as rock and heavy metal.


  • Even though they sport the same material, the 2002 Series is leagues away from the PST7 in terms of quality.

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Paiste 2002 Classic Cymbal Sound Edge Pair Hi-Hat

Paiste 2002 Classic Cymbal (1063115)

Series: 2002 Classic Paiste Hi-Hats

Featuring the world-renowned CuSn8 or “2002 Bronze”, The Paiste 2002 Classic provides a precise and explosive sound. Moreover, the 2002 Classic offers a range from medium-soft to very loud sound. Thus, making them extremely versatile for all kinds of genres.

Furthermore, Paiste designed the 2002 Classic Hi-hat with a patented wavy-bottom hat design. Consequently, providing the hi-hat with a brilliant, warm, and bright sound. In addition, this specific design offers a focused and articulate tonal characteristic with every hit.


  • 15” Hi-hat size
  • CuSn8 Bronze material
  • Medium top and medium-heavy bottom
  • Balanced sound
  • Medium bell size


  • Offers drummers with a wide range, making the 2002 Classic hi-hat versatile for all genres.
  • Produces a bright open sound and a sharp closed sound.
  • Boasts a powerful projection perfect for both live and studio drumming sessions.
  • Features Meinl’s patented wavy-bottom hi-hat design.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the PST 7 while featuring the same CuSn8 material.

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Paiste Colorsound 900 Hi Hat Cymbal Red

Paiste Colorsound 900 Hi Hat Cymbal Red 14 in. Pair

Series: Color Sound 900 Series Paiste Hi-Hats

The Paiste Color Sound 900 is perfect for drummers looking for a balanced and responsive hi-hat. Furthermore, the Color Sound 900 features a red colorway, separating itself from standard finishes for an aesthetically-pleasing drumming experience.

Moreover, the Color Sound Hi-Hats utilizes the CuSn8 Bronze alloy, providing drummers with an energetic and sharp sound. In addition, Paiste combined a medium top and medium-heavy bottom to help the hi-hat project in medium to loud volumes.


  • 14” hi-hat size
  • Translucent red color-coated finish
  • CuSn8 Bronze alloy
  • Medium top and medium-heavy bottom cymbals
  • Medium bright and sharp hi-hat tone


  • Suitable for both live playing and studio recording sessions.
  • Features extra bottom cymbal hammerings for better tone articulation.
  • Produces a sharp and cutting sound perfect for dense mixes.
  • Provides users with a unique-looking hi-hat, allowing drummers to stand out.


  • The product’s color finish doesn’t enhance its tone whatsoever.

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Paiste 15 inch Formula 602 Sound Edge Hi-hat Cymbals

Paiste 15 inch Formula 602 Sound Edge Hi-hat Cymbals

Series: Formula 602 Sound Edge Series Paiste Hi-Hats

The Formula 602 Sound Edge series boasts an extended dynamic range, making it extremely versatile in any drumming situation. In addition, this hi-hat utilizes bell-bronze alloys. Thus, resulting in a full and loud sound that can go against high-gain guitars and basses.

Moreover, this hi-hat produces a crispy and detailed tone in low volumes. Conversely, the hi-hat is also capable of dishing out a bright and explosive sound when hit hard. Therefore, if you are looking for a classic hi-hat for modern music, the Formula 602 Sound Edge is not a bad choice.


  • Bell-bronze alloys
  • Medium weight
  • CuSn20 material
  • Bright and explosive sound
  • Crisp and detailed tone


  • Ideal for multiple genres such as classic rock, blues, and jazz.
  • Extremely capable at both low and high volumes.
  • Utilizes premium-level specifications such as the B20 Bronze alloy.
  • Produces a clear and consistent cymbal tone perfect for studio recordings.


  • The most expensive Paiste hi-hat within this list.

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Paiste 2002 Big Beat Hi-Hat

Paiste 2002 Big Beat Hi-Hat Cymbal (1064015)

Series: 2002 Big Beat Series Paiste Hi-hats

Paiste crafted the 2002 Big Beat Hi-hat with the CuSn8 alloy through a unique hammering process. As a result, the Big Beat produces a warm and deep cutting sound. In addition, the Paiste 2002 Big Beat offers a penetrating chick. Therefore, making the 2002 Big Beat exceptional at cutting within mixes.

Moreover, the Paiste based the Big Beat from the world-famous 2002 Alloy. Thus, replicating the distinct clarity, durability, and precision of the 2002 series. However, the 2002 Big Beat stands out in terms of warmth and depth in comparison with the 2002 Series.


  • CuSn8 Alloy material
  • Semi-matted finish
  • 2002 hammering pattern
  • Medium thin top and medium bottom cymbals
  • 15” hi-hat size


  • Ideal for both live and studio sessions thanks to its clear and loud projection.
  • Provides more depth and warmth than the 2002 Series.
  • Efficiently caters to medium-low up to loud volume playing.
  • Features a penetrating chick and deep open sound.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Paiste 2002 Classic Series.

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Paiste PST5 Series Sound Edge Hi-hats

Paiste PST5 Series Sound Edge Hi-hats - 14'

Series: PST5 Series Paiste Hi-Hats

The PST5 provides drummers within a budget with the sought-after “bronze” sound within a cheaper price tag. Firstly, the PST5 utilizes the CuSn8 Bronze material, resulting in a bright and clean sound. In addition, the PST5’s materials allow the hi-hat to cut on all volume settings. Therefore, whether be it live playing or studio recordings, the PST5 has you covered.

Secondly, the PST5 delivers a medium-wide range with a lively response. Moreover, Paiste specifically designed this hi-hat to become versatile, making it perfect for both articulate and all-out playing. Lastly, the hi-hat produces a bright and loud open sound; conversely, it delivers a defined and cutting chick.


  • 14” Hi-hat size
  • Medium weight
  • Bright tone
  • Deep and warm sound
  • Medium volume


  • Offered within a budget-friendly price point.
  • Excellent for all playing types.
  • Caters to both articulate and aggressive drumming styles.
  • Perfect for live performances and studio recordings.


  • I don’t recommend the PST5 for drummers who prefer thick and heavy hi-hats.

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Paiste Rude Cymbal Pair Hi-Hat

Paiste Rude Cymbal Pair Hi-Hat 14-inch

Series: Rude Series Paiste Hi-Hats

I had my fair share of heavy music drumming during my days. As we know, we hate it when our hi-hats don’t cut against rumbling basses and high-gain guitars. With the Paiste Rude Hi-Hat, this problem is finally over!

Featuring the CuSn8 Bronze, the Rude Series provides heavy music drummers with a raw and powerful hi-hat sound. In addition, the Paiste Rude Hi-hat packs mid-range harmonics and a cutting tone within a compact hi-hat. Therefore, making the Paiste Rude Hi-hat the perfect accompaniment for loud guitars and basses.


  • CuSn8 Bronze material
  • Unlathed surface
  • Rude Hi-hat top and bottom
  • Random hammering pattern
  • 14” Hi-hat size


  • Perfect for metal and rock drumming.
  • Delivers a focused, loud, and cutting tone without losing its expressiveness.
  • Produces a dry sound that complements distorted guitars.
  • Offers drummers a raw and powerful sound that cuts easily against a dense mix.


  • The Paiste Rude Hi-hat is too harsh for light drumming in my opinion.

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Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats

Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats 13'

Series: Signature Series Paiste Hi-Hats

Perfect for professionals who wants extremely versatile and articulate hi-hats, the Paiste Signature Dark delivers! Firstly, the Signature Dark Hi-hats features Paiste’s Proprietary Alloy within a medium-thin top and extra heavy-bottom format. Consequently, providing the Signature Dark Hi-hats with a full and trashy open sound with a crisp and pronounced chick.

Secondly, the Signature Dark Hi-hats feature the CuSn20 bronze, providing drummers with a premium sound and feel. Lastly, the Paiste Signature Dark Hi-hat is one of the first hi-hats to feature the Paiste Sound Alloy. Thus, delivering transparent and sensitive tones with ample expressiveness.


  • 13” hi-hat size
  • Medium-thin top and extra-thick bottom cymbal
  • CuSn20 Bronze material
  • Patented Paiste Sound Alloy
  • Dark and crisp sound


  • Effectively captures the articulations and nuances of drumming.
  • Delivers a tight and pronounced chick sound.
  • Offers unparalleled versatility, making it ideal for all musical genres.
  • Extremely responsive to its user’s drumming style.


  • Not suitable for drummers looking for a bright and clear hi-hat tone.

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Paiste 900 Series Hi-Hat 14 in.

Paiste 900 Series Cymbal (1903714)

Series: 900 Series Paiste Hi-Hats

The 900 Series incorporates the CuSn8 Bronze alloy, providing users with a versatile hi-hat. In addition, the 900 Series hi-hat delivers a wide-range voice within an affordable price point. Thus, making the 900 Series a serious bang-for-the-buck for beginners and intermediate players on a budget.

Furthermore, the Paiste 900 Series Hi-hats features hand-turned bells and hand-hammered bows, offering incredible hi-hat responsiveness. Moreover, the 900 Series features a medium-weight top and heavy bottom cymbals. Consequently, providing improved articulation within low to loud volumes.


  • CuSn8 Bronze alloy material
  • 14” Hi-hat size
  • Hand-trued edges
  • Pneumatically and hand-hammered bows
  • Hand-turned bells


  • Produces an articulate and full hi-hat sound.
  • Efficiently responds to the subtlety or strength of its user’s hit.
  • Delivers bright and warm hi-hat tone.
  • Effective in medium to loud drumming settings.


  • I only recommend the 900 Series for budget-restricted drummers who are upgrading their existing brass hi-hats.

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Paiste Signature Precision Sound Edge Hi-Hats

Paiste Signature Precision Sound Edge Hi-Hats 14 in.

Series: Signature Precision Series Paiste Hi-Hats

The Signature Precision Sound Edge Hi-hats features Paiste’s Proprietary Signature alloy, providing outstanding projection, brightness, and fullness. Moreover, the Signature Precision hi-hat offers incredible musicality perfect for chops and grooves of varying intensities.

Furthermore, the Paiste Signature Precision’s construction allows it to produce a warm and brilliant tone. Thus, making it excellent for genres like country, pop, and even rock. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-end versatile hi-hat, then the Paiste Signature Precision is perfect for you!


  • Proprietary Signature Bronze Alloy
  • 14” hi-hat size
  • Brilliant finish
  • Medium top and heavy bottom cymbal
  • Wide hi-hat range


  • Perfect for both studio and live performances.
  • Produces a brilliant and warm sound.
  • Excellent for rock, pop, and country.
  • Provides drummers with excellent tone projection and fullness.


  • The Signature Precision is a versatile hi-hat; however, I do not recommend it for beginners.

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Frequently Asked Question about Paiste Hi-Hats

What does the word Paiste mean?

As we know, Toomas Paiste crafted the first Paiste cymbals in 1906 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Toomas Paiste is an Estonian musician who started making cymbals after he served as a Russian Imperial Guard. The word “Paiste” stems from Estonia and Finland which means “shine”.

How is Paiste pronounced?

In my days as a drummer, I had my fair share of difficulty pronouncing the word “Paiste”. The tricky-spelled word comes with a confusing pronunciation too. To clear things out, Paiste is pronounced as /paɪsti/ (pie-stee).

Are Paiste Cymbals any good?

As stated, Paiste is currently the third-largest cymbal manufacturer in the world. In addition, various professionals worldwide such as Steve Jordan and John Bonham trusts Paiste. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a Paiste hi-hat or cymbal set on your kit.

Is Paiste 2002 a B8?

According to Paiste, the 2002 series feature the CuSn8 bronze alloy. The CuSn8 Bronze alloy features a 92% copper and 8% tin composition. In a nutshell, the CuSn8 is Paiste’s B8 Bronze in their cymbal series.

Is Paiste 2002 Good?

Since 1971, Paiste has dished out various innovations to the 2002 Series. The 2002 Series’ timeless bright and precise sound easily makes it one of the sought-after Paiste cymbals in the market. Paired with the utilization of CuSn8 differentiates the series from cheap-sounding brass cymbals. Therefore, if you are looking for a cutting bright cymbal, then consider giving the Paiste 2002 Series a shot.

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