Night Lions Tech Music Simulation Drum Set Review

I’d love to see my son have his own drum set, but I thought that maybe I should give him a toy first before he starts off with being serious in drumming. He’s still 3 years old and I don’t really expect him to stay committed to playing drums. At least, with a toy drum he’ll still be able to play and at the same time encourage him to learn to play drums along the way.

Out of the drum kits for kids I’ve seen, I’ve set my eyes on Night lions Tech™ Music Simulation Drum Set. The reason why I’ve chosen this as a gift for my little kid is that of the description of the product’s label – a kid-friendly drum kit that is good for their health. My kid has the tendency to bite on to something he holds. So, I made sure of picking the right drum set that is not hazardous to his health.

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Night lions Tech (TM) Music Simulation Drum Set Golden Dump 6 pcs Educational Toys for Children Gift

According to the drum set’s manufacturer, this is what Night lions Tech ™ drum set is all about:

  • A kid’s drum kit perfect for that little jazz and rock band that they will enjoy
  • An eco-friendly PVC and ABS plastic materials are used as this are designed for kids.
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and above. This means adults can also play with this set if they want to.
  • Even with such a basic set, it will stimulate a child’s creativity and skill in playing the drums. It will enhance their sense of music, thus improve their rhythm.
  • A great gift for birthdays, holidays and many other seasons for celebration

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Night Lions Tech Music Simulation Drum Set Review

I’ve never set my expectations too high on the Night Lions Tech Music Simulation Drum Set. That’s because it is declared as a toy drum kit designed for kids. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about this drum kit. But they were a bit unfair because they were expecting it to be like those drums that professionals use. I’m sharing my experience here. Telling readers of my review that it is a kid’s drum kit, specifically designed for 3-year old into consideration. Since my son is 3 years old, it fits him perfectly.

Here is my opinion though. If you want to buy a drum kit for your child or give it as a gift and want it to last long in their hands, make sure you consider how they behave around things. My son loves to treasure things given to him. So far, from the 3 months that it has been in his care, the drum kit is still intact.

It is not the same with other customers that complained about how their drum kit did not last long for a year. Especially with how their sons ‘ripped’ or broke theirs as soon as they open it. Still, you can return damaged goods if it’s really true that it is already damaged as soon as you received the packaged.

Just don’t forget to set your expectations too high, like on the same level with professional drum sets. This is meant as a toy, not as a beginner’s drum kit.

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