7 Best Muffle Heads — Quiet Practice Made Possible!

Muffle heads are a hassle-free way to lower your drum’s volume. Moreover, they also perform well as drum mutes minus the inconsistent stability.

A Glance on The Best Muffle Heads Today

Furthermore, muffle heads are extremely handy when you don’t want to spend much on building a soundproof drum room. This saves time, effort, and energy for drummers who just want to keep their noise when practicing at a minimum.

Muffle heads typically feature mesh materials, making them an incredible part of a practice drum kit. This construction provides users with unparalleled drum head rebound. Consequently, making rudiment practices extremely forgiving with muffle heads.

So, if you’re in the market for the best muffle heads, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, I collected 7 of the best quiet drum heads for all budgets!

3 of the Best Muffle Heads for Drum Practice

SoundOff by Evans Drum Mute

EVANS SoundOff by Evans Drum Mute, 10 Inch, SO-10

The Evans SoundOff Quiet Drum Heads feature a neoprene construction that delivers a 95% sound reduction in every hit. Not only that, the SoundOff Mutes boasts an authentic stick response that allows for excellent rebound. Thus, delivering a playing feel that’s excellent for practicing drills, such as paradiddles.

Furthermore, the SoundOff boasts a non-slip design. This allows drummers to have a better stick grip when doing fast runs on this drum head. In addition, although this quiet head is thin, it’s still capable of providing users with decent durability.

That’s why even if you’re a heavy-hitter or just someone who wants to play quietly, then the SoundOff is for you!

Key Features:

  • Neoprene material
  • 10” up to 22” drum head sizes
  • Black colorway
  • Non-slip design
  • Durable construction


The SoundOff Quiet Drum Heads is capable of reducing drum noise up to 95%. Not only that, but it also boasts a thin but durable construction that delivers a bouncy drumming experience. Lastly, this product is also the cheapest muffle head on this list!


What I dislike about this product is that it’s just a top head layer and not a drum head. Nevertheless, it still does its job and it is also surprisingly easy to install.

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Pearl MFH10 Mesh Muffle Head

Pearl MFH10 10-Inch Mesh Head

Like all mesh muffle heads, this drum head can efficiently reduce the noise of drum kits. Moreover, it also utilizes a dense mesh material with a tight surface construction. Consequently, this allows the head to deliver a realistic drum-playing feel.

Furthermore, this mesh drum head allows drummers to seamlessly transition between their practice and live kit. That’s why the Pearl MFH10 is perfect for drummers who need to practice for live performances.

Therefore, if you’re a drummer who values realistic response when practicing, then the Pearl MFH10 Mesh Drum Head is for you!

Key Features:

  • 10” drum head size
  • Tight skin tissue surface
  • Black colorway
  • Dense mesh material
  • Single-ply construction


The Pearl MFH10 Muffle Head effectively reduces the sound of drums without compromising its playing feel. It also comes with a tight skin surface that improves its durability, allowing it to withstand strong hits with ease.


This product feels flimsy because of its single-ply construction; however, it’s still durable.

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Remo Silent Stroke Muffle Heads

Remo Silentstroke Drumhead, 10'

The Remo Silent Stroke Muffle Heads works excellently on both electronic and acoustic drums. That’s why if you’re looking for a versatile quiet drum head, this product is for you!

Firstly, the Remo Silent Stroke features a 1-ply mesh material, delivering a soft playing feel. This muffle head also boasts an incredible rebound, making it easier for beginners to practice their fundamentals.

Secondly, the Remo Silent Stroke, as the name suggests, is also capable of reducing the output level of drums. Thus, making them perfect for condos, apartments, and even dormitories.

Lastly, the Remo Silent Stroke Series offers various drum head sizes from 6” up to 24”. This vast array of sizes makes the Silent Stroke compatible with almost any drumkit.

Key Features:

  • 1-ply mesh material
  • Spring-like playing feel
  • 6” up to 24” sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Low-decibel output


Remo designed the Silent Stroke Muffle Heads with a 1-ply mesh material, allowing it to work excellently with electronic triggers. In addition, this specific mesh construction allows users to have a rebound that’s comparable with a natural playing feel. The Remo Silent Stroke also preserves the tone of a drumkit, making it suitable for unplugged acoustic gigs.


These muffle heads require a tighter tuning tension to maximize their performance.

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The Best Muffle Head for Bass Drums

Evans SoundOff Bass Drum Muffle Head

Evans SoundOff Drumhead 22 inch (BD22SO1)

Let’s face it, reducing the overall level of bass drums is a hard task, especially for acoustic drum kits. However, the Evans SoundOff Quiet Drum Head makes this daunting task easier and more convenient!

Evans designed the SoundOff using a single-ply mesh material, allowing it to reduce bass drum volume. Moreover, this extremely thin specification also enables the Evans SoundOff to work with electronic drum triggers.

Furthermore, the SoundOff comes with Evans’s Level 360 Technology. This specification provides the drum head with better tension and stability, delivering the perfect rim fit.

Key Features:

  • Single-ply construction
  • Mesh material
  • 22” in size
  • Level 360 Technology
  • Electronic trigger compatibility


Just like the Remo Silent Stroke, the Evans SoundOff boasts a thin construction, allowing it to work with electronic triggers. In addition, this product boasts a 95% sound reduction— which is more than most muffle heads on the market.


Unlike other SoundOff drumheads which sit on top of drumheads, this product replaces drumheads entirely. Thus, requiring users to detune, remove, and retune their drum heads.

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3 Incredible Muffle Head Packs in the Market

Remo Silent Stroke Tom Muffle Heads

Remo Drum Set (PP-2260-SN)

The Remo Silent Stroke Tom Heads comes with 10”, 12”, and 16” sized drum heads. These drum head sizes are perfect for two rack toms and a floor tom.

Just like all Remo Silent Stroke heads, this quiet head pack comes with durable 1-ply mesh construction. This allows the product to reduce drum noise without compromising its playability and rebound.

Moreover, the thinness of these drum heads makes them compatible with electronic drum triggers. That’s why if you want to silence your standard drumkit’s tom drums, you’d love the Remo Silent Stroke Tom Heads.

Key Features:

  • Single ply construction
  • Mesh drum head material
  • 10”, 12”, and 16” drum head sizes
  • Soft surface
  • Spring-like playing feel


The Remo Silent Stroke Tom Quiet Head pack features a construction that reduces the sound of drums without affecting their playing feel. Aside from that, this tom head pack is compatible with both 4-piece and 5-piece drumkit configurations. Thus, making them compatible with most kits.


The most common problem Remo Silent Stroke drum heads have is their high tension requirement. In a nutshell, these drum heads require an extensive tuning process than other muffle heads on this list.

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Roland MH2 PowerPly Mesh Drum Heads

Roland PowerPly MH2-12 Dual-Ply Mesh Head, 12-Inch

The Roland PowerPly Muffle Heads is currently the best mutes for electronic drums. In addition, they also work excellently with acoustic drumkits. Therefore, if you’re looking for incredible and versatile mesh drum heads, then you’re in for a treat.

Roland designed the PowerPly for the V-Drums; however, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable with acoustic drums too! First, the PowerPly features a dual-ply construction, making it one of the most durable mesh muffle heads on the market.

Second, the PowerPly Heads are delivers a great playing feel on both electronic and acoustic drumsets. That’s why this product is excellent for practice kits if you want to retain the experience of playing live drumsets.

Key Features:

  • Dual-ply construction
  • Mesh material
  • Roland RT-30 trigger compatibility
  • Acoustic drum compatibility
  • 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14” drum head sizes


Aside from being compatible with both electronic and acoustic drumkits, the Roland MH2 PowerPly delivers an authentic playing feel. This makes practicing more accurate, allowing users to easily transition between their practice kit and live kits.


The PowerPly Mesh Drum Heads aren’t compatible with the PDX-6 and PDX-8 electronic drumkits.

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Remo Propack Silentstroke Muffle Heads

Remo Propack Silentstroke 10', 12', 16', 22' with Free 14' (PP2310-SN-U)

The Remo Propack Silent Stroke is the ultimate muffle head pack for drummers. These quiet drum heads come with 10”, 12”, 16”, and 22” heads. What makes the set great is its inclusion of a free 14” mesh drum head for snare drums. That said, this muffle head pack is extremely hard to beat at its price point.

Remo designed the ProPack Silent Stroke to reduce the noise generated by drumkits. Its performance and construction are generally the same as the SilentStroke. However, this Propack comes with wider drum head sizes than other Silent Stroke packs, such as the Tom Pack.

In this light, the Remo ProPack Silent Stroke comes with the same 1-ply mesh construction that works with electronic triggers. Also, they feature the same soft spring-like playing feel of Silent Stroke heads.

Key Features:

  • Single-ply construction
  • Mesh drum head material
  • 10”, 12”, 16”, and 22” drum head sizes
  • Free 14” snare drum head
  • Electronic trigger compatibility


Unlike other Silent Stroke packs, this ProPack comes with a free 14” snare quiet head, making it perfect for 5-piece drumkits. Not to mention, they are also within an affordable price point considering the performance they bring to the table. That’s why the Remo ProPack Silent Stroke heads are currently the best muffle heads you can get today!

These drum heads are extremely thin, which could break if you’re a hard-hitter.

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Things You Should Consider Before Buying Muffle Heads — A Buyer’s Guide

Drum Set with Drum Dampeners — Muffle Heads

Muffle heads, quiet drum heads, or mesh drum heads; no matter what you call them, they still serve the same purpose— to lower your drum’s sound. However, buyers must know what to look for to get the best sound reduction possible without losing their tone. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best mesh heads that are perfect for practice!


The material of quiet drum heads determines the amount of sound reduction they’re capable of delivering. Therefore, buyers should find mesh drum head materials to get the quietest performance possible.

However, mesh materials are more expensive than other muffle drum head materials. That’s why if you’re on a budget, you could also go with synthetic materials, such as neoprene.

Single-Ply vs. Dual-Ply

When buying muffle heads, you would often see the words “single-ply” and “dual-ply” in a specification sheet. Although most quiet drum heads feature a relatively low volume, their ply still affects the pitch and attack they deliver.

As we know, the attack of a drum allows it to be heard within a mix. Having a higher attack is generally not bad but it provides a louder bite and sound.

If you’re looking for the quietest performance possible, you should go with single-ply heads. Conversely, if you still want a punchy tone that could slightly increase your volume, I would recommend dual-ply heads.

Pack Inclusions

Some manufacturers sell their quiet drum heads individually. On the other hand, some sell them in packs.

Generally, you would save money when you purchase in packs; however, not all packs are great. That’s why buyers should mind the drum head inclusions of the pack they are buying. Thus, I recommend buyers find muffle head packs that come with the ample amount of drum heads they need for their kit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Muffle Heads

How do you muffle drum heads?

You could lower the sound of your drum kits using drum dampeners or mutes. However, the most efficient way to a drum’s sound is by replacing its drumheads with muffle heads.

Using a muffle head ensures drummers that their sound won’t escape their practice room. Still, it’s crucial to note that quiet drum heads can cause your drums to lose their authentic tone.

What is drum muffling?

Drummers typically muffle their drums to reduce unwanted overtones or minimize their sound when practicing. Of course, you wouldn’t want to annoy your neighbors, or worse, get a note from your landlord.

Typically, drum muffling involves putting a vibration-absorbant material on top of a drumhead. However, thanks to technological innovations, manufacturers can make muffle heads to eliminate the noise of drums when practicing.

Why put a towel in a bass drum?

Most drummers put a towel or pillow inside their bass drum. This is a common practice among drummers who play within residential areas and apartments. This practice can also be observed during drum recording studios in a studio.

The main reason why drummers put towels and pillows in their drumkit is to control a bass drum’s air release. This practice delivers a fuller and resonant sound without those nasty overtones. In addition, this also works well in muffling the sound of drums, effectively reducing their sound when practicing.

Do drum dampeners work?

Drum dampeners and muffles work excellently in reducing overtones and sound respectively. Although they are optional, they work extremely well if you want a sharper sound or a quiet practice session.

How do you muffle a snare?

When muffling a snare, you could use various household items, such as wallets, handkerchiefs, tape, and more. However, for more efficient muffling, I would suggest you get a quiet drum head for your snare drum.

Enjoy Your New Muffle Heads!

Acoustic band practicing — Muffle Heads

In conclusion, quiet drum heads work extremely well if you hate annoying your neighbors during practice sessions. Muffle heads work similarly but more efficiently than drum dampeners and mutes. That’s why they are the best drumkit addition if you just want a quiet drum sound. To get the best performance, you could also use low-volume cymbals alongside your muffle heads.

Hopefully, this guide has been useful in helping you find the best quiet drum heads for your drumkit. If you have any thoughts about this guide, feel free to air them out in the comment section below. Also, if you enjoyed reading this piece, make sure to check other drum-related guides within BasicDrummer!

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