8 Best Metronome for Drummers— A-Tier Metronomes for all Skill Levels

Metronome for drummers is a crucial practice tool, especially for those who want to play in the pocket. As someone who has 30 years of experience playing the drums, I have practiced under the clicks metronomes. 

Metronome for drummers is an inevitable right of passage everyone should face— especially those who want to become the best. However, there are tons of metronomes in today’s market, making it hard for a drummer to pick one.

Therefore, I made this guide to help you find the most effective metronome according to your playing and learning style. No matter your skill level, we have a metronome just for you!

What is a Metronome for Drummers?

metronome for drummers

A metronome is a device with an audible click that helps musicians play along within a consistent tempo.  A wind-up mechanical metronome is the standard construction for a metronome. This specific type of metronome features the original design of German inventor Johann Maelzel, which is an excellent accompaniment. The design includes a securing hook, pendulum, dial plate, sliding weight, bell tone selector, and winding key. 

Through the sliding weight and pendulum, the metronome’s bar swings back and forth for a specified amount of time. This metronome design holds on a specified tempo according to the location of the sliding weight on the pendulum. The metronome’s winding dictates how long a metronome can maintain its rhythm. 

On the other hand, due to the development of technology, manufacturers released digitalized metronomes that are perfect for drummers. For instance, the noise level of a drum kit can easily overwhelm a wind-up metronome. That’s why manufacturers released tempo meters compatible with the headphones for electronic drums. Similarly, some companies, such as Soundbrenner, came up with a contact-type metronome, allowing drummers to feel the tempo.

In a nutshell, there are many types of metronomes. Each one has its function and usage. Nevertheless, all metronomes provide drummers with a consistent tempo that helps them improve as a musician.

Metronome for Drummers Reviewed in this Guide

8 of the Best Metronome for Drummers of all Skill Levels

Korg MA-2 Compact Metronome for Drummers

Korg MA-2 Multi-Function Digital Metronome-Black/Red (MA2-BLBK)

Korg MA-2 Compact Metronome Review:

Cheap, easy-to-use, and compact, that’s how I will describe the Korg MA-2 Compact Metronome. Although it’s small, this metronome for drummers delivers versatile performance for all types of music.

The Korg MA-2 features various rhythmic patterns and an expansive tempo range. In addition, Korg mixed it up by providing the MA-2 with a wide variety of beats and rhythmic patterns.

Moreover, the Korg MA-2 features a large and crisp display for improved visibility. This screen also displays a visible timer and sound-out modes, which visually helps drummers train their tempo. 

Key Features:

  • 30 to 252 BPM
  • Card-type construction
  • 0-9 beat measure accents
  • Subdivisions for common time signatures
  • Sound-out mode


The Korg MA-2 Compact Metronome is a suitable product for drummers on the go due to its compact size. Furthermore, the product is budget-friendly while delivering up to 400 hours of continuous use. 


The Korg MA-2 Compact Metronome’s high-pitched click is incredibly piercing, which can be annoying in the long run. Also, I do not recommend this metronome for polyrhythmic drills since it doesn’t offer advanced subdivisions.

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HOSEYIN Mechanical Metronome for Drummers

HOSEYIN Mechanical Metronome, Universal Metronome for Piano, Guitar, Violin,Drums and Other Instruments (Standard, Black)

HOSEYIN Mechanical Metronome Review:

Perfect for beginners on a budget, the HOSEYIN features a classic design that is easy to use. First, the HOSEYIN Metronome utilizes a classic trapezoid shape with a 5+2 gear metal movement. Unlike plastic gears, a metal gear provides better durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Second, despite its simplistic design and functionality, this metronome offers a wide range of customizability. The HOSEYIN Mechanical Metronome for drummers is adjustable from 40 up to 208bpm. In addition, it has 0, 2, 3, 4, and 6 bells for beat accentuation.

Lastly, the HOSEYIN Metronome comes with a 30-day unconditional return and a 1-year manufacturer product warranty.

Key Features:

  • Wind-up metronome functionality
  • Classic design
  • 5+2 gear metal movement
  • 0, 2, 3, 4, 6 heavy bell
  • 40 up to 208 bpm tempo range


This product is easy to use, making them perfect for beginners. Also, the utilization of metal gears makes this metronome more durable than those that use plastic gears.


Although this product’s gear system boasts metal materials, it also utilizes some plastic materials. Thus, making this metronome prone to breakage when dropped from a significant height.

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KLIQ MetroPitch – Metronome Tuner for All Instruments

KLIQ MetroPitch - Metronome Tuner for All Instruments - with Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, and Chromatic Tuning Modes (MetroPitch, Black)

KLIQ MetroPitch Metronome Review:

The KLIQ MetroPitch is a 3-in-1 device that houses a metronome, tuner, and tone generator within a compact device. Therefore, this is the perfect metronome for drummers and multi-instrumentalists on the go.

The KLIQ MetroPitch utilizes a tuner with a microphone capable of hearing pitches from A0 to C8. In addition, this device boasts various tuning modes, pitch calibration, and transposition settings, making it perfect for all instruments.

Furthermore, the MetroPitch’s metronome features a tempo range from 30 to 250 beats per minute. The Metropitch also has an intuitive JOG dial that acts as a tempo, pitch, and pattern control. Finally, the product’s metronome function comes with a 3-year manufacturer guarantee, ensuring owners bang-for-the-buck performance.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • 30-250 bpm tempo range
  • A0-C8 tuning range
  • JOG dial control and tap tempo function
  • Highly sensitive built-in mic


If you are playing in a band, the KLIQ MetroPitch is a piece of necessary studio equipment for your members. The KLIQ MetroPitch’s control system is a cakewalk; that’s why I think it’s suitable for beginners.


Although it is compatible with drums, this is not solely a metronome for drummers. Instead, it was initially designed for stringed instruments.

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Drum Metronome, Digital Electronic Drummer Training Practice Pad

Drum Metronome Digital LCD Display Drummer Pad with Earphone for Training Practice

Digital Metronome Pad Review:

The Digital Drum Metronome Pad combines the essence of a metronome and student snare drum kit. This metronome allows users to practice their snare paradiddles like a practice pad without the unnecessary noise.

Furthermore, the product’s digital LCD screen displays the tempo of a pattern that strikes the pads. The metronome pad also features a shockproof and skid-proof design, delivering an ergonomic feel during practice sessions.

Moreover, this product features an earphone output, allowing users to practice silently within the comfort of their rooms. Therefore, if you want to get that tempo right, this product will surely be a delight!

Key Features:

  • Standard snare drum stand compatibility
  • 30-280 bpm tempo
  • Free earphones
  • Silicone drum head material
  • Shockproof and skid-proof construction


Perfect for beginners, this digital drum metronome can help students perfect their patterns according to a specified tempo. Its compact sizing and battery-powered system also mean that it could be a portable practice tool for traveling musicians.


Because of the product’s lightweight and plastic construction, it’s prone to break after a fall. The product produces a high-pitched sound that users can’t change, making the product annoying to use over time.

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Korg Metronome (KDM3BK)

Korg Metronome (KDM3BK)

KORG Metronome Review:

The Korg KDM3BK Metronome features a classic construction with digital functionalities, making it an innovative metronome for drummers. As a drummer, I hate metronomes with confusing and inaccessible controls; that’s where this metronome excels!

Firstly, the Korg KDM3BK features eight metronome sounds that users can change with one button push. The metronome’s voice select, timer, and beat control can be controlled similarly.

Secondly, the Korg KDM3BK also boasts 19 beat patterns, allowing users to practice multiple drumming styles using this metronome. This metronome also features a combination of a crystal clear display and accessible controls, making it beginner-friendly.

Finally, the Korg KDM3BK features a tempo cheat sheet on its size, guiding drummers who follow classical forms of drumming. From largo up to prestissimo, this metronome has you covered!

Key Features:

  • Eight metronome sounds
  • 19 beat patterns
  • One-touch operation
  • 30-252 bpm tempo range
  • 0-9 beats per measure


The Korg KDM3BK is a highly versatile metronome for drummers. For instance, combining its beat patterns, tempo range, and beats per measure makes it suitable for almost all genres. In addition, the KDM3BK is extremely loud, allowing itself to break through the loud blanket of sound a drumkit produces.


When powered using batteries, this metronome takes a significant hit in volume after hours of use. Therefore, I advise users to stick with this product’s 9v power supply unit.

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BOSS DB-90 Dr. Beat Portable Metronome

BOSS DB-90 Dr. Beat Portable Metronome (DB-90) , BLACK

BOSS DB-90 Review:

The BOSS DB-90 emphasizes control and customizability; that’s why it’s the ideal metronome for drummers with significant experience. In addition, it’s an excellent tool for bedroom drummers and music producers of all skill levels— here’s why:

The BOSS DB-90 Metronome features a wide array of onboard sounds and note-mixing functions to customize a tempo fully. Moreover, the rhythm DB-90’s rhythm coach function comes with a built-in mic, reference-tone function, MIDI, and instrument input. This makes the DB-90 an all-around swiss knife for drummers.

Furthermore, the DB-90 boasts footswitch control for easier access when drumming. Lastly, this metronome can be connected to Roland V-Pads as a practice pad. Using the best in-ear monitors for drummers, users can also use the DB-90 as a sound monitor.

Key Features:

  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Four metronome sounds
  • Reference tone function for tuning
  • Note Mixing function
  • On-board microphone
  • Footswitch controls
  • Rhythm Coach compatibility


What amazes me about the DB-90 is its wide array of controls and customizability. As a drumming veteran, it’s unbelievable to see a product that elegantly executes analog and digital features all at once.


The DB-90’s plethora of controls may confuse beginners who are only starting with drums.

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Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse | Smart, Vibrating & Wearable Metronome | for All Instruments (Guitar, Piano, Drums) | Tap Tempo (BPM) + Visual Beat Counting | Practice Like A Pro | As Seen at NAMM

Soundbrenner Pulse Review:

The Soundbrenner Pulse is an innovative metronome for drummers. Its substitution of contact vibrations rather than clicks allows the Soundbrenner Pulse to guide drummers even with loud drumkits.

First, the Soundbrenner Pulse features vibrations 7x more powerful than regular phones. This results in responsive metronome vibrations that users will indeed feel. Second, the Soundbrenner Pulse boasts customizable time signatures, subdivisions, and accents. Thus, making it suitable for intricate genres such as progressive metal and math rock.

Third, the Soundbrenner Pulse supports up to 5+ devices all at once. Not to mention that this metronome is also capable of storing a setlist library for live performances. Lastly, the Soundbrenner Pulse is compatible with DAWs such as Ableton. That’s why the Soundbrenner Pulse is perfect for bands who record music and play live performances.

Key Features:

  • Powerful vibration
  • 5+ simultaneous BlueTooth/NFC connection
  • Setlist library
  • USB MIDI compatible
  • Free companion app


The Soundbrenner Pulse is compatible with accessories such as body straps. Consequently, allowing users to wear them however and wherever they like. Thanks to its customizability and versatility, legendary musicians worldwide, such as Jordan Rudess and John Robinson, trust Soundbrenner. 


The Soundbrenner Pulse’s lack of screen makes it hard for users to identify their tempo when playing.

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Soundbrenner Core Steel

Soundbrenner Core Steel | 4-in-1 music tool for musicians | Vibrating metronome, Chromatic contact tuner, Decibel meter and Watch | For multiple instruments (guitar, bass, violin, ukulele)

Soundbrenner Core Steel Review:

A major upgrade from the Soundbrenner Pulse, the Soundbrenner Core Steel delivers a 4-in-1 performance that’s genuinely bang-for-the-buck. With the Soundbrenner Core Steel, get a tuner, noise gauge, smartwatch, and metronome in one compact construction.

The Soundbrenner Core Steel’s metronome features the same vibration strength as seen with the Pulse. However, the real magic happens with the Core Steel’s additional features.

The Core Steel’s chromatic contact tuner allows users to attach the watch to instruments with fine pitch precision. Moreover, navigating the watch is easier thanks to its LED ring display and screen. Unlike the Pulse, the Core Steel is convenient and easy-to-use; that’s why it’s the best metronome for drummers for me.

Key Features:

  • IP65 splash resistance
  • Multi-player sync
  • Contact tuner
  • Built-in decibel meter
  • Multi-instrumental utility


Considering the number of features the Core Steel has, its battery life lasts an impressive four days in watch mode. On the other hand, it goes for at least three hours during metronome playback. Thanks to its crystal clear display, it’s also much easier to use than the Pulse.


Although the Core Steel is a smartwatch, it doesn’t have the functionality of sports watches, such as a step counter and heart rate monitor.

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What are the Things I Should Consider When Buying a Metronome for Drummers?— A Buyer’s Guide

metronome for drummers

As stated, there are tons of styles a metronome for drummers has. For instance, there are analog, digital, and contact type metronomes. That’s why picking the suitable metronome according to a drumkit style is a crucial decision one should make. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the correct metronome according to your needs.


When buying a metronome for drummers, buyers should consider the usability of a metronome according to their kit. For example, an analog wind-up metronome may not suit electronic drumkits when wearing headphones. In this light, here are my recommendations:

  • Analog- this is suitable for drummers who use practice pads and other low-volume practice equipment.
  • Digital- this is perfect for both acoustic and electronic kits. The plus side to this is that most digital metronomes are DAW capable. Therefore, allowing drummers with electronic kits to hear their metronomes when playing.
  • Contact- the Soundbrenner contact metronomes are excellent with people who play in a band within a live setting. However, contact metronomes require some time to get used to them. 


Customizability is one of the most crucial things buyers should look at when buying a metronome. Almost all metronomes for drummers feature standard time signatures such as ¾ and 4/4. However, not all metronomes can do complex polyrhythms such as 13/8 and more. Therefore, I advise drummers to find metronomes with a wide range of customization for time signatures, beat accentuation, and subdivisions.


A compact and portable metronome for drummers does wonders for studio and live musicians. First, portable metronomes are easy to bring virtually anywhere! Whether you’re going to a studio to record or you’re going to a bar gig, portable metronomes won’t disappoint. Second, they are space-efficient, thanks to their compact construction. This is a win for drummers who play within a limited space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metronome for Drummers

Do drummers listen to a metronome?

Before drummers can play intricate fills and spot-on drum lines, they first must listen to a metronome. Why? Because metronomes allow drummers to practice their fundamentals within a comfortable tempo. 

As they progress, they become more efficient with faster beat passages. I became better at drumming through this, and that’s why I recommend drummers to listen to a metronome during practice.

How do you practice drumming with a metronome?

First, set your metronome within a comfortable and slow tempo. Subsequently, try to practice your fundamentals, such as whole, half, and quarter notes. Try to practice this as you increase your tempo. Then, when you’re comfortable, try to mix it up with various fills at a relaxed pace.

Just remember that the key to this is to take things slow. Also, don’t forget to practice, practice, and practice. You’ll get better in no time!

Should you practice drums with a metronome?

Practicing drums with a metronome is a must— even professionals do it! A metronome is one of the most necessary equipment a drummer should have. Metronomes help drummers improve their tempo and control, resulting in a better performance when playing with a backing track.

What is the best drum metronome app?

The best metronome application for Android and iOS is the Soundbrenner companion app. The Soundbrenner companion app provides users with a metronome they can bring virtually anywhere. 

In addition, having a Soundbrenner Pulse allows the companion app to translate the metronome’s clicks into vibrations. Therefore, the app combined with a Soundbrenner product is excellent if you play within a loud setting.

Do professional drummers use click track?

Typically, a click track plays on a professional drummer’s in-ear monitor. Like metronomes, this click track allows them and the band to stay on time during performances.

Enjoy your New Metronome for Drummers!

metronome for drummers

Now that we know the use of metronome for drummers, it’s time to get one for practices and live performances! Hopefully, this guide helped you pick the best metronome according to your drumming needs. Remember, practicing with a metronome can be boring initially, but the benefits you’ll gain will elevate your drumming to the next level!

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