3 Hydraulic Drum Throne with 5 Alternatives— Drum Comfortably Today!

A hydraulic drum throne allows drummers to practice, rehearse and play comfortably. The best drum thrones also make a musician’s drumming experience much better.

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As we all know, drumming requires syncopated arm and leg movements, which may produce straining over time, affecting drumming performance. In this light, utilizing a hydraulic drum throne helps minimize straining for a seamless drumming performance.

Therefore, we collected 3 of the best hydraulic drum thrones in the market today. Moreover, we also reviewed 6 excellent drum throne alternatives you can check.

What Should You Look For When Buying Hydraulic Drum Thrones?— A Buyer’s Guide

Hydraulic Drum Throne

As stated, utilizing hydraulic drum thrones encourages proper posture; thus, minimizing straining when playing. However, not all drum thrones provide high-quality performance and incredible durability when used. Therefore, we made this buyer’s guide to lead you towards the best hydraulic drum throne possible!

Hydraulic Feature

A hydraulic drum throne utilizes a hydraulic feature to allow users to conveniently adjust their seat’s height. Similar to how hydraulic drum heads, a hydraulic drum throne uses oil and air for a more convenient adjustment.

In comparison, manually-adjusted drum thrones feature screws that sometimes get stuck. In addition, this adjustment type sometimes requires specific tools which provide another problem when owners lose them. Therefore, buyers should look for hydraulic features such as throne airlifts for easier height adjustment.

Throne Construction

Drum thrones come in various shapes such as round and traditional, emphasizing balance and stability. Meanwhile, some manufacturers utilize a bicycle throne style. Thus, providing room for the drummer’s legs for a more comfortable single or double bass pedal performance.

The choice between what throne construction to get boils down to buyer preference. However, we advise drummers who require breathable leg room for fast pedal phrases to get a bicycle-styled. On the other hand, drummers who want a well-rounded and comfortable seat should settle for round or traditional drum thrones.

Base Material and Construction

Ultimately, the key to a stable drum throne lies in its base material and construction. Typically, a drum throne features a tripod or 4-sided steel base, providing decent stability during drumming sessions. However, we also recommend buyers find a drum throne that comes with rubber feet that prevent the throne from slipping. In addition, this feature minimizes floor dents in case a drummer’s set is not on a drum carpet.

3 of the Best Hydraulic Drum Thrones in the Market

Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series

Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Round Seat,Black

Brand: Drum Workshop (DW)

Type: Air-lift Hydraulic Drum Throne

If you are looking for premium hydraulic drum thrones, then the DW CP9100AL is perfect for you! Featuring a 14” round top paired with a special foam, the CP9100AL offers unparalleled comfort and stability when playing. In addition, the throne’s round construction provides ample coverage, providing users with 360 degrees of comfort.

Furthermore, DW constructed this drum throne with a pneumatic height adjustment. Thus, allowing users to easily adjust the height from 20” up to 29”. The product also features double-braced legs for a more stable and durable performance. Lastly, the DW CP9100AL comes with rubber feet, preventing the throne from slipping on any surface.


  • 14” round throne shape
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • 20” up to 29” throne height
  • Double-braced legs
  • 4 rubber-tipped feet


  • Extremely durable construction, making it perfect for all ages.
  • The DW throne rotates seamlessly for a more smooth playing experience.
  • The included pneumatic height adjustment works well with the seat’s cushioning for a more comfortable seating experience.
  • Features a combination of durable materials for a sturdy overall design.


  • The CP9100AL has a slot for a  backrest but it doesn’t come with one.

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EASTROCK Drum Throne Airlift Drum Chair

EASTROCK Drum Throne with Backrest Airlift Rotatable Drum Seat Height Adjustable Heavy Duty Square Style Drum Chair Drum Stools with Back Rest for Drummer Adults


Type: Hydraulic Drum Throne with Backrest

The EASTROCK Drum Throne boasts certifications from BIFMA, TUA, and SGS, making it one of the best drum throne with backrest! Firstly, EASTROCK rated this drum throne with a capacity of up to 300 pounds. Moreover, the seat utilizes a wider construction of 18” x 13”, providing a more relaxed seating.

Secondly, EASTROCK utilizes a cylinder press which allows the drum throne to easily adjust from 17.3” up to 24”. In addition, the cylinder press features tightening locks and a spiral design, improving the throne’s durability and stability.

Lastly, the drum throne comes with double-braced legs paired with enlarged anti-slip pads. Therefore, minimizing ground abrasion and increasing the throne’s overall stability when used.


  • Cylinder Press Airlift
  • Double-braced legs
  • Enlarged anti-slip pads
  • 18” x 13” seat size
  • Attachable backrest


  • Certified by BIFMA, SGS, and TUA.
  • Features comfortable seat and backrest materials such as flannel and leather.
  • Effectively reduces back strain when playing.
  • The product’s enlarged anti-slip pads prevent slipping and shaking.


  • The rectangle seat construction of the EASTROCK Drum Throne may impede leg movement.

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Starfavor Drum Throne Seat

Starfavor Drum Throne Airlift Height Adjustable Padded Seat Drum Stool, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Drum Throne Seat Motocycle Style, with Double Braced Anti-Slip Feet Saddle Drum Seat, ST-700

Brand: Starfavor

Type: Budget-friendly Hydraulic Drum Throne

The Starfavor Drum Throne Seat is perfect for drummers looking for a hydraulic drum throne on a budget. Starfavor designed this throne with an air-lift height adjustment, allowing users to adjust the seat from 17.7” up to 23.6”. Moreover, the Starfavor Drum Throne features a wide and thick bicycle-style seat at 17.5” x 15.5” x 3.7”. Consequently, providing users with more legroom within a stable design.

Furthermore, the throne’s seat material features high-grade leather-wrapped in soft memory foam that offers incredible comfort. On the other hand, the drum throne incorporates double support legs paired with a round support design. As a result, allowing the drum throne to support weights of up to 400 lbs.

In addition, Starfavor designed the throne’s legs with a two-piece thickened metal support bar with enlarged non-slip rubber paddings. Thus, benefiting users with a stable drum throne while preserving floor quality.


  • 17.5” x 15.5” x 3.7” seat size
  • Bicycle-styled seat
  • Hydraulic height adjustment system
  • Double support legs
  • Enlarged non-slip rubber feet


  • Boasts the same 400-lb weight capacity of the EASTROCK Throne within a cheaper price point.
  • Features a wide bicycle-style seat for a comfortable and stable construction.
  • The throne’s airlift design doubles as a shock-absorbant.
  • Provides users with more legroom when drumming.


  • Features a lower adjustable height range than the DW CP9100AL Drum Throne.

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5 Ideal Hydraulic Drum Throne Alternatives

Donner Adjustable Drum Throne

Donner Heavy Duty Drum Throne, Motorcycle Style Drum Seat, Widened Drum Chair with Upgraded Materials, Height Adjustable Padded Stool, Double Braced

Brand: Donner

Type: Budget-friendly Hydraulic Drum Throne Alternative

As we know, even some of the cheapest hydraulic drum thrones are somewhat expensive in comparison with screw-adjusted drum thrones. In this light, the Donnar Adjustable Drum Throne is excellent for drummers on a budget!

Offered within an affordable price point, the Donner Adjustable Drum Throne still features excellent specifications that make it stand out. Firstly, Donner designed this drum throne with a wide seat, making it stable under different weights. In addition, the throne features a high-quality pad constructed with premium steel and foam, providing a durable but comfortable feel.

Secondly, the Donner Drum Throne incorporates a double-braced leg construction, increasing its overall weight capacity. Moreover, the utilization of anti-slip rubber feet minimizes the risk of slipping when drumming. Lastly, the Donner Drum Throne features an adjustable and durable lock, ensuring that the seat remains its user’s desired height.


  • Wide seat construction
  • Premium steel and foam pad
  • Double-braced leg
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Adjustable and durable lock


  • Provides quality specifications within a budget-friendly price point.
  • Features durable and stable reinforcements that help increase the throne’s weight capacity.
  • Offers a wider seat for better weight distribution.
  • Easy to adjust despite its screw adjustment design.


  • The seat is not 100% stable as it tends to wiggle a bit; however, it’s acceptable considering the product’s price point.

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Ludwig Atlas Drum Throne

Ludwig Drum Throne (LAC48TH)

Brand: Ludwig

Type: Portable Hydraulic Drum Throne Alternative

Perfect for drummers on the go, the Ludwig Drum Throne features a flat-based stand, making the throne lightweight but durable. In addition, Ludwig specifically designed the Atlas to provide drummers with high-quality drum thrones with unparalleled durability.

Furthermore, the Atlas mixed modern technology with the classic Atlas design, resulting in a seamless construction while remaining comfortable. The Atlas’ seat features high-density foam, providing incredible back support during drumming sessions.

Moreover, the bicycle seat style of the Ludwig Atlas removes strain from the user’s leg. Thus, offering huge legroom for a better bass drum performance. Lastly, the seat utilizes a locking spindle for an easier height adjustment.


  • Bicycle-style seat
  • Thick high-density seat foam
  • Locking spindle height adjustment style
  • Vinyl embroidered logo
  • Lightweight construction


  • Stable construction despite its lightweight feel.
  • Ideal for gigging drummers.
  • Offers a classic look with modern specifications.
  • Provides users with decent legroom.


  • Not suitable for drummers looking for a minimalistic-looking drum throne.

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Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne

Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne

Brand: Gibraltar

Type: Heavy-duty Hydraulic Drum Throne Alternative

The Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne is perfect for drummers looking for the ultimate comfort without sacrificing throne durability. Firstly, the Gibraltar Softy features a 5” thick round top-grade foam seat lined with Condura and vinyl edges. As a result, providing users with unparalleled comfort when drumming.

Secondly, Gibraltar utilizes a double-braced leg construction, providing a higher weight capacity. Moreover, the seat features a super-lock seat fastening system paired with rubber feet, improving the product’s overall stability.

Lastly, the Gibraltar Softy incorporates two types of adjustment— threaded and memory lock height adjustment. Thus, allowing users to fine-tune the seat’s height between 20” and 26” according to their preference.


  • 5” thick top-grade foam
  • Condura and vinyl edges
  • Double-braced leg base
  • Super-lock seat fastening system
  • Threaded and memory lock height adjustment system


  • Features heavy-duty materials for drummers who give their 100% when playing.
  • The inclusion of a 5” thick seat foam provides the ultimate drum throne comfort.
  • Dual-adjustment system for seat height fine-tuning.
  • The drum throne’s durability doesn’t affect its overall comfort.


  • Not suitable for younger ages due to its higher seat profile.

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DW Drum Workshop CP9100M

DW Drum Workshop CP9100M 9000 Series Tripod Throne w/ Round Seat

Brand: Drum Workshop (DW)

Type: Premium Hydraulic Drum Throne Alternative

The DW CP9100M features a 14” slightly domed top, providing users with ample legroom despite its round seat style. In addition, the CP9100M comes with a unique foam combination that prioritizes comfort without reducing seat stability.

Moreover, the CP9100M incorporates a combination of DW’s double-locking clamp and vise lock seat clamp. Thus, ensuring seat stability between seat heights of 20” up to 27”. Furthermore, DW designed the CP9100M with an oversized 1 ¼” tripod base with rubber feet, providing better throne stability.


  • 14” round top
  • 20” up to 27” height adjustability
  • 1 ¼” tripod base
  • Rubber feet
  • Unique foam combination


  • The domed seat construction of the CP9100M provides ample legroom for bass drum playing.
  • Comfortable and stable at the same time.
  • The throne’s memory lock excellently keeps the user’s desired height over time.
  • Features the same drum throne material found with the CP9100AL.


  • Much more expensive than the CP9100AL Hydraulic Drum Throne.

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Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest,Black,7.5(h) x 19.5(w) x 20.5(l) inches

Brand: Gibraltar

Type: Hydraulic Drum Throne Alternative with Backrest

Specifically designed to handle abuse, the Gibraltar 9608MB is an excellent drum throne for hard-hitting drummers. First, Gibraltar constructed the 9608MB with a combination of Cordura top and vinyl edges topped with high-quality memory foam. As a result, the 9608MB provides users with incredible comfort during drumming sessions.

Second, the Gibraltar 9608MB utilizes a threaded height adjustment with a memory lock, providing users with height fine-tuning controls. Moreover, the 9608MB has a minimum height range of 20” and a maximum of 26”.

Third, the 9608MB’s base features double-bracing legs and a super foot solid foundation, providing throne stability when moving. Finally, Gibraltar’s moto throne design provides legroom and space for an adjustable backrest, minimizing strain when drumming.


  • Condura top with vinyl edges
  • Top-grade memory foam
  • Threaded height adjustment with memory lock
  • Double-braced tripod
  • Bicycle seat


  • Suitable for long drumming sessions.
  • The product’s bicycle-style seat provides breathable legroom.
  • Incorporates a combination of durable and comfortable materials.
  • The addition of a backrest removes the strain from its user’s back.


  • A little overpriced considering its features.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hydraulic Drum Thrones

What is the best drum throne?

The best hydraulic drum thrones today are:

  • Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Round Seat
  • EASTROCK Drum Throne Airlift Drum Chair
  • Starfavor Drum Throne Seat

Meanwhile, the best hydraulic drum thrones are the following:

  • Donner Adjustable Drum Throne
  • Ludwig Atlas Drum Throne (LAC48TH)
  • Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne
  • DW Drum Workshop CP9100M 9000 Series Tripod Throne w/ Round Seat
  • Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

What is the throne on a drum kit?

A drum throne is a soft and durable seat that provides drummers with a comfortable playing experience. In today’s market, drum thrones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, there are hydraulic drum thrones that allow users to easily adjust their seat height, unlike screw-adjusted drum thrones. However, choosing the specifications of drum thrones boils down to buyer preference.

Is a drum throne necessary?

A drum throne provides drummers with a comfortable drumming experience during rehearsal, gigs, or practice sessions. Furthermore, a drum throne minimizes strain felt by drummers during extended playing sessions. Therefore, a drum throne is a must-have within all kits of varying shapes and sizes.

Why is a drum stool called a throne?

The Slingerland drum company coined the term “throne” to describe their canister-style seats during the 1940s. However, the company continued manufacturing tripod-type stools which they called drummer’s chairs until the end of the 50s. It was only until the 1960s that manufacturers started to refer to drum stools as a throne.

How do I choose a drum throne?

Buyers can find the best drum throne by examining the product’s adjustment feature, throne construction, and base material. An ideal drum throne should have an easy height adjustment feature such as a hydraulic adjustment system. In addition, the throne construction should provide users with an excellent balance between durability and comfort. Lastly, the throne’s base should utilize durable materials to prevent the product from tipping or moving around when playing.

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