8 Best Hi Hat Clutch Reviewed— Hi Hat Control for all Budgets

A hi hat clutch is an integral part of standard and remote hi hat stands. These often overlooked small stand accessories improve the overall feel and performance of hi-hats.

8 Best Hi-hat Clutch Reviewed in this Guide

Within the market, various types of hi hat clutches provide different usage for certain circumstances. For instance, a standard clutch delivers a different operation than quick-release hi-hat clutches.

A quick-release hi-hat clutch is perfect for a fast setup and teardown, making it suitable for gigging and touring drummers. Conversely, you can never go wrong with the stability and performance of standard clutches; not to mention, they’re also cheap!

These contrast between hi-hat clutch styles can make it harder for drummers to find a clutch for their needs. That’s why I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the right product that will suit your preference. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best hi-hat clutch, you’re in the right place.

2 Incredible Standard Hi-hat Clutch from Amazon

Yamaha LC-810A Standard Clutch

Yamaha LC-810A Hi-Hat Clutch Standard

If you’re looking for a straightforward clutch that can get the job done, then you’ll love the Yamaha LC-810A Standard Clutch. The LC-810A features all-metal construction that delivers a durable performance in any musical situation.

Furthermore, Yamaha designed the LC-810A with a stairstep grip key that’s easy to operate. This hi-hat clutch is also perfect with a 6mm hi-hat pole which is the standard for most stands. Not to mention, the Yamaha LC-810A clutch also features black felt pads and other necessary ingredients for standard clutches.

Key Features:

  • All-metal construction
  • Black felt pads
  • Stairstep grip
  • 6mm hi-hat pole compatibility
  • Art deco style wing bolt


The LC-810A boasts a simplistic design that’s easy to operate under any musical situation. In addition, it also features durable construction that can withstand abuse when on the road.


The clutch’s art deco-style wing bolt doesn’t feel right to the touch. It feels like it’s more of an unnecessary gimmick than a functional feature.

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DW Drum Workshop SM379 Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

DW Drum Workshop SM379 Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

One of the most crucial factors to look for when buying a hi-hat clutch is its stability. Fortunately, the DW SM379 provides just the thing!

DW utilized locking features on the SM379, consequently allowing the clutch to retain its setting regardless of usage frequency. In addition, the SM379 also boasts a highly durable construction, providing users with a better performance against hard hits.

In this light, the DW SM379 is one of the best standard hi-hat clutches on today’s market. To sum it all up, this clutch is perfect for drummers who love a stable and heavy-duty hi-hat performance.

Key Features:


The DW SM379 Hi-hat Clutch features a locking mechanism that provides users with consistent performance. Moreover, this clutch is compatible with other heavy-duty hi-hats, which means they don’t sport brand-locked compatibility.


DW specifically designed this clutch for the DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand, which makes it a chore to mount on other stands.

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4 Great Quick-Release Hi-hat Clutches for an Easy Setup and Teardown

Pearl Hi-hat Clutch (HCL-205QR)

Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Super Grip, Hi-Hat Clutch

Pearl Drums utilized their patented quick pinch-and-release function on the HCL-205QR clutch. Thus, providing users with an easy and convenient way to set up and tear down their clutch during gigs.

Furthermore, the HCL-205QR features a super grip property that allows the clutch to grip a stand’s rod firmly. This clutch also comes with a locking top adjustment nut that delivers much-needed stability to its user’s hi-hat.

Moreover, Pearl incorporates a drop clutch function on the HCL-205QR which helps release the top cymbal when closing a hi-hat. That’s why if you’re looking for a stable and convenient hi-hat performance, the Pearl HCL-205QR is perfect for you!

Key Features:

  • Patented Pearl Quick Pinch-and-Release
  • Locking top nut
  • Super Grip Clutch
  • Drop clutch function
  • Direct actuation rod lock


Pearl implements a combination of features on the HCL-105QR that delivers easy setup and tear-down for users. It also offers a locking feature that provides better hi-hat stability and performance in every hit.


This clutch features a switch that lets the hi-hats close or open with one hit. However, the utility of this feature only shows if you utilize a double bass pedal.

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TAMA Quick-Set Clutch (QHC7)

TAMA Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch (QHC7)

The Tama Quick-Set QHC7 offers a convenient way of attaching or removing a clutch to your hi-hat stand’s rod. With one push of a button, the QHC7 allows the clutch to engage or disengage for setup and removal.

The clutch’s construction helps it to “float” freely, providing room for the best hi-hat resonance possible. Moreover, its upper nut shape also helps improve the overall resonance of the hi-hat. Thus, making the TAMA QHC7 a must-have if you’re within your tone-searching quest.

Key Features:

  • One-touch lock & release switch
  • “Floating” design
  • 7mm max diameter rod compatibility
  • Unique upper nut shape


TAMA designed the QHC7 clutch with a floating construction that maximizes the resonance of hi-hats. In addition, the product comes with a universal fit for hi-hat stand rods not exceeding 7mm in diameter.


This clutch’s construction eats up a considerable amount of area within a hi-hat’s bell when installed.

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DW Drum Workshop SM505 Drop Loc Hi-Hat Clutch

DW Drum Workshop SM505 Drop Loc Hi-Hat Clutch

If you want more open and close control on your hi-hat, the DW SM505 clutch is the one for you! Firstly, the DW SM505 features a lever drop-lock clutch. This feature allow users to easily close a hi-hat using their sticks or hand.

Secondly, this clutch also features a customizable dial that allows users to control its grip. The SM505 also comes with a clutch lock that helps with providing stability to a user’s clutch settings.

Similar to the DW SM379, this clutch delivers a stable and reliable performance, especially if you play a string of shows frequently.

Key Features:

  • Clutch locking function
  • Drop-clutch feature
  • Customizable grip
  • Quick-release lever


DW allows users to conveniently control their hi-hat with one simple lever operation. In addition, this clutch comes with a locking mechanism that preserves the settings of users even after multiple shows.  


Similar to the Pearl Drop-Clutch SGC300P, the DW SM505’s features are most useful under double pedal setups.

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Pearl HCL-205DQR, Rapid Lock Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

Perfect for heavy metal drummers and those who utilize double bass setups, the Pearl Rapid Lock Clutch offers two different ways to operate. First, this clutch features a drop clutch function, releasing the top cymbal for a closed hi-hat playing. Second, the Rapid Lock Clutch features a stomp pedal function that reengages the clutch.

Furthermore, Pearl utilizes a pinch-and-release mechanism that enables users to engage or disengage the clutch with one simple squeeze. The Pearl Rapid Lock also comes with a locking top nut that keeps a user’s setting preference.

With the Pearl Rapid Lock Drop Clutch, playing a double pedal kit would be easier even if you don’t have a third leg!

Key Features:

  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Locking top nut
  • Super grip clutch clamp
  • Drop-clutch function


Pearl designed the Lock Drop Clutch to help double pedal users easily control their hats without the use of their feet. Thanks to its quick-release mechanism, this product is also easy to mount, place, and remove on a hi-hat stand rod.


The Pearl Lock Drop Hi-hat Clutch is the most expensive offering on this list.

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2 of the Best Hi-hat Clutches with Extra Features

Pearl SGC300P Hi-hat Clutch

Pearl SGC300P Super Grip Clutch, Rubber Washers, Lock Nut

If you want a considerable upgrade to your stock clutch without breaking the bank, the Pearl SGC300P clutch is perfect for you! Firstly, the SGC300P features the Super Grip property, delivering a secure and stable grip on a stand’s rod.

Secondly, the kit comes with a lock nut that preserves the settings of its users. This feature makes the SGC300P an ideal clutch for gigging drummers on the road.

Therefore, if you’re looking for your next clutch upgrade, consider the durability and stability the SGC300P clutch offers.

Key Features:

  • Super grip clutch
  • Lock nut
  • Rubber washers
  • 2000 series stand compatible


Unlike a standard hi-hat clutch, the SGC300P comes with a super grip that provides consistent performance. Paired with a locking mechanism, this is the best clutch upgrade for gigging drummers who hate losing their clutch settings when lugging their gear around.


Without the product’s super grip feature, it works like a standard hi-hat clutch with a few extra steps.

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RhythmTech RT7420 Hat Trick G2 Single Row, Nickel Jingles

RhythmTech RT7420 Hat Trick G2 Single Row, Nickel Jingles

The RhythmTech RT7420 features a quick-release clutch that provides users with a convenient setup and tear-down. This isn’t the only reason that made the RT7420 earn a spot on this list!

RhythmTech implemented a mounted single-row tambourine drum construction on the RT7320. As a result, this adds character to a user’s overall hi-hat sound. In addition, this hi-hat clutch’s mounted tambourine comes with a playing edge that helps preserve the quality of drumsticks.

Moreover, the RT7420 comes with a lightweight construction without compromising durability. That’s what makes this hi-hat clutch an ideal addition to a gigging drummer’s kit.

Key Features:

  • Quick-release clutch
  • Lightweight construction
  • Single-row Nickle Jingles
  • Stick-friendly tambourine edge
  • Polymer frame material


The RT7420 comes with a mounted tambourine that enhances the character and overall sound of hi-hats. It’s also durable and extremely lightweight to carry around when touring.


To get a decent tambourine sound from the RT7420, you’ll have to apply a much harder force on your hi-hat pedals.

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What to Look for When Buying a Hi-hat Clutch— A Buyer’s Guide

Tom Drum and Hi-hat - Hi Hat Clutch

As we know, a hi-hat clutch is a key element that dictates the overall playability of hi-hats. That’s why users should use the best clutch within the market to get the best playing feel and performance off their hi-hats.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best hi-hat clutch that will suit your preferences.

Construction Style

Hi-hat clutches come in different construction styles that offer a plethora of features that can help drummers in specific settings. First, there are standard hi-hat clutches that allow users to have control over their hi-hat’s open and close motion by using a pedal. Even though this clutch style is budget-friendly, it requires a tad bit of work when mounted.

Conversely, if you’re a gigging drummer that wants a quick setup, you’ll be better off with quick-release hi-hat clutches. This clutch style provides users with a time-saving assembly that’s perfect for gigs and live performances.

Some hi-hat clutches come with extra features that help improve the tone and performance of hi-hats. For instance, some clutches feature auxiliary instruments, such as a tambourine drum. That’s why if you love dishing out a fuller sound, I’d suggest this clutch style for you.

Lastly, there are also hi-hat clutches that feature a drop-lock mechanism. Consequently, allowing double-pedal users to control their hi-hats on the fly conveniently. I’d suggest this hi-hat clutch style for metal musicians who performs a lot of double pedal breakdowns.


The durability and consistency of hi-hat clutches depend on their materials. Some manufacturers claim that having a plastic-based clutch material will provide drummers with lightweight performance; however, I beg to differ.

In comparison with steel-based materials, plastic could easily crack and break after an accidental hit. I’d recommend buyers find steel clutches for durable performance. Let’s be real, hi-hat clutches are extremely small. Therefore, there would be an insignificant difference in weight between metal and plastic clutches.


Hi-hat clutches shouldn’t cost a fortune. Typically, decent standard hi-hat clutches cost around from $10 up to $20. Some clutches with extra features, such as drop-clutches and quick-release functions, costs around $30 up to $60.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hi-Hat Clutches

What is a clutch on a hi-hat?

A clutch is a stand accessory that allows drummers to mount their top hat on a stand’s rod. As a result, this enables drummers to control their hi-hat’s open and close function using a hi-hat stand’s pedal.

What does a hi-hat drop clutch do?

A drop clutch is an optional add-on within hi-hat clutches. This hi-hat clutch feature enables drummers to control their hi-hat using a lever located on top of it. Moreover, the utilization of a drop clutch provides double pedal users with the capacity to control their hi-hats when playing.

Are all hi-hat clutches the same?

Not all hi-hat clutches are the same. There are different types of hi-hat clutches, such as standard, quick-release, and drop hi-hat clutches. Each hi-hat clutch style has a specific purpose. Nevertheless, all of them perform a similar function when used.

How do you adjust a hi-hat clutch?

When mounted, a standard hi-hat clutch features a tension dial that users can tweak by rotating it clockwise. Drummers can lock this tension dial by using the dial above it as a lock. Here’s a detailed video guide on how to set up a hi-hat clutch:

How high should your hi-hat be?

The placement of a hi-hat within a drumkit boils down to the preference of users. However, for the best ergonomics, I would suggest somewhere around 6” up to 12” above the snare drum stand. Still, this figure is only an approximation. When trying to position your hi-hat’s height, always aim for the best playing feel and comfort.

Enjoy your New Hi-hat Clutch!

Man playing a Studio Drumkit - Hi Hat Clutch

In conclusion, hi-hat clutches are essential drum hardware. These nimble stand accessories provide users with ample close and open hi-hat control when playing. What’s also incredible is that they come within an extremely cheap price point. That’s why if you’re looking to improve your hi-hat’s playing feel and performance, upgrade your hi-hat clutch today!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best hi-hat clutch according to your needs. Which of the hi-hat clutches mentioned in this guide did you like the most? Do you have more questions regarding hi-hat clutches? Feel free to air your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. If you liked this article, make sure to check other drum-related guides on this website!

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