GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Review

GP Percussion GP50BK Complete Junior Drum Set (Black, 3-Piece Set)

What This Drum Set Includes: 

  • Bass Drum – 16” x 12”
  • Snare Drum – 10” x 5”
  • Floor Tom – 13” x 10”
  • High Tom
  • Mid Tom
  • Hi-hat Cymbals – 8”
  • Straight Cymbal – 10”
  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Snare Drum Stand
  • Hi-hat Stand
  • Round Padded Adjustable Drum Throne
  • Drumsticks – 1 pair

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GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Review

GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is one of the best junior drum sets you could buy to ignite the passion and commitment of your kids to become a musician. The product is ideal for practicing and those with experience in playing drums. The kit is available with four drum sets, generating individual sounds. The equipment is built for all-encompassing drum-playing training.

What Comes in the Box

The package of GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is available with a complete set of features and accessories. The box includes a black ported drum head; 16 inches by 11 inches, 6-lug bass drum; 10 inches by 6 inches, and a 5 lug tom-tom with holder; 10 inches by 5 inches. It also comes with a 5 lug snare with stand, a 10-inches cymbal with holder, a junior high hat, a junior pedal, a bass drum pedal, a drum key, and drum sticks.

The high hat, bass drum, crash cymbal stand, snare drum stand, and drum throne would require assembly once opened. The instructions are also included in the package, which is why it is manageable.

GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Color Options


GP Percussion GP50BK Complete Junior Drum Set (Black, 3-Piece Set)


GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set (Blue, 3-Piece Set)


GP Percussion GP50MPK Complete Junior Drum Set (Pink, 3-Piece Set)

Product Features & Technical Details

The product comes in a total weight of 40.9 pounds and has a general dimension of 55 inches by 48 inches by 25 inches. You can select from a wide range of colors for the product, which are metallic pink, blue, red, silver, purple, green, and black.

To provide you more ideas of how functional GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is, here are its features:

#1 Higher quality for a junior set.

If you would compare it to other junior or kids’ packages, GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set has a higher quality when it comes to materials included in every kit. In just one set, your kid could use diverse accessories, which have their corresponding features.

More than a kid noise generator. GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is designed to generate decent sound, which is ideal if your kids are serious into becoming a professional musician in the future. The kit does not fall short in providing clearly good quality performance.

#2 Professional look.

The junior drum set is designed similarly to how more expensive adult drum sets are constructed. This shows that GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is more than a good-looking toy. It is applicable even for real drum-playing lessons.

#3 Solid construction.

The drum set is designed for kids, which is why it is normal to expect that it could resist rigorous and longtime use.

#4 Affordable

At a very reasonable value, GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set could deliver advanced drum set quality.

#5 Personalized drum set.

Besides allowing your kids to simply make noise and gradually become a drummer, the product also features tunable toms. This could be useful once your kid becomes interested in leveling up his or her manipulation of the drum set.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set has been reviewed by its existing owners, and it received a generally positive reception. As anticipated, it is considered an ideal gift for holidays and birthdays. There are those who even attested that the product is indeed a good quality musical instrument, making it reliable for real-life drum lessons.

Many parents have also recommended the product for it is constructed perfectly for small children.  The setup of the package is also easy, making it faster for kids to enjoy playing music. Though cheap, the sound quality is high, which is why most reviewers were surprised yet pleased.

Pros of the Product

  • Professional -looking
  • Perfectly sized for kids
  • Tunable toms
  • Quality and less cheap sound
  • Occupies less space

Cons of the Product

  • Less durable bass drum
  • Takes a long Time for the assembly

Who Should Buy This Product

GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set is a great buy for parents looking forward to give their kids more than a toy, but a learning set that lasts. It would not fail to surprise their children since it is very professional-looking, and its quality even proves that it matches a real drumset.

Teachers for drum playing may also find the product useful since it has considerable sound quality. If used properly, it will last longer. The size of the set is also ideal for a child drummer, making the drumming course more straightforward yet fulfilling.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The price of GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set may be very low, but it does not qualify the set as a less considerable product. Its quality could match more expensive drum sets, which guarantees that your kid would love it. Nonetheless, be reminded that though it has tons of accessories, you have to be patient with the assembly.


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