First Act Discovery Blue Swirls Stars Drum Set Review

If you have kids who are interested in learning how to play the drum. they would love to have their own drum set, too. But I thought that it wouldn’t be practical if I were to buy my kid a professional drum set. This is why I set my eyes on the First Act Discovery Blue Swirls Stars Designer Drum Set.

For your child, the First Act Discovery Blue Swirls Stars Designer Drum Set is a perfect tool for them to start with, designed for smaller players. Children will be able to enjoy the drum set with excitement as they make their own music with it. According to the manufacturer, this was designed in order to make drumming more fun and easier for the child so that the kids will keep playing.

First Act Discovery Beginner Drum Set & Seat, Blue Stars

What’s Included in the Set

  • 1 Bass drum with foot pedal
  • Snare drum
  • Tom drum
  • Cymbal
  • Drum key
  • Drumsticks
  • Drum seat
  • Color & Shape Learning Guide

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First Act Discovery Blue Swirls Stars Drum Set Features

Here are some of the specs that stand out from this drum set:

  • A bass drum that has a California foot pedal
  • With Wooden drumsticks, Tuning key and Cymbal
  • Shape and Color learning guide
  • Snare drum and tom drum

Such a small list of features, right? But reading further with the claims made by the manufacturer, you’ll also find this:

#1 Drums are easy to mount: First Act Discover made a push pin mounting system they have patented, putting the set together at such a quick pace. The drums are mostly already preassembled, so us the adults can assemble all the pieces in a snap. In a matter of a minute or less, the drums are ready to play.

#2 Colorful Design: The shape and colored stickers are guides to the kids so that they will be able to learn to play the drums the right way.

#3 It comes with a learning guide, too: Based on the color and shape stickers, this will get the kids to play the drum set right away. All the kid needs are to follow the shape or color as written in the guide and hit the drum appropriate to it.

#4 Easy to Tune: There’s a tuning key to let you make small changes. Especially if the drum heads get loose after so many uses.

Some word of advice

This drum set is really short, so I advise against buying it for children over 10 years of age. This is perfect for children ages up to 5, but as long as the height is not an inconvenience for the kid. This drum set is a good fit for a child 6 years of age.

There is no seat included in this package, either. It is just a drum set perfect for little children that are practicing and learning more about drumming. Luckily, the seats can be bought separately.

The First Act Discovery drum set featured here is perfect as a gift for children. At first, I was skeptical if this was a good option for my little boy, but it turns out that he really loves it! His friends come over to play with him, too! It’s an absolute joy to see that even if I, as an adult, is very critical with this drum set. My little boy enjoys playing with it all the time.

First Act Discovery Beginner Drum Set & Seat, Blue...
  • The First Act Discovery Drum Set is sized just for young drummers and makes learning to play easy and fun
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