8 Best Electronic Cymbals Reviewed— Expand Your Kit and Sound Today!

Electronic cymbals convert a cymbal hit into a digital signal, producing a hi-hat, ride, and crash sound. That’s why having decent electronic cymbals is key to possessing a better electronic drumkit tone.

The Best Electronic Cymbals Reviewed in this Guide

Moreover, electronic cymbals work similarly to the best electronic drum pads in processing a stick hit into a digital signal. Although the final sound processing comes from a drum module, the quality of cymbal pads allows dynamic playing. Consequently, enabling drummers to have a responsive input of cymbal chokes, soft strokes, paradiddles, and more.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best electronic cymbals, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I collected 8 incredible electronic cymbals from all price points for all skill levels!

3 Excellent Budget-Friendly Electronic Cymbals

Pintech Percussion Electronic Cymbals (TC10)

Pintech Percussion Electronic Cymbal (TC10)

The Pintech TC Electronic Cymbal is perfect for drummers looking for a decent cymbal pad without spending too much. In addition, this Pintech Cymbal Pad’s polymer materials deliver a durable performance that can withstand repetitive hard hits.

Furthermore, Pintech’s choice of polymer materials enables this electronic cymbal to perform quietly. This feature makes this cymbal pad perfect for drummers who don’t have a soundproof drum room.

Moreover, the product’s playing surface offers users decent tracking and dynamics. The Pintech Electronic Cymbal also features a replaceable lightweight trigger, allowing users to repair it manually in case it breaks.

Key Features:

  • Polymer material
  • Lightweight Trigger
  • Quiet playing surface
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Compatibility with standard cymbal hardware


For a low price, the Pintech Cymbal Pad delivers a decent performance in terms of dynamics. Pintech also deserves praise for its unbreakable construction of this electronic cymbal. Pintech also offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on the TC10, making it an excellent value for its price.


In my opinion, the TC10 is excellent for straightforward playing and practicing alone. However, it won’t cut when it comes to capturing the nuances and details of someone’s playing during a recording session.

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Alesis Nitro 10-inch Electronic Cymbals Bundle

Alesis Nitro 10 inch Cymbal with 22 inch Cymbal Arm/Clamp and Silverline Audio 10ft Connection Cable Bundle

With the Alesis Nitro Cymbal Pad, you’ll get a 10” single-zone pad paired with a 22” cymbal arm and 10ft trigger cable. These inclusions are excellent for drummers without the tools to attach this cymbal to a Nitro kit drum rack.

The Alesis Nitro Electronic Cymbal features a 10” playing surface that delivers an incredible response. In addition, Alesis designed the Nitro Pad to replicate the natural playing feel of drums accurately.

Lastly, the Nitro Pad works excellently with other Alesis kits such as the DM5, DM6, and DM10. This electronic cymbal works well with other brands with a 1 ½” rack clamp.

Key Features:

  • 10” single-zone electronic cymbal pad
  • 22” cymbal arm
  • 10 ft. Silverline Audio Cable
  • Rack clamp
  • Felt wingnut


The Alesis Nitro Electronic Cymbals Bundle features the necessary tools to attach with other electronic drumkits conveniently. Therefore, this bundle is an excellent choice for drummers who want a playable cymbal pad right out of the box.


Alesis designed the included drum rack to fit the Nitro Kit rack, which is 1 1/8” in size. You’ll have to get an extra 1 ½” rack clamp if you want to fit it on another drum rack.

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Yamaha PCY100 10″ 3-Zone Electronic Cymbals

Yamaha PCY100 10' 3-Zone 'choke-able' Electronic Cymbal Pad, Black

The Yamaha PCY100 offers three separate playing zones perfect for drummers who play dynamically. Thus, allowing users to play within the pad’s edge, bow, and cup zone for an authentic playing feel and sound.

Yamaha designed the PCY100 to allow precise response to every stick hit. Consequently, bringing out various velocities and dynamics within a drummer’s playing. This electronic cymbal pad also utilizes surface materials that deliver better rebounds for a comfortable playing feel.

Finally, the PCY100 electronic cymbals are extremely sensitive to their user’s touch. As a result, this product allows cymbal chokes and delicate playing. In conclusion, the PCY100 can reproduce any hit precisely, as long as you can play it.

Key Features:

  • 10” electronic cymbal playing surface
  • Three playing zones
  • Cymbal choke capability
  • Dynamic playing surface
  • Standard stereo output jack connection


The Yamaha PCY100 is excellent for capturing a drummer’s dynamic playing, thanks to its various playing zones. In addition, the pad’s choke sensitivity and authentic playing feel are impressive considering this product’s price.


Although the Yamaha PCY100 cymbal pad features three playing zones, the pad’s bell zone is a bit cramped and inaccessible. Thus, users must compensate for the lack of space by playing more precisely.

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3 Great Electronic Cymbals for Beginners and Intermediate Players

Donner DED-200/300/400 Expansion Electronic Cymbals Kit

Donner Mute Cymbal Set with 12-inch Cymbals For electric drum kit, Signal Cable, Rack Clamp, And More Stable Iron Metal Bracket (For DED-200/300/400 Expansion)

The Donner Electronic Cymbals are ideal if you’re looking for a stable and flexible electronic cymbal pad for your kit!

Firstly, this expansion kit is an excellent addition to a Donner DED 200 electric drum set and other subsequent kits. Nevertheless, the Donner Electronic Expansion Cymbal is still compatible with other electronic kit brands.

Secondly, this Donner cymbal pad utilizes a dual-zone surface with a stable and uniform tonal response. This surface construction also makes the pad sensitive to hard hits and cymbal chokes, resulting in more dynamic playing.

Lastly, Donner includes a free cymbal holder, stand, and other freebies with the Donner Ded expansion cymbal. If you’re looking for a decent expansion cymbal, look no further; Donner Ded has you covered.

Key Features:

  • 12” cymbal size
  • High-sensitive and fast-response trigger
  • Uniform tone response
  • Cymbal stand holder
  • Foldable iron metal bracket


The product’s free cymbal holder and stand work hand-in-hand to provide the cymbal pad with a stable and flexible performance. Aside from this, the Donner DED expansion cymbal also delivers a fast trigger response paired with a choke-able surface.


Users must grip the Donner Ded expansion cymbal pad’s surface to register as a cymbal choke.

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Roland OP-TD1C Optional Electronic Cymbal Expansion

Roland OP-TD1C Optional Cymbal Set for TD-1K, 10-Inch Play Zone

The Roland OP-TD1C is a highly versatile electronic cymbal expansion you can get for the TD-1KV and TD-1K V-drums. From a crash up to a splash, the OP-TD1C cymbal pad won’t disappoint.

Furthermore, this cymbal pad delivers incredible dynamics and articulation thanks to its edge-triggering and separate bow technologies. Roland also accurately replicates the natural swinging motion of cymbals, providing users with an authentic playing feel.

Additionally, the OP-TD1C comes with a free 16.75” cymbal arm. Consequently, eliminating the need for spending on a separate arm.

Key Features:

  • 10” playing surface
  • TD-1KV and TD-1K compatibility
  • 16.75” cymbal arm
  • Natural swinging motion
  • Edge-triggering and separate bow technologies


Roland specifically designed the OP-TD1C to replicate the authentic playing feel of acoustic cymbals. Moreover, the OP-TD1C also excels in preserving and capturing every cymbal hit’s articulation, dynamics, and subtleties.


The product made it through this list because of its dynamics and authentic playing feel. However, it’s only compatible with the TD-1K and TD-1KV V-drums.

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Lemon 18” 3-Zone Premium Electronic Cymbals

Lemon 18' Premium Electronic Crash/Ride Cymbal

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade— or produce excellent cymbal sounds with it! Introducing the Lemon 18” Premium Electronic Cymbal, experience the versatility of triple-zone surfaces without spending much.

Lemon divided this electronic cymbal’s triple-zone by the bow, bell, and edge. Consequently, providing users with multiple playing options and sounds, making the cymbal pad extremely versatile. In addition, Lemon Premium Cymbal Pad comes with a choke function, adding to this cymbal’s overall dynamics.

Furthermore, Lemon specifically designed this electronic cymbal pad to have universal compatibility. That’s why if you need a brand-breaking cymbal pad, the Lemon 18” Premium Cymbal is perfect for you!

Key Features:

  • 18” cymbal pad size
  • 3-zone playing surface
  • Cymbal choke functionality
  • Universal compatibility
  • Premium materials


The Lemon 18” Cymbal Pad boasts premium functions, such as a 3-zone surface and huge size, at an affordable price. This cymbal pad is also universally compatible with any kit, a good trait for electronic cymbals within this price point.


The Lemon 18” pad requires a Piezo wire-swap to transition between crash and ride modes.

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2 Premium-Level Electronic Cymbals for Professional Settings

Roland VH-11 V-HI-Hat Electronic Cymbals

Roland VH-11 V-Hi-Hat 12in

Roland successfully translates the playing feel of an acoustic hi-hat through the VH-11 Roland hi hat controller. Featuring a two-part construction, the VH-11 utilizes a “floating” construction by fixing a lower base on the pad’s playing surface. This design minimizes the components within the VH-1, consequently leading to a quiet performance.

The Roland VH-11 is also compatible with hi-hat stands, allowing it to use a clutch and other hi-hat accessories. Thus, providing the VH-11 with a better range of motion similar to acoustic hi-hats.

Finally, Roland incorporates a dual-trigger capability on the VH-11. As a result, this electronic cymbal allows users to switch between various hi-hat sounds. From that tight chick to an open hi-hat sound, the Roland VH-11 has you covered.

Key Features:

  • 12” Hi-hat Electronic Cymbal size
  • Bow and Edge Dual-trigger
  • Trigger and Output Jack connection
  • Free Drum Key
  • Hi-hat clutch


Roland designed the VH-11 to replicate the sound and playing feel of hi-hat cymbals accurately. Furthermore, Roland allows users to switch up their sound through the cymbal pad’s onboard trigger control and dual-trigger playing surface.


This hi-hat electronic cymbal pad requires extensive product knowledge to calibrate its open and close sensor.

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Roland CY-18DR Electric Drum Acoustic Style V-Cymbal

Roland CY-18DR Electric Drum Acousitc Style V-Cymbal, 18-Inch, Black

If you want the latest technologies for electronic cymbals, then the Roland CY-18DR is perfect for you. Firstly, Roland utilizes their flagship TD-50 sound module, providing the CY-18DR with high-end processing power. Thus, providing this cymbal pad with true-to-life expressiveness, dynamics, and a sound akin to acoustic cymbals.

Secondly, Roland’s implementation of an 18” playing surface on this V-cymbal leads to a realistic cymbal range of motion in every hit. The CY-18DR also comes with a multi-sensor system that precisely captures the details of a drummer’s playing intensity.

Lastly, every drummer loves dynamics, and the Roland CY-18DR delivers just that! From legato up to staccato playing, the CY-18DR has you covered. In addition, its playing surface is extremely sensitive. That’s why muting or choking the cymbal requires a slight pinch.

Key Features:

  • 18” cymbal size
  • TD-50 Sound Processing Module
  • Bow, bell, and edge sensor
  • Built-in sensing processor
  • Multi-element sensor system


The Roland CY-18DR boasts closely replicates the sound and feel of acoustic cymbals. For instance, if I were blindfolded, it’s tough to distinguish which is which by hearing it alone. The CY-18DR houses the fastest and most expressive sound module within the market of electronic cymbals. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best cymbal pad, this is it!


The sheer size of the Roland CY-18DR makes it hard to fit within compact electronic drum kits. Moreover, we cannot deny that this is the most expensive product in this electronic cymbals guide.

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What Should You Look for When Buying Electronic Cymbals?— A Buyer’s Guide

Roland V-Drums Electronic Cymbals

Before you head on the internet to spend your savings on electronic cymbals, there are things you must learn first. Not all manufacturers make electronic cymbals the same way. According to its specification, there would inevitably be a noticeable difference in the performance of cymbal pads.

Therefore, buyers should know the various things to consider when buying electronic drums. Consequently, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help buyers find the best cymbal pads according to their drumming needs.

Zone Trigger

A zone trigger is where manufacturers put sensors within their cymbal pad’s surface. There are three zone triggers within the electronic cymbals— bow, bell, and edge.

The more zone trigger within a cymbal pad, the more sound options drummers have when playing. Consequently, resulting in a more wide dynamic range for drummers.

Standard electronic cymbals typically feature a bow and edge dual zone. However, if you want the best dynamic and detail possible, you should use a cymbal with three-zone triggers. In addition, it would also be beneficial if you find electronic cymbals with a choke sensor.

Cymbal Pad Size

The size of electronic cymbals is also crucial when choosing the right cymbal pad. A bigger electronic cymbal will provide users with a broader playing space. As a result, it can offer a bigger space for all the triggers on its playing surface. Conversely, a smaller cymbal would require drummers to play more precisely when interchanging between zone triggers.

However, the larger electronic cymbals are, the more space they consume. This poses a problem for drummers with limited cymbal space. That’s why drummers should think carefully about what electronic cymbal size they should get.


Most manufacturers design their electronic cymbals to become compatible with their brand’s kit alone. For instance, Roland V-drum pads are typically compatible with other Roland kits and modules.

Therefore, buyers must know if an electronic cymbal is compatible with their drum module, mounts, and rack. However, if you’re unsure about your kit’s compatibility, you can always get electronic cymbals with universal compatibility to avoid issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Cymbals

How do you add cymbals to electronic drums?

First, drummers should mount their cymbals within their drum rack. Subsequently, they should connect their electronic cymbal to the drum module using the appropriate connector size.

Conversely, it would be wise to use a Y-connector if you’re inputting multiple electronic cymbals. This process minimizes the occupied inputs behind the drum module, consequently allowing drummers to connect more electronic cymbals.

How many types of cymbals are there?

There are many cymbals of varying styles, such as a ride, hi-hat, crash, and china cymbal. An acoustic cymbal would have a specific sound according to size, hammering, materials, and construction.

When it comes to electronic cymbals, users could easily program a drum sound on a cymbal pad. This gives drummers a cost-effective way to experiment with cymbals without spending a fortune.

How can I make my electronic cymbals sound better?

If you do not like the sound of your electronic cymbals, you could try experimenting with other module cymbal presets. However, if the first method didn’t do the magic, you can try tweaking your cymbal sound through your module.

Drummers can experiment with their electronic cymbal’s volume, pitch, tuning, and muffling. In addition, most drum modules allow users to EQ and adjust their virtual mic’s positioning for better results.

Finally, if all else fails, maybe it’s your amplification or monitoring system’s fault. You might be interested in the best amplifier for electronic drums or headphones for electronic drums.

What cymbals should a drummer have?

Within a standard drumkit, drummers should have at least a hi-hat and a crash cymbal. After that, the other essential additional cymbals would be a splash and ride cymbal. Drummers can further customize their kit’s cymbal collection using a china, stack, or swish cymbal.

What is the upside down cymbal called?

The upside-down cymbal within a drumkit is called a china cymbal. Typically, drummers mount a china cymbal upside-down, but for the right reasons!

Since a china cymbal features an angled lip, this can quickly degrade stick quality. In addition, the cymbal’s angled lip could also injure anyone who tries to choke it when properly mounted. That’s why I always advise my students to always mount a China cymbal upside down.

Enjoy your New Electronic Cymbals!

Electronic Drum Kit with Drum Module and Electronic Cymbals

In a nutshell, buying electronic cymbals is an excellent way to expand the sound of an electronic drumkit. However, in a saturated market filled with low-quality cymbal pads, finding a high-quality electronic cymbal could be quite a chore to find a high-quality electronic cymbal.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find an electronic cymbal compatible with your drum kit and suitable to your budget. Which of the electronic cymbals within this guide do you prefer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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