Eastar 16 inch 3-Piece Kids Drum Set

Eastar Kids Drum Set 16 inch 3-Piece, Junior Drum Set Kit with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & 2 Pairs of Drumsticks, Metallic Green (EDS-280G)

What This Drum Set Includes: 

  • Bass Drum – 16” x 10”
  • Snare Drum – 10” x 5”
  • Tom – 8” x 6”
  • Cymbal – 10”
  • Plating Bass Drum Pedal
  • Snare Drum Stand
  • Round Padded Adjustable Drum Throne
  • Kid’s Drumsticks – 1 pair
  • 7A Drumsticks – 1 pair
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Eastar 16 inch 3-Piece Kids Drum Set Review

The Eastar 16 inch Drum Set for Kids is a great drum set to get for kids who show an early interest in drums. This set is a good choice for parents who want to let their children experience playing drums but are unsure if their children will continue to develop an interest in playing. In fact, it has all the necessary pieces for your child to have fun playing. These pieces will also allow your child to develop hand-eye coordination and hand-foot independence; an important skill for drummers.

The Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is a junior-sized 3 piece drum set with a bass drum, a rack tom, and a snare. As established previously, the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is quite complete. It contains all the necessary pieces a young drummer would need. That is, in order to practice rudiments and learn how to orchestrate around the kit.

One great thing about this kit is that it is a junior-sized kit that could be expanded upon.

This is great feature, in the chance that a young drummer shows an interest and promise in playing drums. But out of the box, It lacks hi-hat cymbals and a high hat stand. However, this is best for a parent who is unsure if their child would continue playing the drums. But nonetheless, someone who would like a kit that is customizable as their young drummer starts getting better at the drums.

Kids like to express their creativity and individuality through colors. That’s why the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set for Kids comes in three great choices of colors. Kids will surely love to practice on a kid’s drum set that matches their favorite color.

At a sub-one hundred dollar price point, the Eastar 14 inch Drum Set for Kids is a great set to purchase for kids starting out with drums.

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Eastar Kids Drum Set 16 inch 3-Piece, Junior Drum...
  • ✅JUNIOR DRUM SET FOR KIDS:The 3-drum kit for beginners consisting of 16 inch x 10 inch bass drum, 10 inch x 5 inch snare drum and 8 inch x 6 inch tom drum. The drum is made of horizontally poplar, with high strength, uniform vibration and bright sound.The snare drum has the independent drum stand up.

FAQs about the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set:

Is the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set good enough for learning drums on?

Obviously, the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set lacks some of the bread and butter pieces required by professionals. That’s a complete drum set, with the hi-hat cymbals and a floor tom. Usually, these pieces are essential for an experienced drummer to play the usual styles of drum music. And the most basic kit a drummer would consider a “proper” set will include a bass drum, a snare drum, and a hi-hat stand. And this set lacks these.

Still, the pieces that this Eastar Drum Set is enough for a young drummer who is just learning the ropes. Building the proper coordination, control of the sticks, and dynamics are the most essential foundational skills a drummer must build. And with the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set, you can be sure that your young drummer can acquire these important skills. They can also develop this through practice if they own a set they can use regularly.

Is the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set a good drum kit in terms of sound?

Eastar produces great quality drum sets in relation to the affordable pricing they set for their sets. The Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is made in the same factories as their more higher-end and complete drum sets. The sound that this Eastar Drum Set pieces produce is typical of the usual drums made of poplar wood. Although it can be tonally different than higher-end drums made of birch or maple. But they can produce sounds that are more than enough for young drummers in terms of tone.

With proper tuning, the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is a pretty solid set that a young child would enjoy playing on.

Why should I purchase a 3-piece drum set like the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set over a more complete kit?

The Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is good for a child who shows an early promise or interest in drums. It is certainly not for experienced drummers who already know the basics. And not for those whose needs are more inclined towards achieving better drum tone for recording or live shows.

It has all the components a child would need. They can use this to practice the motor skills and hand-feet coordination required for playing the drums. The great thing about the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is that it is expandable. It can be expanded to replicate a full-piece drum set if your child shows dedication to playing drums. The drums in the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set are already junior-sized. That’s why finding the other required pieces is easy and affordable to do. If your child loses interest in playing drums, this Eastar Drum Set will not set you back financially. Not as much as buying a full 5-piece junior drum set would.


To summarize, the Eastar 16 inch Drums Set is for parents who need to purchase a kit for their child who might show an initial interest in playing the drums. It is affordable, takes little space, and is, most crucially, playable for a young child. Even if your child may unfortunately not continue playing the drums, it won’t put a huge dent in your budget. If they do continue to show dedication and interest, the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set is expandable to accommodate a growing child.

Do you somehow find the Eastar 16 inch Drum Set lacking in pieces? Or do you want to get a smaller drum set or a much younger child? We have reviewed the best affordable drum sets in the market. Check them out here: Best Drum Set for Kids

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