DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand: 5 Best Stands without Breaking the Bank

The DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand is one of the best hi-hat stands in the market. The series offers heavy-duty performance while remaining lightweight. In addition, the series also utilizes Airlift options, memory locks, adjusters, insulators, and more! Therefore, if you’re looking for an upgrade to your hi-hat stand, then the DW 9000 Series is perfect for you!

Furthermore, Drum Workshop is one of the best drum hardware manufacturers worldwide! Moreover, various professionals around the world such as Queen’s legendary drummer Roger Taylor. In this light, you can never go wrong with all the hardware Drum Workshop makes!

What to Look for When Buying DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stands?— A Buyer’s Guide

DW 9000 Series Hi Hat Stand

When buying DW Stands, buyers should look into various specifications to ensure that the stand they’re getting fits their needs. In addition, getting an excellent hi-hat stand can do wonders for your playing. For instance, high-grade stands provide a noiseless and seamless performance, showering drummers with a smooth playing feel. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide in the hopes of guiding you towards the best DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stands

Standard vs. Remote Hi-hat Stands

As we know, the two common hi-hat stand types are standard and remote hi-hat stands. I would recommend drummers who want a robust build to get standard hi-hat stands. However, remote hi-hat stands are ideal for a compact or portable drumkit because of their displaceability and customizability.

Stand Stability

In my experience, playing my hi-hat with precision and on time requires impeccable stand stability. Therefore, if you’re looking for a stable stand, you’re better off with a 3-legged hi-hat stand with rubber feet. Consequently, reducing the occurrence of accidental slips and the likes. Conversely, a double-braced 2-legged hi-hat stand can get the job done for drummers with a double bass pedal.

Material Durability

Before investing your money in a hi-hat stand, you must first ensure its durability. One hallmark of a durable hi-hat stand would be its material. In this light, I would personally advise buyers to find a hi-hat that features at least an all-stainless steel construction. Doing so ensures buyers that their stand can handle a beating, especially for touring musicians.

5 of the Best DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stands You Can Get Today!

DW Drum Workshop 9000 Series 9500D Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

DW Drum Workshop 9000 Series 9500D Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand, 3-Leg

Type: Standard DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand

If you’re looking for an easy-to-adjust and use hi-hat stand, then the DW 9000 Series is perfect for you. The DW 9500D features an adjustable height between 28” and 34”, allowing for better customizability and comfort. In addition, the 9500D features a Lateral Cymbal Seat that enables users to easily adjust the bottom cymbal angle. Thus, providing mounted hi-hats with an efficient air release.

Furthermore, DW incorporates the SM379 locking clutch for better hi-hat height stability. The 9500D stand also comes with the DW-patented Double Eccentric Cam. Consequently, providing drummers with a sensitive hi-hat control for a more responsive operation.

Moreover, the 9500D’s Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension provides the stand with better adjustability for a customized feel. Therefore, if you’re looking for a robust and easily-customizable hi-hat stand, then the 9500D is perfect for you!


  • 28”-43” playing height
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat
  • SM379 Locking Clutch
  • Patented Double Eccentric Cam
  • Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension


  • The included locking clutch allows the hi-hat to retain the desired top hi-hat height.
  • Encourages proper hi-hat air exit thanks to its Lateral Cymbal Seat.
  • Boasts an extremely durable construction.
  • Features an extremely responsive and sensitive footboard.


  • I wouldn’t recommend this for drummers who use a double bass pedal.

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DW 9000 Series Remote Hi-Hat

DW 9000 Series Remote Hi-Hat, 6 Foot

Type: Remote DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand

Ideal for drummers who needs the best cymbal displacement possible, the DW 9000 Remote Hi-hat delivers! Featuring a 6-foot long hi-hat cable, the DW 9000 Remote Hi-hat offers drummers a wider adjustability range.

Furthermore, this Remote Hi-hat brings the DW 9000 Series quality in a compact bundle. The DW 9000 Remote Hi-hat incorporates the DW Drop-lock Clutch, Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tensions, and Lateral Cymbal Seat. As a result, the DW 9000 Remote Hi-hat provides drummers with the same quality as its standard hi-hat stand counterparts.

Lastly, the DW 9000 Series utilizes a pair of stable double-braced legs in a low-profile casting construction. Therefore, providing ample space for double bass pedals and other foot-based drum accessories.


  • 6-foot Remote Hi-hat Cable
  • SM379 Locking Clutch
  • Double-braced legs
  • DWSM776 Dogbone Multiclamp
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat


  • Provides users with an instantaneous response through its cables.
  • Offers similar qualities and specifications found within standard DW 9000 stands.
  • The double-braced legs provide better base durability and stability.
  • Ideal for double bass pedal users.


  • I only recommend this for drummers who want a more compact kit.

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Drum Workshop CP9500TB 9000 Series

Drum Workshop CP9500TB 9000 Series 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

Type: Standard DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand

For heavy metal players, it’s hard to manage foot space especially when they’re operating a double bass pedal. Conversely, some drummers— like me— sometimes just like breathable legroom for a comfortable drumming experience. In this light, the DW CP9500TB provides users with a small stand footprint while remaining extremely stable against hard hits.

Moreover, the DW CP9500TB features double eccentric cams. Thus, providing drummers with a sensitive, seamless, and responsive pedal feel. In addition, the incorporation of a lateral cymbal seat encourages proper rapid air exit, improving hi-hat tone.

Furthermore, the stand features double-braced legs, offering incredible durability and stability. The CP9500TB also features a uni-body folding footboard that folds accordingly to the stand’s base casting. Therefore, making the CP9500TB an excellent portable hi-hat stand for gigging and touring drummers.


  • Double-leg stand construction
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat
  • Double-braced leg design
  • Uni-body folding footboard
  • Double eccentric cam


  • Perfect pair for double bass pedals.
  • Features a lightweight and portable construction.
  • Provides drummers with a sensitive, fast, and responsive hi-hat control.
  • Offers a better hi-hat tone thanks to the stand’s lateral cymbal seat.


  • Offers less stability in comparison with 3-legged hi-hat stands.

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DW DW9500 Extended Footboard

DW DW9500 Extended Footboard Heavy-duty, 2-leg Hi-hat Stand

Type: Standard DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand

If you are a fan of heavy-duty hi-hat stands, then you should give the DW CP9500TBXF a look! Firstly, the CP9500TBXF6 features two double-braced legs, which provide unparalleled stability without reducing legroom. In addition, the stand comes with an extended footboard which allows for better foot placement and sliding technique.

Secondly, the CP9500TBXF6 comes with a proprietary cam system, providing users with a smooth and easy hi-hat control. Moreover, the included DW Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension allows users to offset the top cymbal’s weight.

Lastly, I extremely recommend the CP9500TBXF6 for touring musicians. The stand’s lightweight feel combined with its heavy-duty construction makes it the best stand to take during tours and gigs.


  • SM379 Locking Clutch
  • Double-braced 2-legged stand construction
  • Double Eccentric Cam Drive
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat
  • Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension


  • Features a heavy-duty and stable construction without limiting space for other drum accessories.
  • Utilizes durable materials without making the stand cumbersome.
  • The stand’s cam drive provides drummers with a smooth and responsive operation.
  • Comes with an extended footboard for better playability.


  • The most expensive DW Hi-hat Stand in this list.

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DW CP9500DXF 9000 Series

DW CP9500DXF 9000 Series 3-leg Hi-hat Stand - Extended Footboard

Type: Standard DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand

In my 30-year experience as a drummer, nothing beats the feeling of playing incredibly stable drum equipment. The sturdy feeling alone provides me with a precise and within-the-pocket drumming feel. Therefore, if you also want that precise and durable feel, then there’s nowhere to go but with the CP9500DXF stand!

Firstly, the CP9500DXF features a double-braced triple-leg, boasting unparalleled durability and playing stability. In addition, this construction helps the CP9500DXF provide users with an excellent feel, response, and reliability.

Secondly, DW designed this hi-hat with all the specifications that come with the 9000 series. In this light, features such as the Double Eccentric Cam, Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension, and Lateral Cymbal Seat are present on the CP9500DXF. Lastly, the stand features plastic tube insulators which reduces rattling and noise— making the CP9500DXF excellent for recording.


  • DW Double Eccentric Cam
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat
  • Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension
  • SM379 Locking Clutch
  • Ball Bearing Hinge


  • Provides a noiseless performance; thus, making it excellent for recording sessions.
  • Extremely stable and durable construction.
  • The stand features swivel legs, allowing users to position it around the kit.
  • Comparatively more affordable than the CP9500TBXF6.


  • Not suitable for drummers who use a double bass pedal setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions about DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stands

What does DW stand for in drums?

Every music store you go to, for sure you have seen the mark “DW” on various kits and drumming accessories. That “DW” has been one of the best manufacturers of drumming hardware since its founding in 1972. The “DW” stands for Drum Workshop, which has been the mind behind excellent drumming gear such as the DW 9000 Series Hi-hat Stand and Rack System.

How do you adjust a DW 9000 Hi Hat?

As we know, learning how to adjust a hi-hat stand pedal is a skill all drummers should learn. However, doing so requires precision and attention to detail. But, worry not because it is easy to get the hang of adjusting a DW 9000 hi-hat stand.

Firstly, users should find a knob with a knurling pattern at the stand’s base. Afterward, users can easily adjust the stand by rotating the knob clockwise to tighten the spring. On the other hand, they can also rotate the knob counterclockwise to loosen the spring.

Who plays DW?

Various professionals around the world trust and endorse DW hardware. As a result, making themselves living testaments when it comes to the quality DW produces to its users. For instance, professionals such as Glen Power (The Script) and Jay Postones (TesseracT) uses DW drums, pedals, and hardware.

Is the DW 9000 pedal worth it?

The DW 9000 Series Hi-hat stand features double eccentric cams. Consequently, providing drummers with a seamless and responsive operation. In addition, the DW 9000 Series also features lateral cymbal seats and the SM379 locking clutch. Considering the price you’re paying for these features, the DW 9000 series stand is a steal!

How much does a hi-hat stand cost?

In today’s market, the cheapest hi-hat stand costs around $60. Conversely, premium models cost $600 and above— a ridiculous price if you were to ask me. Luckily, Drum Workshop offers the DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand. Thus, providing drummers on a budget with a premium feel and performance at a budget-friendly price point.

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