7 Best Drum Stick Holder Bag & Stands Reviewed

Let’s face it, accidents such as dropping a drumstick may happen. When this rare but possible event occurs, drummers should be ready to bounce back to continue the beat. In this light, I always keep a drum stick holder within reach in every gig.

As a drummer, one of my main goals when playing drums is to keep my kit organized. In my experience, the key to a successful performance has the things you need in front of you.

Whether you have the best stick for electronic drums or acoustic drums, you’ll need a decent drum stick holder. Therefore, I collected eight incredible drum stick holders for all musical settings. Whether you use a drum stick holder for studio practice or live performances, this guide has you covered!

7 Best Drum Stick Holder Reviewed in This Guide

7 Excellent Drum Stick Holders For All Settings

Eastar EST-007B Drum Stick Holder

Eastar Drumstick Holder, EST-007B Drum Sticks Holder Floor for Drum Set Clamp On Drum Stick Holder Clip on Depot for 2 Pairs

Eastar EST-007B Drum Stick Holder Review:

The Easter Stick Holder features a sizing that can fit standard drumstick sizes from 5A to 7A. In addition, the product’s holder design implements a construction that allows it to hold two stick pairs at a time.

Eastar also implemented an adjustable design that allows users to customize the holder’s angle. Consequently, providing drummers with better ergonomic angle accessibility.

Moreover, the EST-007B uses a fixed point which allows it to be stable without compromising its adjustability. Its clamp also produces a tight clamping force, enhancing its stability while playing.

Key Features:

  • 5A or 7A drumstick sizes
  • 2-pair drumstick capacity
  • 45° up to 90° angle adjustability
  • Fixed attachment clip
  • Quick-change functionality


The EST-007B Drum Stick Holder is perfect for live performances where the situation calls for quick stick changes. Furthermore, the implementation of the product’s durable drum tube ensures users with an extremely stable performance.


Eastar designed the EST-007B for live performances. Therefore, this stick holder lacks in terms of stick storage capacity.

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Promark SD200 Stick Depot

Promark SD200 Stick Depot, 2 Pairs, black

Promark SD200 Stick Holder Review:

If you’re a drummer looking for budget-friendly but efficient drum stick holders for live performances, this product is for you! The Promark SD200 features an adjustable angle positioning that helps users quickly grab sticks on the fly.

Furthermore, the Promark SD200 boasts a capacity of up to 2 pairs of backup sticks. Another thing that elevates this product is its compatibility with any cymbal stands— even with cheap cymbal stands.

This product’s ergonomics and ease of use make it an incredible contender within its price point. Therefore, if you’re a musician on the go, then consider using the Promark SD200 Stick Depot!

Key Features:

  • Two drumstick pair capacity
  • Angle adjustment feature
  • Cymbal stand attachment compatibility
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Compatible with drumsticks and mallets


The Promark SD200 features a construction specifically made for live performances. Its 2-pair capacity allows users to access their backup sticks with ease. In addition, the product also fits bass drum sticks and mallets, which also makes them ideal for orchestral use.


Although the product’s design is ergonomic, it still has limited capacity compared to other stick holders on this list.

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ChromaCast Drum Stick Holder (CC-DSH)

ChromaCast Drumstick Holder (CC-DSH)

ChromaCast Drum Stick Holder Review:

The ChromaCast Drum Stick Holder features a capacity of up to 8 drumsticks. Therefore, drummers looking for a drum stick holder with a higher capacity should use the ChromaCast Holder. 

Furthermore, ChromaCast designed this holder with the attention to ergonomics. The ChromaCast Holder allows users to adjust the product’s angle through an adjustable arm construction for easier stick removal.

Finally, the ChromaCast’s interior cup holder is entirely removable. Consequently, allowing users to clean the holder methodically with ease.

Key Features:

  • Can fit eight pairs of drumsticks
  • Adjustable holder arm
  • Finger-tightened clamp
  • Removable cup interior
  • Lightweight construction


The ChromaCast Drum Stick Holder features a roadworthy construction, making it a piece of budget-friendly equipment for touring drummers. Moreover, this product gives users a larger stick capacity that can fit eight pairs of drumsticks.


Although the ChomaCast boasts a bigger capacity, it’s easy to accidentally mix different drumsticks since it doesn’t have proper subdivisions. Plus, the product’s hand-tightened clamp hurts my hand when I try to set it up.

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Donner Drumsticks Drum Stick Holder Bag

Donner Drumsticks Bag Holder Thickened Large Capacity Drum Sticks Bag Hangable Portable for Drumsticks Brushes Mallets Up to 12 Pairs, Black

Drum Stick Holder Donner Bag Review:

The Donner company has been manufacturing excellent budget-friendly products such as the Donner Ded 200 Electric Drum Set. This drumstick bag is no exception to the Donner magic! 

Firstly, the Donner Drumstick Bag features a high-quality 600D oxford outer layer. On the other hand, its inner material consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This results in a waterproof and durable stick bag that’s easy to clean.

Secondly, Donner designed this bag with enough storage capacity for 12 pairs of drumsticks. In addition, this construction allows users to sort their sticks, making this holder suitable for brushes, sticks, and mallets.

Lastly, this bag also boasts a wide array of compatibility from a floor tom to a cymbal stand. That’s why the Donner Drum Stick Holder is the ultimate stick holder you’ll need on gigs and tours!

Key Features:

  • 600D Oxford Cloth outer layer material
  • PVC inner layer material
  • 12 drumstick pair capacity
  • Waterproof construction
  • Stand and floor tom compatibility


This Donner Drum Stick Holder features enough subdivisions inside. Thus, allowing users to put in drumsticks of different styles and sizes. In addition, the Donner Drum Stick incorporates waterproof capabilities, protecting drumsticks against water damage and other external factors.


The overall performance of the Donner Drumstick Holder is excellent. However, what grinds my gears is that this product easily bends when folded, diminishing its overall stability when mounted.

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On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder

On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder,Black

On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder Review:

This product is perfect for you if you own a uniform set of drumsticks. Introducing the On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On Stick Holder, experience quick stick retrieval without compromising storage capacity!

First, the DA100 Stick Holder boasts a capacity of up to 8 pairs of drumsticks. The On-Stage DA100 also features a C-shaped mounting clamp, allowing users to attach this stick holder to most stands. Therefore, making it an excellent choice for both studio and live drumming. 

Second, the On-Stage DA100 features an extension arm with a downward angle of 45 degrees. This results in an easy stick retrieval when drumming. Lastly, this drum stick holder also features a removable neoprene pocket, making it easier for users to clean the stick holder.

Key Features:

  • ¼” reinforced binding
  • Neoprene material
  • C-shape steel clamp
  • 3 ¼” opening
  • Capacity to hold 8 pairs of drumsticks


Manufacturers specifically design the DA100 to function during gigs seamlessly. The DA100 also comes with ¼” reinforced edges for better durability against wear and tear. Finally, this product’s C-shaped mounting clamp is compatible with most stands, making it a perfect addition for almost all drumkits.


The On-Stage DA100’s hold angle is not adjustable, so it may not work for all drummers. Nevertheless, this product still holds sticks reliably with impressive stability.

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Meinl Percussion MC-DSH Drum Stick Holder

Meinl Percussion MC-DSH Drumstick Holder

Meinl MC-DSH Drum Stick Holder Review:

You can never go wrong with a stick holder that offers simplicity, ergonomics, and stability. These features are what the Meinl MC-DSH delivers!

Featuring a chrome-plated steel material, this product delivers unparalleled durability, making it excellent for gigging drummers. In addition, the MC-DSH’s clamp can attach to various stands, such as a snare drum stand.

Moreover, the MC-DSH also boasts reinforced stitching on its black textile pouch. The Meinl MC-DSH delivers a road-worthy performance when paired with a heavy-duty clamp. That’s why if you’re on the road, you can never go wrong with this drum stick holder.

Key Features:

  • Textile pouch
  • Chrome-plated steel clamp
  • Four pouch subdivision
  • Reinforced stitchings
  • Strong clamping force


The MC-DSH features heavy-duty materials, making it withstand abuse while on the road. In addition, the product’s combination of reinforced stitching and textile materials delivers lightweight but durable performance.


One flaw of the MC-DSH is that it has no swivel function, making it hard to adjust during performances.

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ProMark Drum Stick Bag

ProMark Drum Stick Bag - Transport Deluxe Drumstick Holder - Drum Sticks Holder Made from Weatherproof Ballistic Nylon and Synthetic Leather - Drumstick Bag Mounts to Tom Drum

ProMark Drum Stick Holder and Bag Review:

The ProMark Drum Stick Bag is the ultimate solution for gigging drummers. The product utilizes a weatherproof ballistic nylon material, delivering a no-compromise performance under any condition.

The ProMark stick bag has a metal hanger that can hang on tom drums, making them usable during performances. In addition, the bag’s interior also comes with card skits, a phone compartment, and room for other essential equipment.

Furthermore, the product comes with magnet-secured handles which are comfortable to hold. In a nutshell, the ProMark drum bag won’t disappoint in terms of stick transportation.

Key Features:

  • 7 ½” width
  • 18” length
  • Magnetic leather handle
  • Weatherproof ballistic nylon material
  • Synthetic leather material


This product gives users a 2-in-1 performance, doubling as a gig bag and a drumstick holder. Moreover, the ProMark drum stick bag has weatherproof materials, making it suitable for outdoor environments.


Although the overall design and function of the ProMark bag are remarkable, I frown upon its small stick capacity.

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What to Look for When Buying Drum Stick Holders— A Buyer’s Guide

drum stick holder

Before buying a drum stick holder, buyers should know what they should find in a product. For instance, some holders will only be suitable for studio use, while some boast features for gigging and touring drummers. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best drum stick holder according to your needs.

Holder Capacity

A drum stick holder’s capacity is one of its most imperative features. For gigging musicians who play short sets, a 2-pair capacity with an easy-access angle feature is enough. However, it is ideal to have at least an 8-pair capacity. This ensures that drummers will get ample storage for their spare sticks. 

Attachment Style

Most drum stick holder attaches themselves to stands and kits one way or the other. However, not all holder attachment styles are the same.

If you want to preserve your stand’s quality, you can get plastic clamps, but they won’t provide the best stability. Some manufacturers also offer S-clamps that can attach to tom drums; similarly, they won’t give the best product stability.

On the other hand, heavy-duty and screw-in clamps can give the best stability, but they may scratch a stand’s paint. Nevertheless, drummers can utilize foams to help guard their stand’s paint and overall quality.

Holder Style

Some stick holders feature a 2-pair construction that provides the best angle for quick stick changes. I recommend this style for drummers who want a compact but practical stick holder.

Furthermore, some stick holder features a bucket style that can hold many sticks. However, this style requires identical sticks since most don’t provide interior divisions, which can confuse stick changes. If you need a vast stick holder, find one with at least 4 internal divisions to help with stick sorting.

Lastly, there are bag-style holders which doubles as a carrying case. This style is perfect for gigging and touring drummers but they don’t offer the best stability when attached to kits. Nevertheless, they can protect drumsticks from external factors such as rain, moisture, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Stick Holders

Where do you put a drumstick holder?

Most drumstick holder features a clamp that attaches to most stands. The most efficient place to clamp a drum stick holder is either underneath the hi-hat or on a tom’s hardware.

What is stick holder?

A stick holder is an accessory that allows users to store spare drumsticks within an accessible space around a drumkit. Most stick holders feature a clamp that can be attached to stands and other hardware.

How do you hang drum sticks?

A drum stick holder comes in handy if you need to hang spare sticks around a drumkit. Using a plastic or metal clamp it’s ideal to hang a stick holder on a hi-hat stand. In my experience, this area is the most accessible place to reach when you immediately need a new pair.

Enjoy your New Drum Stick Holder!

drum stick holder

In conclusion, the drum stick holder style you should get depends on your need. For example, gigging and touring drummers would need a bag-style holder. Conversely, a studio kit could go away with a bucket-style stick holder.

In this light, I gathered various holders with different styles to help you find the most suitable product for you! Hopefully, this guide has led you to the product according to your style and budget.

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