8 Excellent Drum Rugs Reviewed— Stable Foundation for All Drumkits

Drum rugs are one of the few overlooked drum accessories considering their importance within a drumkit. Drum rugs enhance the overall aesthetic of drumkits; however, their function isn’t solely decorative. 

Typically, a drum mat or rug is crucial equipment that keeps a drumkit from slipping away when in use. In addition, a drum rug protects the floor from potential scratches that rubber legs can inflict. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for drum rugs to provide better playing stability, this is the right article!

What are Drum Rugs? 

Drum Rugs

Some drummers tend to play harshly on their single or double bass pedal when playing drums. Through its non-slip material, drum rugs help keep the bass drum in place. Not only this, but it also provides stability throughout the whole drumkit.

Let’s face it; it only takes one lousy slip to throw off a drummer’s rhythm. When this happens, it jeopardizes the whole performance. All drummers hate getting offbeat due to unforeseen circumstances— even I have been a victim of this. Therefore, I collected eight incredible drum rugs to provide you with the best stability when drumming.

Drum Rugs Reviewed in This Guide

8 of the Best Drum Rugs for All Drummers

On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat with Bag

On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat with Bag, 4' x 4'

On-Stage DMA4450 Drum Rug Review:

Featuring a lightweight construction, the On-Stage DMA4450 Rug boasts an easy-to-setup design that is convenient under any musical situation. Thanks to its non-slip PVC material, this drum rug efficiently grips drumkits, preventing slips for a tighter playing feel.

Furthermore, the product’s Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) based materials improve its durability, allowing the rug to withstand a beating. This drum mat also efficiently unrolls itself flat on the ground, minimizing creases on the surface for a more even surface.

The DMA4450 features a 4’x4’ sizing which can easily accommodate most drumkits. Finally, this drum rug also comes with a nylon bag, enabling users to bring it during gigs easily.

Key Features:

  • 4’x4’ rug size
  • Non-slip PVC material
  • Nylon shoulder bag
  • Black and green colorway


This drum carpet provides users with ample space for a standard drum kit. Moreover, this product is also the most affordable carpet on this list. It also comes with a free carrying case, making this rug ideal for touring musicians.


The DMA4450 uses a material that feels like the same material used on yoga mats rather than a rug. In addition, this product’s material feels flimsy and cheap; however, it still gets the job done.

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Aucuda Drum Rug, 4×6 ft Drum Mat

Aucuda Drum Rug, 4x6ft Drum Mat Outdoor Indoor, Tightly Woven Fabric Drum Set Carpet with Non-Slip Grip Bottom, Electric Drum Accessories for Studio, Soundproof Rug for Piano, Guitar, Record Room.

Aucuda Drum Rug Review:

If you want a no-compromise and budget-friendly drum mat, look no further because the Aucuda Drum Rug is here! Firstly, the Aucuda Drum Rug features a 6’x4’ sizing which conveniently fits a 4-piece drumkit. Moreover, this sizing provides enough room allowance for around 4-5 stands for cymbal sets.

Secondly, this drum rug boasts a tightly-woven surface and a non-slip rubber back, providing incredible stability when drumming. This surface also allows the stands and spurs to dig in, minimizing the creaking noise due to friction.

Lastly, the Aucuda Drum Rug is compatible with bass drum stoppers for maximum stability and control. This feature also allows the drum rug to grip the bass drum and other stands to reduce accidental slippage.

Key Features:

  • 4’x6’ drum mat size
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Tightly-woven fabric surface
  • Storage Velcro strap
  • Drum Anchor Attachment


The Aucuda Drum Rug is compatible with both outdoor and indoor settings. Furthermore, the product’s surface grips the drum’s hardware better than cheaper plastic materials. This product also features thick materials that double as a sound absorbent and protect floors from scratches.


Although this product works excellently, I can’t help but notice the poor stitching job on the carpet’s edge.

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MAYQMAY Drum Rug, Black

MAYQMAY Drum Rug Drum Mat Drum Carpet, Tightly Woven Fabric with Non-Slip Grip Bottom, Noise Reducer, Audio Isolation, 5.3Ft x 6.6Ft, Roll of 34.98 Square Feet, Great Gift for Drummers, Black

MAYQMAY Drum Rug Review:

Drummers, including me, hate accidental slippage when playing— just one mishap can destroy the rhythm section during performances. Luckily, the MAYQMAY Drum Rug features a non-slip rubber backing, delivering a stable performance on hard surfaces.

Moreover, the MAYQMAY Rug features an upper layer of short pile coral fleece material which is comfortable on the feet. The drum carpet’s front also allows drum spurs to dig in, enhancing the carpet’s grip for a stable performance.

Furthermore, the drum rug boasts a thickness of 4.0mm and a size of 5.3’x6.6’. The drum rug also comes with a fluffy front which is tight and flat. Conversely, the rug’s back features a non-slip bottom which improves the friction between the floor and the carpet.

Key Features:

  • 5.3’x6.6’ size
  • Non-slip rubber back
  • Coral Fleece material
  • Fine edge sewing
  • 4.0mm thickness


The MAYQMAY Drum Rug is comfortable to use thanks to its coral fleece that is gentle to the skin. On the other hand, its non-slip bottom also helps increase friction between the floor and rug. The product’s thickness also helps the drum’s spurs to dig deeper for a more stable feel.


This mat does its job correctly; however, the product looks plain compared to other drum rugs on this list.

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Zildjian Gig Drum Set Rug (ZGIGRUG)

Zildjian ZGIGRUG Zildjian Gig Drum Rug

Zildjian ZGIGRUG Drum Rug Review:

Designed for portability, this Zildjian Drum Rug is a match made in heaven for touring drummers. First, this rug features heavy-duty polypropylene fabrics paired with non-slip rubber trim. This results in an outstanding grip that will enhance the stability of all drumkits on top of this rug.

Second, the Zildjian Drum Rug features a foam-covered bass drum stopper that prevents the bass drum from slipping. The Zildjian Drum Rug also has weighted corners, allowing the carpet to fall flat when assembled.

Finally, every purchase of this Zildjian Drum Rug comes with a custom nylon carrying bag. This carrying bag features a specified sizing that easily fits this rug when rolled up.

Key Features:

  • 5.5’x4.5’ rug size
  • Heavy-duty Polypropylene Fabric
  • Non-slip rubber trip
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Weighted corners


Thanks to the included carrying case, this drum rug is perfect for touring drummers on the go. The product’s utilization of heavy-duty materials and weighted corners also ensures that this rug falls flat on the ground.


This Zildjian Drum Rug’s sizing is only compatible with a portable drumkit and other small drumkits.

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Zildjian Deluxe Drum Rugs (ZRUG1)

Zildjian ZRUG1 Deluxe Drum Rug

Zildjian ZRUG1 Deluxe Drum Rug Review:

Perfect for drummers with full-sized rigs, this deluxe drum rug from Zildjian features a capacity of 6’x5.33’. In addition, the drum mat utilizes a full non-slip back to ensure enhanced stability when in use.

The Zildjian constructed this deluxe drum rug using high-grade polyester filaments. As a result, this rug delivers durability and stability that puts other rugs to shame.

Furthermore, similar to the Zildjian ZGIGRUG, this drum mat utilizes weighted corners to help the product stay flat. Thanks to its nylon carrying case and built-in strap, this Zildjian drum rug is perfect for all musical settings.

Key Features:

  • 6.5’x5.33’ rug size
  • High-grade polyester filament
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Non-slip backing
  • Weighted corners


Unlike the ZGIGRUG, this Zildjian drum mat can accommodate full-sized standard drumkits. Moreover, this deluxe drum rug utilizes excellent materials that quickly fall flat when set up.


Although the product’s weighted edges help it stay flat, there are still noticeable creases on its middle part. Nevertheless, this doesn’t affect the rug’s overall stability, but it’s a real eyesore.

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Tama Drum Rugs – Paisley Pattern (TDRPA)

TAMA Drum Rug - Paisley Pattern (TDRPA)

Tama TDRPA Drum Rug Review:

Enhance your drumkit’s stability while looking stylish using the Tama Drum Rug! Utilizing a paisley pattern, this Tama Drum Rug converts your drumkit into a head-turning work of art. 

In addition, the drum rug’s non-slip rubber back provides drumkits with a better surface grip, eliminating accidental slips.

Furthermore, aside from the rug preventing slippage, the tightly woven top also withstands damage from stands. This feature also protects floors against scratches due to excessive vibration of treads and spikes.

The Tama Drum Rug also boasts a size of 1800mm x 2000mm— enough to accommodate almost all types of drumkits. The rug’s hook and loop fasteners make it convenient to transport, although it is extra-large in size.

Key Features:

  • 1800mm x 2000mm drum mat size
  • Non-slip rubber back
  • Paisley design pattern
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Tightly woven top layer


The Tama Drum Rug’s extra-large sizing can accommodate almost all types of drumkits. The product’s incorporation of a tightly woven top layer also guards the floor against damage and scratches.


There’s no doubt that this drum rug is excellent in terms of stability. However, this product lacks durability compared to other products on this list.

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Auralex Acoustics HoverMat Drum Rugs

Auralex HoverMat 6 Feet X 4 Feet Portable Mat

Auralex Acoustics Drum Mat Review:

The Auralex HoverMat is an excellent drum rug that can be used as a component in a soundproof drum room. Firstly, the HoverMat features a 4’x6’ construction using Auralex’s Blok sound barrier material. This material is slip-resistant and thick enough to improve your room’s acoustic isolation.

Secondly, utilizing the Blok sound barrier material improves a kit’s bass response by killing unwanted high frequencies. Furthermore, this also enhances the overall clarity of a drumkit’s sound by clearing excessive resonance.

Lastly, the thick construction of the Auralex Acoustics HoverMat helps dampen vibrations between the drums and the floor. For instance, this lessens the drumming noise that downstairs neighbors can hear within an apartment complex.

Key Features:

  • 4’x6’ drum mat size
  • SheetBlok sound barrier material
  • Cinch sack for storage
  • Sack shoulder strap
  • Ozite commercial-grade carpet


Aside from providing drumkits with ample stability, this drum mat also works as a soundproof carpet. Moreover, the Auralex HoverMat is also excellent for touring drummers, thanks to the included Cinch carrying sack.


The Auralex HoverMat can be pretty heavy when you lug it around due to its dense core.

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Drum Workshop, Inc. DW Drum Rugs (DWCPRUG2)

Drum Workshop(DWCPRUG2),Inc. DW Drum Set Rug,Black,62' x 78'

Drum Workshop DWCPRUG2 Review:

The DWCPRUG2 is a heavy-duty industrial-grade drum rug that can take extreme beating levels without showing wear and tear signs. Thanks to this build, this drum rug features a construction built like a tank.

In addition, the DWCPRUG2 features a 5’x7’ sizing that can fit any drumkit style. The rug’s non-slip rubber surface provides ample stability when drumming.

Moreover, this DW Drum Rug uses premium-level materials that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. That’s why this drum rug is perfect for all types of musical settings.

Key Features:

  • Industrial-grade construction
  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • 5’x7’ drum rug size
  • Emblazoned DW logos


This DW Drum Rug is the most durable product on this list. Furthermore, this drum rug is excellent for almost all types of kits and musical settings.


Like the Auralex HoverMat, this drum rug is hard to transport because of its bulky construction.

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What to Look for When Buying Drum Rugs?— A Buyer’s Guide

Drum Rugs

Drummers should know the various things to consider when buying new gear to find the best equipment possible. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you formulate a well-informed decision on what type of drum rug to get. 

Drum Rug Size

Drum rugs come in all shapes and sizes. However, the safest bet when buying one would be to get a 6’x4’ drum rug. This ensures that you’re purchasing a drum mat with ample space to store a 4-piece drumkit. If you’re using a compact or portable drumkit, you could go away with a 4’x4’ rug.

Drum Rug Weight

There’s no right or wrong weight when buying drum rugs. The heavier drum rugs are the better stability and sound isolation they provide. However, they begin to become harder to transport the heavier they become. 

If you’re a touring musician, I advise finding a drum rug that is light in construction. Conversely, if you’re going only to use it within a studio, it’s alright to get a heavy drum rug.

Carpet Material

When considering drum rugs, buyers should look at the essential features they provide before buying one:

  • Drum rugs should have a non-slip rubber back to give drumkits the ideal amount of stability. 
  • Buyers should pay attention if a drum rug has interwoven layers to protect the floor from accidental scratches. 
  • Drum rugs should fall flat seamlessly to provide equal stability throughout a drumkit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Rugs

What does a drum rug do?

It takes just one accidental bass drum slip to throw a drummer off. This is what drum rugs prevent from happening by increasing the friction between the drums and the floor. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your drumming stability, you’ll need drum rugs to finish the job.

Do you need a rug under the drums?

Although optional, placing drum rugs underneath a kit stops drumkits from moving during drumming sessions. In addition, drum rugs help eliminate unwanted resonance and reverb, resulting in a more precise sound. That’s why drum mats can help soundproof a drum room.

Are drum mats any good?

Having drum mats under your kit improves overall kit stability. Aside from this, drum rugs also enhance the overall aesthetics of a drumkit. That’s why drum rugs are an excellent addition to all types of drumkits.

What size is a good size drum rug?

Typically, a standard 5-piece kit can fit within a 6’x4’ drum rug. However, if you’re operating in a small space with a compact drumkit, you can go away with a 4’x4’ mat.

Can I use any rug as a drum rug?

An ordinary rug can do the job of making your kit look better. However, drum rugs are specifically designed to provide better kit stability than a carpet. Even though you can use a carpet to do the job, nothing still beats the stability drum rugs offer.

Enjoy Your New Drum Rug!

Drum Rugs

In conclusion, utilizing drum rugs is optional but crucial when playing drums. They improve the decorative aspect of drumkits, but they also increase the overall stability of drumkits. 

With a stable drumkit, drummers can have a reliable drumming experience while minimizing accidental slips during performances. That’s why having a drum rug is imperative every time you play a drumkit.

As a drummer, I understand the need for stable drumkits. One accidental slip can affect a band’s overall rhythm, jeopardizing a performance. Hopefully, this guide helped you pick the best drum rug according to your budget, style, and drumkit size.

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