7 Best Drum Rack for Both Electronic and Acoustic Drumkits

A Drum Rack is the very foundation of drumkits. Most drum racks hold a kit’s toms through various mounting systems while providing much-needed stability. Typically, drum racks provide users with the capacity to customize their tom and cymbal sets.

7  Drum Rack Reviewed in this Guide

Most standard drumkits will have a default tom rack, having space for two toms and some cymbal stands. This amount of toms and cymbals would be enough for some. However, it starts to lack in other genres, such as metal— where a double bass pedal and numerous tom is the norm.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best drum rack for any drumkit style, you’re in the right place! I collected 7 of the best drum racks for touring, studio, and live performances.

2 Best Drum Rack for Electronic Drums

Alesis Surge Chrome Metal Electronic Drum Rack

Alesis Surge Chrome Metal Electronic Drum Rack and Silverline Audio Drum Key Bundle [Compatible with most Alesis/Roland/Yamaha/Simmons/Ion Sets]

The Alesis Surge Chrome features a durable chrome construction without compromising weight for a budget-friendly price. In addition, the Alesis Surge Drum Mounting Rack boasts an ample space of 4- racks paired with a snare mounting rod.

Furthermore, the Alesis Surge Chrome Metal Rack is compatible with Alesis kits such as the Surge, Command, Turbo, and Strike. This rack is also compatible with other brands such as Roland, Simmons, and Yamaha electronic drumkits.

Lastly, the Alesis Surge Chrome Rack comes with a Silverline Audio Key, making the Alesis Rack’s assembly easier. The rack also features an instruction sheet to eliminate confusion during assembly and kit installation.

Key Features:

  • 1.5” tube diameter
  • 20” horizontal tubes
  • 14” snare tube
  • 32” center vertical tubes
  • 28” outer vertical tubes


This electronic drum mounting rack is compatible with almost all bar-mounted electronic kits. It’s also suitable for other electronic drumkit brands. Not to mention, the overall assembly experience of this rack is smooth, thanks to its Silverline audio key.


The Alesis Surge Chrome Metal has no slot racks for electronic cymbal pads.

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Alesis Command Pro Chrome Metal Electronic Drum Rack

Alesis Command Pro Chrome Metal Electronic Drum Rack with 2 Cymbal Mounts and Silverline Audio Drum Key Bundle [Compatible with most Alesis/Roland/Yamaha/Simmons/Ion Sets]

The Alesis Command Pro Chrome is a considerable upgrade compared to the Surge Chrome. Firstly, the set features a premium 4-post chrome rack perfect for standard electronic drumkits with ample room for extra pads. What separates the Alesis Command Pro from the Surge Chrome is its inclusion of two cymbal mounts.

Secondly, similar to Surge Chrome, the Command Pro features the Silverline Audio Drum Key. This inclusion allows users to have an effortless assembly experience.  

In conclusion, the Alesis Command Pro’s selling point is its cymbal mounts and durable but lightweight construction. In addition, the Command Pro is one of the most versatile racks that suit Alesis and other brands of electronic drums.

Key Features:

  • 1.5” tube diameter
  • 20” cymbal arm inserts
  • 28” side vertical tubes
  • 33” center vertical tubes
  • 24” horizontal tubes
  • 14” snare tube


This drum mounting rack features extra cymbal slots compared to the Alesis Surge Chrome, which doesn’t offer any. Therefore, allowing users to accommodate standard electronic drum formats.


I don’t think this product’s price bump for only two cymbal mounts is justifiable.

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2 Compact Drum Rack for Touring and Gigging Drummers

Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vertical Mounting System Package

Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vertical Mounting System Package

Don’t underestimate the Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth’s small size because this one surely beats other compact packages within its price point. This drum rack can easily handle a portable drumkit up to double bass pedal metal kits.

Moreover, the GSVMS Stealth Drum Mounting Rack features a connecting bent bar that allows users to customize their toms. The product’s stealthy bar construction also provides users with a smaller stage footprint while remaining stable.

The Gibraltar GSVMS also comes with a 10.5mm and 12.7mm ball L arm. Therefore, helping this mounting rack accommodate more drum brands. Lastly, this specific rack system comes with one free tom mount, a cymbal clamp, and a snare basket.

Key Features:

  • Stealth bar construction
  • 10.5mm and 12.7mm ball L-arm
  • SC-SPCM single tom mount and free cymbal clamp
  • GUASB Ultra-Adjust Snare basket
  • ¾”, 7/8”, and 1” Nylon bushing set


The Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Mounting Rack System provides gigging drummers with a smaller platform that is still durable and stable. This product can also efficiently mount various kit sizes and drum brands, making it highly versatile.


Since this product is compact, mounting more extensive kits with three rack toms and above can cause compatibility problems.

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Gibraltar GCS-400C Road Series Drum Rack

Gibraltar GCS-400C Road Series Rack, Black

When I have a gig at a bar downtown, I always rely on stable, versatile, and portable drumkits! These three qualities within a mounting rack will ensure touring drummers the best on-the-road performance and kit compatibility.

The Gibraltar GCS-400C Road Series Drum Rack features 2-post racks that can accommodate standard drumkits. In addition, the GCS-400C also provides users with better drum positioning on the fly without compromising stability.

What’s a portable mounting rack without transportability in play, right? That’s why the GCS-400C rack features a foldable frame. Consequently, allowing users to turn this rack into a compact size for convenient storage and transportation.

Key Features:

  • 30” curved vertical T-legs
  • 46” curved horizontal bar
  • 24” curved side wings
  • Multi-angle T-leg adjustment
  • Adjustable angle T-clamps


The Gibraltar GCS-400C mounting rack can accommodate a 5-piece standard drumkit up to a 7-piece kit. Moreover, this rack also can accommodate both electronic and acoustic drumkit setups. Thanks to the product’s portable features, the GCS-400C provides users with a more straightforward setup and minimal stage footprint.


I noticed a striking gripe on this mounting rack’s design— its curved uprights. This design can limit the positioning of some stands around the drum rack.

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3 Incredible Drum Rack for Standard and Large Drumkits

Pearl DR80 3-Sided Drum Rack

Pearl DR80 3 Sided Rack

If you’re looking for a no-compromise and straightforward drum rack, then the Pearl DR80 is perfect for you! Firstly, the Pearl DR-80 features Black Anodized Aluminum materials, making mounts more stable when installed.

Secondly, the Pearl DR-80 comes with four large-diameter legs, providing better rack stability regardless of a kit’s style and components. In addition, due to its sheer size, Pearl designed the DR-80 with a foldable function for better storage.

Lastly, this drum mounting rack comes with four PC-8 rack clamps. These clamps make the DR-80 compatible with all Pearl tom and cymbal holders.

Key Features:

  • Black anodized aluminum material
  • Square top rails
  • Four anodized aluminum legs
  • 91cm rack bar
  • Four PC-8 clamps


The Pearl DR-80 mounting rack is perfect for drummers looking for an easy way to mount their drumkit. In addition, the product’s usage of square top rails delivers unparalleled stability on mounts.


This drum mounting rack features PC-8 clamps, limiting the product’s compatibility with Pearl mounts and drumkits.

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Gibraltar GCS-450C 4-Post Curved Rack

Gibraltar GCS-450C 4-Post Curved Rack

The GCS-450C offers a whopping space for 3-sided mounting, making it perfect for all types of drumkits. Moreover, the product features three curved bars and four legs, providing space for additional toms and double bass pedal setups.

It is undeniable that this product offers a massive mounting space. However, this product also boasts a smaller footprint thanks to its foldable feature. Consequently, saving studio, storage, and stage space altogether.

The Gibraltar GCS-450C mounting rack comes with numerous mounting points, allowing users to customize their kits in a whim easily. Finally, the GCS-450C also possesses an easy setup and breakdown, making it a decent travel rack for big kits.

Key Features:

  • 46” SC-GPR46C central curved horizontal tube
  • 2x 36” SC-GPR36C side curved horizontal tubes
  • 4x 30” vertical mini T-legs
  • SC-GCRMC clamps
  • SC-GCML chrome locks
  • 4x rack mounting clamps
  • 2x stackable angle clamps


The Gibraltar GCS-450C can efficiently fit all drum styles thanks to its enormous mounting space. On the other hand, this drum mounting rack also features a curved construction, minimizing the rack’s footprint. It’s also easy to tear down and set up, making this kit ideal for gigs and shows.


This mounting rack is excellent for almost all drumkit styles and customization. However, this rack lacks height mounting variability and flexibility because of its restrictive design. It just sucks that you’re paying too much for this kit to pay more for additional angle clamps.

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Pacific Drums by DW Chrome Over Steel Main and Side Combo Drum Rack

Pacific Drums by DW Chrome Over Steel Main and Side Combo Rack

The Pacific Drums by DW Combo is an excellent choice for drummers who wants the best durability and stability. This product can easily withstand numerous beatings thanks to this mounting rack’s heavy-duty chrome-plated steel tubing. The combo drum mounting rack also delivers incredible stability thanks to its soft-grip rubber feet supplemented with integrated spikes.

Furthermore, this combo mounting rack also comes with various reinforced clamps and accessories, providing incredible kit flexibility. That’s why this kit is perfect for drummers who love experimenting with multiple drum setups!

Moreover, this DW mounting rack comes with the PDP V-clamps that work excellently with other tom and cymbal arm brands. The product’s utilization of TechLock locking screws increases its modular capability.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty chrome-plated steel tubing
  • TechLock locking screws
  • PDP V-clamps
  • Soft-grip rubber feet with spikes
  • Pacific nameplate bar level


The Pacific Drums by DW Combo Drum Rack offers incredible durability and stability within a compact and modular package. This drum mounting rack provides users with a highly-customizable platform that can accommodate various drumkit styles. Thus, making it one of the best products within its price point.


The DW Combo Drum Rack does its job efficiently, but it’s quite a chore to assemble.

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What Should I look for When Buying a Drum Rack? — A Buyer’s Guide

8-piece drum kit without cymbals - drum rack

There are tons of factors that make a drum rack great, portable, or versatile. However, the various things to consider might be hard to spot, especially for beginners. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best bang-for-the-buck drum mounting rack.

Durability and Stability

Of course, nothing will beat a durable and stable drum rack. Without using drum rugs, a drum mounting rack should deliver stable performance. In addition, they should be durable enough to withstand transportation and other various elements that could occur when gigging.

In this light, I advise users to find a drum rack with 3-4 legs to ensure mounting stability. On the other hand, an adjustable T-leg could do wonders for the strength of racks with only 2-3 feet. For durability, nothing will beat the quality of chrome hardware materials.

Mounting System

When buying a drum mounting rack, buyers should look for mounting systems that offer a wide range of compatibility. A rack shouldn’t be locked within a particular brand to have the best flexibility and customizability possible.

Furthermore, touring and gigging drummers should look for mounting systems with memory lock functionality. This ensures users that their drum rack will mount their kit the same way every time they transport it.

Electronic vs. Acoustic Drum Racks

Buyers should know that electronic drum racks cannot fit most acoustic drumkit configurations. This also works vis-à-vis an acoustic drum mounting rack.

However, some drum racks, such as the Gibraltar Hardware GCS-400C, offer both acoustic and electronic drumkit compatibility. Still, it is better to know the specifications of a rack to ensure its compatibility with your kit.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Drum Rack

Are drum racks good?

Drum racks are the backbone of a drumkit regardless of size. In addition, a drum mounting rack delivers better stability and durability during performances. Drum racks also provide users with better flexibility and kit customization according to their musical needs. That’s why having a good mounting rack is essential if you’re striving to become a better drummer.

What is a rack drum?

A drum rack mounts the toms and cymbals of a drumkit. A drum mounting rack typically features various mounting kits that allow users to expand from standard drumsets.

Do drum racks save space?

As stated within this guide, drum racks are an excellent way to equip drumkits with extra toms and cymbals. However, they also help reduce a drumkit’s overall footprint for limited spaces. This also allows drummers to store their whole drumkit easier.

What do you call the chair in drums?

The chairs drummers use to play drums are called drum thrones. A drum throne is a separate entity from drum racks.

Within the market, there are various styles of drum thrones. There are some with backrests for better comfort, and there are manufacturers that offer the best hydraulic drum throne. Similar to a drum mounting rack, a drum throne makes drum playing more ergonomic and convenient.

Do you need a drum rack?

Getting a drum mounting rack is optional. If you’re operating a standard drumkit, then you’ll get away using a stock rack. However, if you want to expand your drumkit, it will be a good idea to use drum racks.

Enjoy your New Drum Rack!

man playing drums live - drum rack

Drummers who want to expand their sound within a mix would require more drums and cymbals. With a drum rack, drummers can easily mount their kit’s expansion without problems.

Furthermore, a drum mounting rack allows users more drum space while minimizing their kit’s footprint. Due to this compact construction, drummers can easily store and transport their kits if they want to.

Hopefully, this guide has been instrumental in finding the best rack for your budget and needs. How’s your experience with your new drum mounting rack? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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