9 Best Drum Dampeners Reviewed— Goodbye Overtones!

Drum dampeners possess various functionalities almost similar to drum mutes. For instance, they both affect the overall sound of a drumkit, albeit through different contexts.

In comparison, drum dampeners are excellent for eliminating the excessive overtones, ringing, and sustain of snare drums and toms. On the other hand, drum mutes significantly lessen a kit’s noise for a more quiet practice environment. This difference leads to various uses and purposes, making both products optional yet essential for all drumkits.

If you want to improve your drum tone and make them sound better, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, I collected incredible drum dampeners to help you unleash the best sound out of your drumkit.

Drum Dampeners Reviewed in this Guide

What are Drum Dampeners, and Do You Need Them?

Drum Dampeners

Drum dampeners, usually packed in silicone gel pads, are a more budget-friendly way of dampening snare and tom drums. However, the construction of drum dampening devices isn’t confined to silicone gel pads.

For instance, some dampeners feature a ring construction around the drumkit’s rim. In addition, compact semi-circle dampeners aim to provide drummers with the most authentic drumming feel possible.

Furthermore, drum dampeners are purely optional. You might even hear from some drumming veterans that you shouldn’t use dampeners on drumkits. Their line of argument is that drummers should let a kit’s authentic tone ring out, sometimes putting it under the term “let it sing.”.

However, this approach doesn’t fit every music genre. For example, some genre, such as progressive metal, requires a fast snare sound with no sustain. Some people even get a small snare drum to curb the excessive ringing of a snare’s shell.

Let’s be honest for a minute; the natural tone of drumkits doesn’t fit all genres. Certain types of music out there require a specific drum tone you can only achieve with drum dampening devices. In this light, we cannot deny that drum dampeners are a must-have accessory in drumkits.

9 Best Drum Dampeners Review

Makanu Drum Gel, 12 Pcs Clear Drum Dampeners

Drum Gel, 12 Pcs Clear Drum Dampener, Drum Damper Gel Pads, Non-toxic Soft Drum Sound Dampening, Tone Control for Your Drum Head

Makanu Drum Gel Review:

This drum dampener significantly cuts a drum’s sustain and overtone for a sharper sound. The product’s drum gel consists of clear, soft, and non-toxic materials, making them safe.

Furthermore, the drum gel features solid construction that allows users to cut them in half for better utilization. The gels also boast a one-side stick that’s washable and reusable up to 7x. This drum gel only requires warm water for cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Clear, soft, and non-toxic gel
  • Free drum key
  • Solid construction
  • 12-piece gel drum dampeners
  • Free carrying case


The Makanu gels are one of the most budget-friendly drum dampeners on the market. Not only this, but they also allow users to control their drum’s sustain, resonance, and tone. As a result, they provide users with a punchy and muffled sound that easily cuts through a mix.


The Makanu gels get the job done. However, they tend to fly off drumheads, especially under the use of hard-hitting drummers.

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Meinl Cymbals Drum Damper Gel Pad

Meinl Cymbals Cymbals Drum Honey Dampening Gel Pads, 6-Piece Pack with Container and Dividers (MDH)

Meinl Cymbals Drum Honey Gel Pads Review:

The Meinl Cymbals Drum Honey Gel Pads deliver a sweet, warm tone that effectively cuts high frequencies. As a result, these drum gels give users a tone that’s more on the low-end.

Moreover, the gel pads boast a slightly sticky surface, allowing them to stick on almost all drumhead materials. These gels don’t leave a mark after removal or repositioning, making them convenient to reuse.

The Meinl Drum Honey Dampeners also feature a washable surface. Just use warm water and dish soap, the dirt build-up on the product’s surface will easily wash off. Therefore, if you’re looking for cost-effective ways to dampen your kit’s tone, you cannot go wrong with these gel pads.

Key Features:

  • 35mm x 3mm size
  • Tacky surface
  • 6-piece gel drum dampening pads
  • Free storage container
  • Washable surface


These gel dampeners are excellent for reducing sharp snare overtones. In addition, they also fatten up toms and dampen cymbals. It doesn’t get any better than this for such a low price.


I recommend these drum dampeners on cymbals, snares, and rack toms. However, it starts to lack performance when attached to a floor tom.

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Evans E-Ring Pack Drum Dampeners

Evans E-Ring Pack, Rock-10, 12', 14', 16' (ER-ROCK)

Evans E-Ring Pack Review:

If you’re not a fan of sticky gels, then the Evans E-Ring is the perfect product for you! Thanks to the E-Ring’s construction, this set easily fits the rims of fusion drumkits.

Additionally, the Evans E-Ring delivers exquisite drum control without needing adhesive materials that can damage drumheads. Boasting an easy assembly, the E-Ring efficiently minimizes overtones and flattens the overall tone of sounds.

Finally, the overall design and function of the Evans E-Ring allow the tuning process of drumheads to be more convenient. That’s why if you’re looking for a sharper fusion tone, the Evans E-Ring is a suitable product for your needs!

Key Features:

  • 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16” ring sizes
  • Fusion drumkit compatibility
  • Transparent ring design
  • Made in the USA
  • Thin 7mil ring films


The Evans E-Ring drum dampener’s construction doesn’t require adhesives which may degrade the quality of drumheads. In addition, it’s easy to install, reuse, and maintain, unlike tacky gel dampeners.


The Evans E-Ring isn’t as portable when compared with gel drum dampeners.

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Fiada 30 Pieces Drum Dampening Gels

30 Pieces Drum Dampeners Gels Silicone Gel Pads Soft Drum Dampeners for Drums Cymbals Tone Control, 30 Pieces, Color Set 1

Fiada Gel Dampners Review:

Perfect for drummers who want to mix up their sound constantly, the Fiada Gel Dampeners offer endless possibilities! Firstly, the Fiada Dampeners offer a tacky construction that sticks well and won’t leave a residue once removed. In addition, drummers can attach the Fiada dampeners to almost any drum or cymbals, resulting in a versatile performance.

Secondly, the Fiada Gel Drum Dampeners utilize a silicone-based non-toxic material. Consequently, users can quickly clean the dampener with soap and warm water for convenient maintenance.

Lastly, the Fiada Gel Dampeners deliver drums with a precise dampening system, allowing users complete control of their tone. In this light, this is the perfect product if you’re looking for versatile and cost-effective solutions for your drumming needs!

Key Features:

  • 30-piece drum gel dampener set
  • Small transparent disc
  • Transparent construction
  • Silica gel material


The Fiada gel dampeners only require one thumb and a bit of pressure during installation. Moreover, this set’s sheer amount of gel dampeners is enough to allow drummers to make tone adjustments to any drumkit.


These gel dampeners are strictly for batter heads since they won’t stick properly on resonant drumheads.

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BOAO 48 Pieces Drum Dampeners Gel Pads

Boao 48 Pieces Drum Dampeners Gel Pads Silicone Drum Silencers Soft Drum Dampener Drum Mute Pads Dampening Gel Pad for Drums Tone Control (Black)

BOAO Drum Gel Pad Dampeners Review:

The BOAO Drum Gel Pad Dampeners are perfect for drummers who want to customize their sound without losing their drum’s authentic tone. Featuring materials based on elastic silicone gels, the BOAO Gel Pads are 100% safe to use. This flexible design also helps the gel pads to absorb excessive vibration, consequently changing the drum’s tone.

Furthermore, these gel pads boast a self-adhesive design that sticks efficiently on drumheads even after enormous hits. The BOAO Gel Pads also utilize a 2.5cm x 3.2cm sizing, which is a proper sizing for efficient tonal adjustments.

If the BOAO Gel Pads get crumbled with dirt, users can use soapy water for cleaning. This process protects the gel pad’s adhesive properties, allowing it to stick after air-drying.

Key Features:

  • 2.5cm x 3.2cm sizing
  • Soft and elastic silicone gel material
  • Strong padding adhesive
  • 48 pieces in quantity
  • Green, Black, White, and Blue colorway options


The BOAO gel pad set boasts 48 pieces compared to Fiada’s 30-piece gel pad set. Also, this gel set is comparatively cheaper than Moon Gel. Thus, making it an absolute budget-friendly contender within the drum dampener market.


This product is an effective way to lower and modify a drumkit’s tone. However, there’s a noticeable weakening of the gel pad’s adhesive after a wash.

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SlapKlatz Pro Drum Dampeners

SlapKlatz Pro Drum dampeners - Black (10 pcs / 3 sizes) - Free case - Non-toxic

SlapKlatz Pro Drum Dampeners Review:

If you’re a drummer who loves premium-level drumming equipment and accessories, then the SlapKlatz Pro Dampeners are perfect for you! First, the SlapKlatz Pro Dampeners feature a super adhesive that sticks on almost all surfaces. That’s why it’s the ideal gel dampener for cowbells, cymbals, drumheads, and more!

Second, the SlapKlatz Drum Dampeners offer a selection from small to large gel pads. Consequently, providing users with better tone and volume control than other pads within its pricepoint. This variability of gel pad sizes also helps control the drumhead’s high-end frequencies and enhance stick definition.

Third, the SlapKlatz Dampeners have a rugged, waterproof case that fits divider discs for dust protection and better storage. Finally, these gel dampeners are easy to clean with regular soap and water, providing users with better reusability.

Key Features:

  • Rugged waterproof case
  • Free divider discs
  • 6-piece 2cm, 2-piece 3cm, and 2-piece 4cm gel pads
  • SlapKlatz Super Adhesive
  • Easy-to-clean surface


The SlapKlatz gel dampeners are perfect for almost every drumhead, cymbal, cowbell, and other surface. In addition, these gel pads firmly stick on both batter and resonant heads of drums. That’s why this product is the perfect tool to help reduce the overtones, rings, and unwanted vibrations of drumkits. This product also has the approval of world-renowned drummer Benny Greb.


The only downside of these gel dampeners is their price— which comes only second to Moongels on this list.

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RTOM Moongel Drum Dampeners 3 Pack Bundle

Jisduo Moongel Dampers 3 Pack BundleQ

RTOM Moongel Drum Dampeners Review:

The RTOM Moongel Drum Dampeners is a world-renowned gel pad that provides incredible levels of tonal change on drumkits. The RTOM Moongel boasts various capabilities such as lowering a tom’s thud, eliminating cymbal ring, and making snare drums snappy.

Through its non-toxic adhesive, the RTOM Moongel easily attaches to drumheads, cymbals, and more. In addition, the Moongel brings washability to another level thanks to its enhanced adhesive formula. Consequently, allowing the Moongels to stick after multiple washes— even lasting for a year.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a drum dampener that’s durable, reliable, and unparalleled within the market, you’ll never go wrong with RTOM Moongels.

Key Features:

  • 6 adhesive pads per pack
  • 3-pack bundle
  • Cuttable gel pad
  • Washable adhesive formula
  • Cylindrical container


The RTOM Moongel is undeniably the best gel drum dampener on the market. From cymbals to drumheads, there is no surface these gels won’t stick. Moreover, the RTOM Moongel can control almost every cymbal and drumhead’s overtones, ringing, and tone.


The RTOM Moongel Drum Dampeners are this guide’s most expensive gel pad.

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SNAREWEIGHT M80 Walnut Brown

SNAREWEIGHT M80 Walnut Brown Drum Tone Control Damper Dampener, the ORIGINAL, Made in USA


When training paradiddles, drummers often use a student snare drumkit which can offer tons of piercing overtones and ringing. Constant practice using an untreated snare drum can affect the hearing of drummers. Therefore, if you want to eradicate the overtones of snare drums, you’re in for a treat!  

Firstly, the SNAREWEIGHT M80 attaches itself through a patented magnetic clip. As a result, the M80 eliminates the need for adhesives that may accidentally tarnish a drumhead’s quality. Secondly, the SNAREWEIGHT M80 features four various presets by utilizing its foldability and magnetic center. This allows the users to control the final tone of their snare drums according to their taste.

Lastly, SNAREWEIGHT used Genuine USA leather on the M80. Therefore, resulting in a premium-level aesthetic that never goes out in style.

Key Features:

  • 8” Genuine USA Leather
  • Patented magnetic clip
  • Four foldable settings
  • Metal hoop compatibility
  • Handmade construction


When laid flat on a drumhead, the SNAREWEIGHT M80 can eliminate almost all overtones a snare drum produces. Consequently, delivering a cleaner and tighter snare drum tone. As a bonus, the SNAREWEIGHT M80 doesn’t use adhesives that may leave unwanted residues on a drumhead.


The SNAREWEIGHT M80 isn’t compatible with Tama Arc Hoops and S-hoops.

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SNAREWEIGHT #5 Drum Tone Control Damper Dampener

SNAREWEIGHT #5 Drum Tone Control Damper Dampener, the ORIGINAL, Made in USA…

SNAREWEIGHT #5 Drum Dampener Review:

The SNAREWEIGHT #5 Drum Dampener utilizes friction, gravity, and magnets to enhance the tone of snare drums. Using a neodymium magnet, the SNAREWEIGHT #5 attaches itself to triple-flange hoops with unparalleled durability.

Furthermore, the product’s weight provides optimal compression of up to 3dB, bringing the sound down to optimal drumming levels. This feature eliminates the need for arduous post mixing such as EQ and compression.

Moreover, SNAREWEIGHT #5 provides users with various insert options. Consequently, users can tweak the product’s compression and dampening. Whether you like high or low-sounding snares, SNAREWEIGHT #5 has you covered!

Key Features:

  • 0.75 lbs brass material
  • 1.87” x 2.44” x 0.66” dimension
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Walnut brown genuine leather insert
  • Free carrying case


The SNAREWEIGHT #5 can dampen snare frequencies from 10,000Hz down to 200Hz. In addition, it provides users with a compartment where they can adjust the insert they are using. Thus, allowing users to tweak the amount of compression and dampening the product on a drumhead.


SNAREWEIGHT specifically designed this product for metal triple-flange hoops. Therefore, I won’t recommend this product if your snare drum doesn’t have the said hoops.

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What to Look for When Buying Drum Dampeners?— A Buyer’s Guide

Drum Dampeners

Let’s face it; no two drum dampener is the same. Every drum dampener may feature different specifications that serve specific purposes. Considering the number of drum dampeners within the market, finding the right product may lead to confusion. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you identify the things you need to consider when getting drum dampeners.

Drum Dampener Style

As stated, there are lots of drum dampener styles within the market. Buyers can choose from a plethora of product styles. However, not all of these styles are beginner-friendly and easy to use.

It would be a lost cause to get a drum dampener with complicated instructions as it can provide users with difficulty. This may cause users to misuse the product, leading to the dampener’s misapplication.

Thus, I recommend buyers stick with easy-to-install products, such as drum gels, drum O-rings, and magnetic weighted dampeners.


Drum dampeners aren’t only supposed to be noise-absorbing materials. A drum dampener’s capacity to enhance tone by absorbing vibration is what separates it from drum mutes. For instance, drum dampeners provide drumkits with a better overtone control, faster attack, and warmer tone perfect for recording.

Therefore, I advise buyers to find drum dampener materials that can absorb excessive vibration without muddying its tone. In this scenario, the materials for the job would be silicone gels, films, and leather.

Installment Method

Last, the installment method of drum dampeners must be accessible to all drummers regardless of skill level. This ensures that the drum dampeners you’re buying suit all musical settings.

For instance, bringing and setting up internal mufflers on the local bar’s kit would be laborious and time-consuming. In this light, I only recommend buyers get batter head dampeners for an easier installation no matter their location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drum Dampeners

What do drum dampeners do?

Drum dampeners are drumkit accessories that typically sit on a drumhead. The main objective of this type of dampener is to clean up and control the sound of a drum. Depending on a dampener’s placement, they can control a drum or cymbal’s level, ringing, overtone, sustain, and frequencies.

How do I make my drums quieter?

Utilizing mesh or hydraulic drum heads can help a drumkit become significantly quieter. However, if you also want to control your drum’s overtone, ringing, and sustain, consider using drum dampeners.

Why do drummers put pillows in bass drum?

Drummers typically put pillows in a bass drum to muffle its interior. As a result, the bass drum’s tone sounds more lively thanks to the increased airflow control within the drum’s shell. In addition, doing this makes the bass drum more resonant without compromising its overall tone.

Drum dampeners work pretty much within the same context. However, instead of residing within the drum’s shell, these dampeners sit on top of drumheads to provide better tone control.

Why do drummers put tape on their drums?

Drummers tend to put tape on their drumheads because it helps control the drum’s overtone and ringing. Moreover, this helps drive down the drum’s noise significantly.

However, by doing this, drummers risk their drumheads with adhesive residue, which may deteriorate their overall quality. Therefore, I still recommend using gel drum dampeners instead of duct tape.

Why do cymbals have holes?

Cymbals with holes or low volume cymbals utilize these perforations to obstruct the cymbal’s vibration. As a result, this kills the vibration quickly, resulting to a lower noise level. However, if you’re on a budget, both drum dampeners and mutes can somehow replicate the same effect.

Enjoy your New Drum Dampeners!

Drum Dampeners

In conclusion, drum dampeners are budget-friendly accessories that help drummers control the final tone of their kit. Although they are all not built the same, almost all dampeners aim to accomplish this same feat. That’s why, if you’re looking for a cleaner and tighter drum tone, maybe all you need is a dampener or two.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the best drum dampeners according to your preference and needs. Do you have any tips for other readers on making drum dampeners more efficient and effective? Feel free to air your thoughts in the comment section below!

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