9 Best Cowbell for Drum Set: Accent your Fill and Lick with a Click!

A cowbell for drum set provides drummers with another way to keep time, similar to a hi-hat cymbal. However, instead of a “chick” sound, it offers more of a click reminiscent of a metronome for drummers.

Not everyone uses a cowbell for drum set, and not everyone would recommend having one in your kit. For instance, cowbells made it through Saturday Night Live’s “More Cowbell” skit, which pokes fun at the drum accessory for being “unnecessary” within a mix.

Drummers typically utilize a cowbell within Latin-American rhythmic passages such as salsa. However, there has been a rise in the use of cowbells within rock, pop, and other styles of music. In addition, cowbells have cemented themselves into classical and modern music, making them more of an essential than a nuisance.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a cowbell for drum set, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve collected 9 excellent mountable cowbells for all genres and skill levels in this guide.

9 Cowbell for Drum Set Reviewed on this Guide

The Best Cowbell for Drum Set For All Genres

Stagg CB305BK Rock Cowbell for Drum Set

Stagg CB305BK Rock Cowbell for Drumset,Black,5.5-Inch

Stagg CB305BK Cowbell Review:

Finding affordable gear that functions as intended is undoubtedly a banger. That’s why the Stagg CB305BK landed on this list!

Featuring an all-steel construction, the Stagg CB305BK produces a convincing cowbell click and durable performance. Not to mention, all of these are within a budget-friendly price point.

Moreover, the product’s mounting bracket features a screw mounting bracket. Consequently, users can place the Stagg CB305BK virtually anywhere within the drumkit. In a nutshell, the product’s price, durability, and flexibility around the kit make it an excellent value.

Key Features:

  • 4.5” up to 9.5” cowbell sizes
  • Black finish
  • Screw mounting bracket
  • All-steel construction


The Stagg CB305BK comes within an affordable price point. In addition, the product’s overall durability and versatility around the kit make it a heavy contender within the budget section.


Although the CB305BK possesses excellent potential within a kit, I first struggled to attach it using the included mounting rod. However, you can get around this by using another mounting rod, which unfortunately can cost you more money.

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Eastrock Metal Steel Cowbell for Drum Set

Eastrock 6 inch Metal Steel Cow Bells Noise Makers Hand Percussion Cowbell with Stick for Drum Set

Metal Steel Eastrock Cowbell Review:

Eastrock ensures this cowbell’s durability in every hit. Therefore, this is the one for you if you’re looking for a heavy-duty cowbell.

Firstly, the Eastrock Steel Cowbell for Drum Set underwent a high welding process. As a result, this results in a polished surface that delivers decent projection even from a light hit.

Secondly, the Eastrock Steel Cowbell for Drum Set produces a crisp sound that can easily break through various mixes. Lastly, this cowbell comes with an easy-mount attachment, allowing users to put it around the kit wherever they desire.

Key Features:

  • 4” up to 9” cowbell sizes
  • Free beater stick
  • Steel material
  • Black cowbell finish
  • Polished surface


The Eastrock Cowbell delivers excellent projection, making it my recommended cowbell for drummers playing in a band. Moreover, aside from being an additional percussive element within drumkits, the Eastrock Cowbell can also act as a standalone instrument.


The product’s mounting system is undeniably easy to use, but its screw-in system can easily scratch drum hardware.

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Performance Plus Professional Latin Style Cowbell for Drum Set

Performance Plus Professional 7' Latin Style Cowbell, Black, 7 inches (CB7)

Performance Plus Professional Cowbell Review:

Boasting a metallic appearance, the Performance Plus Professional Cowbell can be easily mistaken for a high-end cowbell for drum set. However, don’t let its appearance fool you. This incredibly slick Latin-style cowbell for drum set comes at a budget price!

Furthermore, the Performance Plus Cowbell features welded seams and a wing screw clamping system suitable for 3/8” diameter rods. These features combined make this product excellent for all types of drumkits.

The Performance Plus Cowbell delivers a crisp and quick tone without the harsh overtones, making it an excellent fit for tight-sounding drums. In addition, this cowbell also provides various modulation thanks to its refined high-grade steel material.

Key Features:

  • 5” up to 7” cowbell size
  • Wing screw clamp-on mounting system
  • Tempered steel material
  • Thumb screw holder clamp
  • Welded seams


The Performance Plus Professional Cowbel for Drum Set delivers incredible tone, durability, and versatility considering its price. The cowbell also boasts an easy installation thanks to its wing screw clamping mechanism.


My only gripe on this product is that it requires an additional mounting bracket purchase. Thus, defeating the purpose of its budget-friendly price in my point of view.

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LP Black Beauty Cowbell for Drum Set

LP Black Beauty Cowbell LP204AN

LP Black Beauty Cowbell Review:

The Latin Percussion Black Beauty Cowbell implements a 5” construction made from a combination of hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and stainless steel. This specific design delivers a bright and high click with a controlled overtone.

Furthermore, the LP Cowbell features a patented self-aligning eyebolt suitable with ½” to 3/8” rods. As a result, the LP Cowbell is effortlessly perfect for various drumkit styles and hardware.

First introduced within the New York Jazz scene, the LP Black Beauty has become a household name among drummers. This massive success led to the LP Black Beauty’s utilization among various genres, proving that it’s the most versatile cowbell.

Key Features:

  • 5” cowbell size
  • Black finish
  • Cold-rolled, hot-rolled, and stainless steel materials
  • Patented self-aligning eye-bolt mounting
  • Compatible with 3/8” and ½” diameter rods


Aside from its unmistakable and versatile sound, the LP Black Beauty is a highly durable cowbell that will cut through dense mixes. This product also comes with a mounting system that fits wide rod diameter, making it suitable for various drumkit styles.


It’s undeniable that this product is a classic in terms of cowbells. However, more cowbell options within Latin Percussion offer recent technologies that this product doesn’t possess.

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Latin Percussion LP007-N Cowbell for Drum Set

Latin Percussion LP007-N 8-Inch Rock Cowbell with Self-Aligning Mount,Black,1/2-Inch

Latin Percussion LP007-N Review:

The LP007-N cowbell delivers raw and cutting sound that is relatively low-pitched, thanks to its sheer size and construction.

First, the LP007-N features 14-gauge steel construction, providing laudable resistance against hard hits. Combined with the product’s 8” cowbell size, the LP007-N delivers a rich and deep tone.

Second, the LP007-N features the same eye-bolt mounting system found on the LP Black Beauty. This self-aligning eye-bolt simplifies the overall mounting process of the LP007-N for more convenient usage.

Key Features:

  • 8” cowbell size
  • 14-gauge steel construction
  • Compatible with 3/8” and ½” diameter rods
  • Eye-bolt mounting system
  • Black finish


The LP007-N delivers a rich, deep, and cutting sound, making it ideal for rock music. Furthermore, the product’s thick gauge and larger size make it highly durable, allowing the LP007-N to withstand hard hits.


I wouldn’t recommend the LP007-N outside rock and other heavy genres.

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Meinl Percussion STB625HH-C Cowbell for Drum Set

Meinl Percussion STB625HH-C 6 1/4-Inch Hand Hammered Steel Cowbell, Copper Color Finish

STB625HH-C Meinl Percussion Review:

Meinl utilizes a hand hammering process to construct the STB625HH. As a result, the Meinl STB625HH-C cuts its tone’s high-end, leading to a darker tone with a balanced sustain. Moreover, the resulting sound is highly versatile, allowing this cowbell for drum set to fit within various genres. This cowbell for drum set is also suitable for studio and live use, thanks to its balanced timbre.

Furthermore, the Meinl STB625HH-C utilizes a 3/8” eye-bolt mount that fits almost all mounting rods styles and sizes. That’s why if you’re looking for a premium, versatile, cutting cowbell, you can never go wrong with the STB625HH-C.

Key Features:

  • Brushed copper finish
  • 6 ¼” or 8” cowbell size
  • Hand-hammered surface
  • 3/8” eye-bolt mounting system


Aside from being a durable cowbell due to its hand hammering process, the STB625HH-C also delivers a deep, dark tone. This tonal response allows the cowbell to cut through dense mixes, making it ideal for studio tracking and live performances.


This Meinl Percussion STB625HH-C is pretty huge for a cowbell. That’s why I won’t recommend this for a portable drumkit.

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LP ROCK Ridge Rider Cowbell for Drum Set

LP ROCK Ridge Rider Cowbell with ½ inch Mount Black LP008-N

LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell Review:

This product is perfect if you’re looking for low-pitch cowbells that don’t sit on the extremes of the pitch spectrum. Introducing the LP Ridge Rider Cowbell, prepare to be amazed by its technical improvements than its predecessor— the LP007-N.

Firstly, the Ridge Rider Cowbell’s overall size is 8”, which is appropriate for a low-pitch sound. However, the Ridge Rider sits higher in terms of pitch than the LP007-N, delivering a luscious and cutting low-pitch tone.

Secondly, the Ridge Rider Cowbell features Latin Percussion’s patented Jenigor Bar, which dampens the product’s sound for a sharper tone. This bar also reinforces the cowbell’s exterior to resist possible denting due to hard hits. Finally, the Ridge Rider also features a self-aligning eye-bolt that fits 3/8” to ½” diameter rods.

Key Features:

  • 8” cowbell size
  • Patented Jenigor Bar
  • Self-aligning eye-bolt
  • Black colorway
  • Compatible with 3/8” and ½” diameter rods


The product’s low pitch signature and rich tone allow it to cut through mixes easily, making them ideal for recording. Not only this, but the patented self-aligning eye-bolt of the Ridge Rider cowbell also fits 3/8” to ½” diameter rods. Thus, making this cowbell highly versatile for almost all types of drumkit hardware.


This product isn’t for you if you’re looking for a higher-pitched cowbell for drum set.

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Latin Percussion Tommy Lee Rock Star Signature Cowbell for Drum Set

Latin Percussion Tommy Lee Rock Star Signature Cowbell (LP009TL)

LP Tommy Lee Signature Cowbell Review:

From high-selling albums to sold-out arena shows, we all know that Mötley Crüe is one of the best metal acts of the 80s. In this light, it’s safe to say that Mötley Crüe’s legendary drummer Tommy Lee uses the best gear and equipment. Introducing the Tommy Lee Rock Star Signature Cowbell, experience road-worthy gear with premium-level specifications.

The Tommy Lee Signature Cowbell came from the original LP Ridge Rider. However, Latin Percussion showered this product with improved specifications to make it cut to the needs of a touring musician.

Instead of the standard self-aligning eye-bolt, the Tommy Lee Signature Cowbell utilizes the Patented Vise-Clamp. In addition, this signature cowbell still features the patented jenigor bar, as seen in the Ridge Rider. What sets this signature model apart from the Ridge Rider is its improved durability, projection, and attack perfect for rock.

Key Features:

  • 8” cowbell size
  • Patented Jenigor bar
  • Tommy Lee Signature Finish
  • Patented Vise-Clamp
  • 3/8” up to ½” diameter rod compatibility


Features almost all the facets of the LP Ridge Rider with some improved specifications, making the product more road worthy. In addition, this cowbell for drum set delivers a deep tone suitable for both rock and metal.


This is an LP Rock Ridge Rider cowbell with some improved specifications. Nevertheless, the Rock Ridge Rider is still a great base product.

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Latin Percussion LP322 Prestige Line Cowbell for Drum Set

Latin Percussion LP322 Prestige Line Cowbell

LP322 Prestige Line Cowbell Review:

Featuring brass—the preferred material of some cymbal sets— the Prestige Cowbell delivers a distinct sound and tone. Firstly, the LP322 cowbell dominates other products through its rich, crisp tone with strong middle overtones.

Secondly, the LP322 utilizes Latin Percussion’s signature patented self-aligning eye-bolt. Consequently, the product can fit easily on 3/8” up to ½” diameter rods and drum hardware.

Lastly, the LP322 Cowbell for Drum Set incorporates Tito Puente’s signature sound within a compact cowbell. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best cowbell for Latin music, you can never go wrong with the LP322 Cowbell.

Key Features:

  • Antique brass metal material
  • 7 ½” cowbell size
  • Patented self-aligning eye-bolt
  • Compatible with 3/8” up to ½” rods


This product utilizes the sound of Tito Puente— who is considered “the King” of Latin percussion. The LP322 also boasts the sound of brass-clad bells supplemented by strong middle overtones, making this product’s tone unique.


The LP322 sounds excellent and unique in comparison with other LP products. However, it’s also the most expensive cowbell for drum set on this guide.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Cowbell for Drum Set— A Buyer’s Guide

cowbell for drum set

Not all cowbells have the exact specification; therefore, not all sound the same. There will always be something that distinguishes a certain cowbell from the rest. Consequently, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best cowbell features that suit your drumming needs.


Manufacturers use tons of materials in the cowbell market to make their cowbells. However, I still recommend cowbells that feature metal or steel materials. These materials ensure the product’s durability.

Furthermore, metal and steel materials allow cowbells to sound a certain way. For instance, thicker material will make the cowbell’s pitch higher. On the other hand, a larger body would allow a cowbell to have better projection and sustain. The choice of how big or thick a cowbell should be boils down to user preference.


As stated, a cowbell’s material contributes significantly to its overall durability. However, the chase for durability doesn’t stop here.

Therefore, I recommend drummers find cowbells that underwent hand hammering, meticulous welding, and other processes. Moreover, buyers could also look for included bar dampeners and thicker gauge cowbells. Doing so ensures that a cowbell has a better resistance against hard hits and dents.

Mounting System

The most common mounting system on cowbells is finger-tightened screws. This ensures that cowbells can easily mount on rods, drum hardware, and even the bass drum.

Furthermore, some companies utilize modified clamp holders, such as Latin Percussion’s self-aligning eye-bolt. In a nutshell, what’s imperative is that the cowbell’s mounting system can attach itself around 3/8” to ½” hardware. A mounting system that preserves the quality of drum hardware and rods is also a plus.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Cowbell for Drum Set

Where do you put a cowbell on a drum set?

There are multiple ways to clamp a cowbell for drum set efficiently. First, users can utilize a mounting rod that can firmly attach itself to the bass drum. Conversely, drummers can use clamping screws to tighten cowbells around the drum hardware, such as a snare drum stand.

What is a cowbell in drumming?

A cowbell is a piece of percussive instrument that produces a click sound when hit. Similar to hi-hats, drummers can use a cowbell for drum set to keep track of time. Typically, you can find cowbells in Latin music. However, cowbells can also be heard in some popular music due to their appeal among other genres. One of the most famous uses of cowbell in drumming is evident in Blue Oyster Cult’s hit entitled “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.

How do you play cowbell on drums?

Drummers usually use cowbells to highlight or accent a specific count in a beat. In addition, drummers can also utilize cowbells to keep time, similar to a ride cymbal. Cowbells can also fit in various rhythmic fills or even within the main drumline.

The implementation and usage of cowbells within drumming cannot be confined to one single statement. A drummer’s creativity should dictate how they will incorporate cowbells within their playing.

What is a cowbell stick called?

Clappers are the stick within cowbells that make them rattle. When utilized as a cowbell for drum set, typically, drummers remove the clappers within cowbells for a solid click sound.

What is the best cowbell?

The 9 best cowbells for all budgets are the following:

  • Stagg CB305BK
  • Eastrock Metal Steel Cowbell
  • Performance Plus Professional Latin Style Cowbell (CB7)
  • LP Black Beauty Cowbell (LP204AN)
  • Latin Percussion LP007-N Cowbell
  • Meinl Percussion STB625HH-C Hand-Hammered Cowbell
  • LP ROCK Ridge Rider Cowbell (LP008-N)
  • Latin Percussion Tommy Lee Rock Star Signature Cowbell (LP009TL)
  • Tito Puente Latin Percussion Signature Cowbell (LP322)

Enjoy Your Brand New Cowbell for Drum Set!

cowbell for drum set

In a nutshell, there are various ways to play a cowbell within a drumkit. Each playstyle adds color to a rhythmic section. Therefore, considering a product’s material, tone, and durability is crucial when buying a cowbell.

Not all cowbells are built the same; moreover, not all sound the same. There will always be a better cowbell in comparison with other products. Hopefully, this article has been helpful, especially in guiding you toward the best cowbell that will suit your needs.

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