Cheap Cymbal Stands For Beginners: Cheap With Quality

What are Cheap Cymbal Stands?

Drummers need cymbal stands. And if you could get cheap cymbal stands, all the better. It is quite astounding how much gear a drummer, even a beginner or a student, needs in order to have a playable set. Drums, cymbals, and hardware all add up to very hefty sums. Still, we choose to play this instrument. This choice is something we will never regret because drums are simply a joy to play.

Parents, however, who are supporting a young drummer or their children as they go through music school, may be overwhelmed by the costs. The various pieces of drums and drum-related equipment are not cheap. And, having to purchase a lot of these pieces make a great dent in buyer’s budgets. Not just parents but amateurs as well are affected by the cost of playing the drums.

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Drum hardware such as cymbal stands could be a potential aspect where we could skimp a little in terms of costs. These are not the pieces that actually make sounds. Given this, sound quality is not a big consideration when canvassing budgets for these pieces. A lot of the costs of manufacturing drums go into sourcing the best materials and best craftsmanship in the quest for the best sound. As a consequence, spending tons of your hard-earned currency on equipment that is not actually the basis of your sound seems quite ludicrous.

However, cymbal stands are still very important. These are where your valuable cymbals are placed. There are a few considerations that must be taken when choosing the best cymbal stands for your kit. Even if you go the cheap cymbal stands route, you must make sure that the cheap cymbal stands you get are affordable without compromising quality.

Cymbals are usually pricey. Still, something’s value is not always attached to its price. Check out our review of the best affordable cymbal sets here.

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Considerations For Choosing Cheap Cymbal Stands:


This is the greatest consideration you must be mindful of when choosing cheap cymbal stands. Obviously, the stands won’t make a night-and-day difference to the sound of your cymbals whether you go for the dearest or cheapest stands. Still, you are placing your possibly expensive and valuable cymbals on these. The important areas to watch out for are the mounting bolt which is the part of the stand that inserts into the cymbal center hole. Bad quality cymbal stands could potentially damage the center holes and cause cracks on the cymbals. A good cymbal stand will take your cymbals without causing damage to it.


Every drummer will have a setup that will be the most comfortable and accessible for them when playing. This not only refers to the drum pieces but also the hardware mounting those pieces. Cymbal stands are no exception. A good cymbal stand must allow the drummer to adjust the positions of their cymbals relative to their position when playing. Adjustments must be swift especially when setting up with limited time such as live show situations. The cymbal stand must also be able to hold its position well even when the drummer starts playing energetically.


We are trying to go for cheap cymbal stands for this review. A full 5-piece drum set will need at least 2 cymbal stands and a hi-hat cymbal stand. Thus, it would be better to spend as little as possible on cheap cymbal stands without compromising durability or adjustability. Although we would want to get the most affordable cymbal stands out there, we must never forget that we are placing our precious cymbals on these.

Given the nature of our review; namely, cheap cymbal stands, we will try to show affordable and solid options to higher-end gear. Stepped-up cymbal stands will generally be better than cheap cymbal stands. Given this, we opted to review cheap cymbal stands and stepped-up counterparts.

Best Cheap Cymbal Stands Review

PDP By DW 700 Series Straight Cheap Cymbal Stands 

PDP By DW Cymbal Stand (PDCS700)

Type: Straight Cymbal Stand


  • Double-Braced Legs
  • 2-Section Height Adjustment

PDP 700 Series By DW Cymbal Stand are simple and no-frills cheap cymbals stand. These have double-braced legs which help with their stability when in use. The double bracing allows the PDP 700 Series By DW Cymbal Stand to also be more durable and longer-lasting.

It has the standard single tubing height adjustment system which is adequate enough for height adjustments. It also has a standard cymbal tilter that uses a plate and bolt assembly.

These are great cymbals stands for beginners and students who need good and cheap cymbal stands without busting the bank.

Gibraltar 6710 Pro Straight Cheap Cymbal Stands

Gibraltar 6710 Pro Double Braced Straight Cymbal Stand

Type: Straight Cymbal Stand


  • Double-Braced Legs
  • 3-Section Height Adjustment
  • Memory Locks
  • Drum Key Locks on Tilter
  • ABS Protective Tube Inserts

Gibraltar 6710 Pro Double Braced Straight Cymbal Stands are much pricier and not-so-cheap cymbal stands compared to the PDP 700 straight cymbal stand by DW. However, these have a lot more features compared to PDP 700. First, the Gibraltar 6710 Pro features two height adjustment tubes compared to the single tube on the PDP 700 which allows for better height adjustment options.

Second, these feature more robust assemblies for height adjustment with ABS protective tube inserts and wing tension memory locks. These allow the Gibraltar 6710 Pro to hold its height adjustment even when the playing goes hard.

Third, the cymbal tilters on the Gibraltar 6710 Pro can be adjusted in 360-degree positioning without having to rotate the whole cymbal stand. It also has a drum key lock to secure the adjustment further.

For beginners and students who are not too strapped for cash, the Gibraltar 6710 Pro offers a ton of features.

PDP By DW 700 Series Boom Cheap Cymbal Stand

PDP By DW 700 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

Type: Boom Cymbal Stand


  • Double-Braced Legs
  • 2-Section Height Adjustment

Another entry from the PDP 700 Series, the PDP DW 700 Series Boom Cymbal Stand carries on the build quality of the PDP 700 straight cymbal stand. It has the same double-braced legs as the straight cymbal stand and the same single tubing height adjustment system.

However, going up the stand, the PDP by DW 700 Series Boom Cymbal Stand differs from the single cymbal stand. A boom arm replaces the cymbal tilter. This boom arm can be adjusted either towards or away from the center of the stand.

The tilter is found at the end of the boom arm that uses a plate and bolt assembly.

Like the PDP 700 Series straight cymbal stand, these are intended for beginner drummers: functional and affordable.

Pearl BC830 Boom Cheap Cymbal Stand

Pearl BC830 Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand, Medium Weight Boom Stand with Gearless UniLock Cymbal Tilter, Three-Tier Height Adjustment, and Sturdy Double-Braced legs.

Type: Boom Cymbal Stand


  • Double-Braced Legs
  • 3-Section Height Adjustment
  • Nylon Bushing Joints
  • Pearl’s UniLock Tilter

The Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stands are not-so-cheap cymbal stands that are intended for students who want to take playing drums to the next level. Featuring two height adjustment assemblies that feature nylon bushing joints. the Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand gives you the flexibility to choose how high you want your cymbals to be.

What’s great about the Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand is that it can be converted into a straight cymbal stand. The boom arm is supported by a robust joint that can take even the hardest hits without losing its position.

Further, the Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand’s cymbal tilter utilizes Pearl’s gearless UniLock tilter which makes cymbal positioning a breeze.

Although quite a bit more expensive than the PDP 700 Series Boom Cymbal, the Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand makes up for the added price with tons of features.

Vangoa Boom/Straight Cheap Cymbal Stand Set

Vangoa Cymbal Stand Boom/Straight Set, Heavy Duty Double Braced Legs with Padded Bag and Drumstick Bag, Adjust Height (32-57) in, 8.8lbs

Type: Boom Cymbal Stand | Extras


  • Double-Braced Legs
  • Oversized Rubber Feet
  • 3-Section Height Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Wing-nuts

The Vangoa Cymbal Stands are cheap cymbal stands that sport the standard design for boom cymbal stands. The reason why this particular product is pricier than the PDP 700 Boom Cymbal Stand is that it comes with a few nifty extras. These are a pair of sticks, a drumstick holder, and a carrying case.

In terms of construction, the Vangoa Cymbal Stands have double-braced legs and heavy-duty metal tubing. Due to this, Vangoa Cymbal Stands will be able to withstand whatever you throw at them.

These are great for beginner drummers who need a little more accessories. Due to the included carrying case, a separate carrying case is not needed.

Luvay Boom Cheap Cymbal Stand

Luvay Boom Cymbal Stand, Single Braced Lightweight (4.5lb)

Type: Boom Cymbal Stand


  • Single-Braced Legs
  • 2-Section Height Adjustment

The Luvay Boom Cheap Cymbal Stands are as cheap as cheap goes. It has sing-braced legs and normal-sized feet that contribute to the lightweight nature of these stands.

Due to its construction, it may not be as sturdy or stable as the standard of cheap cymbal stands which is are the PDP 700 Series stands. However, they are really inexpensive. If you are a beginner who just needs stands for their cymbals that are not that expensive as well, this is a good choice.

PDP By DW 700 Series Hi-Hat Cheap Cymbal Stand

Pacific Drums by DW 700 Series Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

Type: Hi-Hat Cymbal Stands


  • Double-Braced Legs
  • 2-Section Height Adjustment
  • Chain Drive Pedal

Yet another product from the PDP 700 Series, the PDP By DW 700 Series Hi-Hat Stands are cheap cymbal stands that are worth every penny. The PDP By DW 700 Series Hi-Hat Stand employs a chain drive to operate the hi-hats. It also has a sturdy foot pedal that employs a pin hinge to connect the footboard to the heel plate.

Like all other products from the PDP 700 Series, the PDP By DW 700 Series Hi-Hat Stand is functional, durable, and affordable; great for beginners are students alike.

Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Cheap Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Stand with Flat Base and New Direct Drive System

Type: Hi-Hat Cymbal Stands


  • Single-Braced Legs
  • 2-Section Height Adjustment
  • Direct Drive System
  • Flat-Base Tripod
  • ABS Protective Tube Inserts

The Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Stands are not-so-cheap cymbal stands that are intended for drummers who want a different type of drive system for their hi-hat pedals. The Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Stand uses a direct drive system. The difference between a direct drive system from a chain drive is that the former makes use of a lever to operate the hi-hats. See it in action here. This gives a stiffer yet lighter feel which might be a great option for beginners who want a different type of action. The tension of the direct drive could be adjusted for a lighter or heavier feel. 

The Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Stand has a low profile due to having a flat base tripod. This is great for drummers who need to play in smaller shows. It also weighs 7 pounds. This is great for students who need to bring their drum kits to band practice of to school.

Drums are heavy equipment such that transporting them, whether to your next show or to school is always a hassle. Ease your burden by checking and check out our review of affordable drum cases here.

DW Drum Workshop 7000 Series 7500 Hi-Hat Cymbal Stands

DW Drum Workshop CP7500 7000 Series 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

Type: Hi-Hat Cymbal Stands


  • Single-Braced Legs
  • Radius Rod Base
  • Plastic Tube Insulators
  • 2 Upper Rod Length Choices
  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • Cymbal Seat Adjustment
  • DW Toothless Tilter
  • DW TechLock Secondary Drum Key Lock

The headline for this review is “Cheap Cymbal Stands For Your Playing Needs.” Why then is a $150 hi-hat cymbal stand included in this review? We at Basic Drummer believe that how you sound depends largely on your ability and experience. However, we also believe that good gear can affect how well you play. This is especially true for us drummers because the hardware we use, be it our kick pedals or our hi-hat cymbals links our movements to the instruments we play.

Enter the DW CP7500 Hi-hat Stand which is a definitely-not-cheap cymbal stand that although, is pricey, can improve the way you play.

First of all, the DW CP7500 Hi-hat Stand is sturdy as can be. However, the biggest improvement of the DW CP7500 Hi-hat Stand over the other hi-hat stand in this review is its features. These stands make use of hinged memory locks which allow you to set a position and lock it in place. Even if you have to pack your hardware for trips to the school or in gigs, the memory locks allow you to replicate your position settings every time, saving time and effort.

The DW CP7500 Hi-hat Stand also makes use of a locking clutch and a patented Cymbal Seat Adjustment system that will secure your hi-hats in their position even after hours of playing.

Gibraltar SC-CMBAC Medium Boom Attachment Clamp Cheap Cymbal Stands

Gibraltar SC-CMBAC Medium Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp

Type: Boom Cymbal Clamp Attachment


  • 12-inch Boom Arm
  • Geared Tilter
  • 360 Degree Clamp and Boom Angle Adjustment

Although technically not a stand, the Gibraltar CS-CMBAC Medium Boom Attachment Clamp is a useful add-on to your existing cymbal stands and/or hardware.

Capable of mounting, small to medium sized cymbals like, small crashes, splashes, or china cymbals, the Gibraltar CS-CMBAC Medium Boom Attachment Clamp is a welcome addition to your existing setup.

FAQs For Cheap Cymbal Stands:

What metal is used for cymbal stands?

The metal used for cymbal stands varies; depending on the manufacturer. However, great quality and sturdy cymbal stands will make use of light but strong metal alloys for their tubing such as zinc alloy.

How many cymbal stands do I need?

It depends on how many cymbals you plan on using. A usual number for a full drum set would be 2 cymbals stands, either straight or boom arm, and a hi-hat stand. If you choose to add cymbals, the best option would be to get more stands. However, add-on boom arms or cymbal stackers allow you to mount more cymbals without having to purchase more cymbal stands.

What are boom stands for?

Boom cymbal stands are generally used for lighter cymbals such as extra crash cymbals or effects. The boom arm grants a drummer additional placement options since the boom arm allows the cymbals to be placed away from the actual base. This is useful for kits with a lot of pieces.


Cymbal stands are an essential piece of gear for drummers. For beginners, cheap cymbal stands should not mean unplayable, or flimsy. If you could spend a little more on hardware that supports your precious cymbals, we highly encourage you to go for it! Still, given our budgets, it may not always be possible to get the best possible drum hardware out in the market. We hope this review had given you insight into which type of cheap cymbal stands you should purchase.

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