Man playing a hand drum

What is a Hand Drum? An Introduction to Stickless Drumming!

A hand drum— as the name implies— is a general type of membranophone that musicians can play without drumsticks. The term “hand drum” is a broad drum classification that mostly includes traditional instruments. If you’re in the market for the best hand drum for your percussive needs, you’re in the right place. I crafted this … Read more

Man Playing Guitar - Acoustic Stompbox

The Best Electric and Acoustic Stompbox List

An acoustic stompbox is a type of foot drum guitarists use to outline the bass pattern in a rhythmic passage. As a result, providing them with the foundation of a beat while playing. However, the use of acoustic stompboxes isn’t locked within this framework. 8 Best Acoustic Stompbox Reviewed in this Guide Sometimes, drummers would … Read more

Snare Drumline - Timbales

A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Timbales: 8 Best Timbales for You!

Timbales, sometimes called pailas, utilize a single-headed design similar to a rack and floor tom. However, timbales are shallower and tuned higher than a typical tom drum. In addition, they utilize a metal casing which provides the drums with better durability. 8 Best Timbales Reviewed in this Guide The first timbales came to Cuba during … Read more

Bongo Drums with Drumsticks

10 Bongo Drums for All Skill Levels: Latin Funk without Breaking the Bank

Bongo drums are the staple of Afro-Cuban and Latin music when it comes to percussion. These small pairs of hand drums come in different sizes, producing various sounds and tones. Moreover, percussionists usually utilize bongo drums within a Latin music percussion set and sometimes a Cajon drum set. 10 Incredible Bongo Drums Reviewed in this … Read more

Large Drum Set with Mics - Roto Toms

A Review on the 5 Best Roto Toms to Expand Your Kit’s Sound!

Roto toms possess specific harmonic frequency spectra that depend on their construction. The roto tom’s definitive pitch characteristic is why they are one of the leading choices for composers when writing music. The Best Roto Toms Reviewed in This Guide A roto tom functions like a regular drum— it has a drumhead you hit with … Read more

Man Playing a Cajon - Cajon Drum Set

A Beginner-friendly Guide on Cajon Drum Set— Make One Today!

A Cajon Drum Set is one of the best rhythmic instruments to accompany acoustic guitars and basses. Typically, a Cajon on its own delivers an incredible combination of bass and snare drum sound. Still, a drummer can expand a Cajon into a drumkit! The Best Cajons for a Cajon Drum Set A drum set consists … Read more

Mounted Tambourine Drum on a Stand

10 Best Tambourine Drum for Both Mounted and Handheld Playing

A Tambourine Drum attachment provides drumkits with an enhanced percussive sound for a hi hat. When mounted on a cymbal, a tambourine drum cymbal attachment adds texture and character to every hit. 10 Tambourine Drum Reviewed in this Guide On the other hand, there is also a small-frame drum called a tambourine drum. This type … Read more