Roland Hi Hat

6 of the Best Roland Hi Hat and Accessories: Make your Kit Great Today!

A Roland Hi-hat is one of the most sought-after electronic hi-hat controllers for drummers with electronic drummers. Roland’s dedication to its craftsmanship and quality provides drummers with durable triggers, given that you use the best sticks for electronic drums. In addition, Roland crafted countless innovations such as the V-Drums Kit and the Roland TD-1DMK Electronic … Read more

Paiste Hi-hats

10 Best Paiste Hi Hats— Great Sounding Hi-hats for all Drummers

Paiste Hi-hats are Swedish-manufactured hi-hats that offer drummers outstanding and incredible playing feel and quality. Today, drummers rever Paiste as the third-largest manufacturer of cymbal sets, gongs, and other percussive instruments. Moreover, Paiste has been the one behind various cymbal innovations such as the flat ride, B8 bronze, and splash cymbal. Since 1906, Paiste has … Read more

Meinl Hi Hats

Best Meinl Hi-Hats Reviewed: 9 Outstanding Hi-Hats for all Budgets

Meinl Hi-hats has left its mark in the hearts of drummers around the world. Meinl’s dedication to its crafting quality raised the company’s name among the best cymbal manufacturers. Even I was astonished when I had the chance to play a Meinl hi hat years ago. Therefore, I collected 9 of the best Meinl Hi-hats, … Read more

Sabian hi hat

The Ultimate Sabian Hi-hat Shootout: 10 of the Best Hi-hats for all Budgets

Sabian hi-hat is one of the world’s best hi-hat manufacturers up to date. A close rival to the Zildjian hi-hat, Sabian has been one of the leaders in the innovation of cymbals since 1981. Moreover, various professionals worldwide, such as Slash’s drummer Brent Fitz, trusts Sabian. Therefore, if you are looking for your next hi-hat … Read more

Zildjian Hi Hat

8 Outstanding Zildjian Hi-Hat: Centuries-old Innovation For Your Kit

The Zildjian hi-hat is one of the best hi-hat brands in the market. Drummers worldwide— including me— have been hooked with the brand’s attention to detail and unparalleled sound. Spanning centuries’ worth of experience since 1623, the Zildjian brand has made its spot in the heart of the drumming community. Therefore, if you want to … Read more

hi hat

What is a Hi Hat?— A Straightforward Hi Hat Guide for Beginners

A hi hat is an essential cymbal for almost all drumkits. In addition, drummers usually utilize a hi-hat to accentuate the 2nd and 4th beat in a 4/4 count. Thus, making them a crucial component when playing with a band. On the other hand, some drummers such as rock and metal musicians utilize a hi-hat … Read more