Man Playing a Drumset - Hi Hat Clutch

8 Best Hi Hat Clutch Reviewed— Hi Hat Control for all Budgets

A hi hat clutch is an integral part of standard and remote hi hat stands. These often overlooked small stand accessories improve the overall feel and performance of hi-hats. 8 Best Hi-hat Clutch Reviewed in this Guide Within the market, various types of hi hat clutches provide different usage for certain circumstances. For instance, a … Read more

DW 9000 Series Hi Hat Stand

DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand: 5 Best Stands without Breaking the Bank

The DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand is one of the best hi-hat stands in the market. The series offers heavy-duty performance while remaining lightweight. In addition, the series also utilizes Airlift options, memory locks, adjusters, insulators, and more! Therefore, if you’re looking for an upgrade to your hi-hat stand, then the DW 9000 Series is … Read more