Piccolo snare with drumsticks

8 Best Piccolo Snare — Punchy and Cutting Snare Tones for You!

A piccolo snare is a small snare drum that utilizes a thin shell construction. This specific construction delivers a higher-pitched sound than standard snare drums. In addition, piccolo snares provide a lightweight performance that’s easy to bring in gigs. 8 of the Best Piccolo Snare in this Guide — A Glance Aside from this, piccolo … Read more

6-piece drum set - 7 piece drum set

4 of the Best 7 Piece Drum Set Reviewed: Which is the Best?

A 7-piece drum set provides wider sound possibilities than a standard drumkit. Typically, 7-piece drum sets expand their tom selection with two more tom drums. It may be a new rack tom or a floor tomf; nevertheless, the percussive sound variability of a 7-piece kit is on a new level. 4 of the Best 7-Piece … Read more

A Group of Assorted Suitcases — Suitcase Drum

Toca Kickboxx Suitcase Drum — Portability and Tone in a Suitcase

A suitcase drum is perfect for street musicians who needs that extra projection in open space. In addition, this type of drum also passes as a portable drum for quick live performances. That’s why if you’re always on the road, a suitcase drum would be a great addition to your drumming arsenal. 2 Incredible Suitcase … Read more

floor tom

6 Best Floor Tom Drums In The Market

A standard drum kit will never be complete without a floor tom. Similar to hi-hat cymbals, floor toms are essential in every drumkit. Without it, drumkits won’t have that extra resonant boom incorporated in almost all music genres today. Furthermore, floor toms complement the sound of a drumkit. Thus, providing users with the best versatility … Read more

Red Drums Set

7 of the Best Red Drums Set: Outstanding Kit Performance for All Ages

A red drums set is usually easier to find than a pink drums set. In addition, manufacturers such as Ludwig and Pearl utilize red shells more often than pink shells. Therefore, I ensure you that finding the best red drums set isn’t that hard of a task. However, this article is most helpful as a … Read more

Best yamaha drum kits

Best Yamaha Drum Kits Reviewed: Endless Tonal Possibilities on a Budget

The best Yamaha drum kits are excellent for all ages and skill levels. Yamaha Corporation started as a manufacturer of piano frames. The company’s dedication to its craft expanded from piano frames up to guitar manufacturing. Eventually, the company started manufacturing drums. As we know, Yamaha is one of today’s leading manufacturers of instruments worldwide. … Read more