Double Bass Pedal

Double Bass Pedal Reviewed: 7 Excellent Products for your Next Chops!

Today, owning a double bass pedal is ideal whether you are a hard rock, metal, or even a jazz drummer. However, with the right execution, the heel-toe technique can emulate the sound of a double bass pedal. Nevertheless, having a double bass pedal is more convenient, especially when playing fast and complex bass drum patterns. … Read more

best drum throne with backrest

6 Best Drum Throne With Backrest For Bad Back Problems

The best drum throne with backrest is one you can use for long periods without strain. We drummers might not give too much thought when it comes to drum hardware such as stands or drum thrones. It is wise however to put more thought into drum hardware. You may like to read: 3 Hydraulic Drum … Read more

cheap cymbal sets

Cheap Cymbal Stands For Beginners: Cheap With Quality

What are Cheap Cymbal Stands? Drummers need cymbal stands. And if you could get cheap cymbal stands, all the better. It is quite astounding how much gear a drummer, even a beginner or a student, needs in order to have a playable set. Drums, cymbals, and hardware all add up to very hefty sums. Still, … Read more