Man sitting in-front of a Drumkit — Muffle Heads

7 Best Muffle Heads — Quiet Practice Made Possible!

Muffle heads are a hassle-free way to lower your drum’s volume. Moreover, they also perform well as drum mutes minus the inconsistent stability. A Glance on The Best Muffle Heads Today Furthermore, muffle heads are extremely handy when you don’t want to spend much on building a soundproof drum room. This saves time, effort, and … Read more

Vic Firth Drum Sticks - drum stick sizes

A Beginner-friendly Guide to the Most Popular Drum Stick Sizes

Drum stick sizes— an awfully confusing topic among drummers that sends some into a frenzy to find the right size. However, finding the right drum stick size doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Perhaps you’re confused about what stick size would be best for you, but don’t worry, this guide has you covered. The … Read more

Person tuning a Snare Drum - Drums Key

10 Best Drums Key for Drum Tuning and Rack Adjustments

A drums key is a small drum accessory that allows users to adjust the tension of a drumhead, tuning it in the process. A tight drumhead tension provides users with a higher drum tuning. Conversely, a loose drumhead can bring a lower pitch— but not too loose if you don’t want a floppy drum sound. … Read more

large drum kit - drum rack

7 Best Drum Rack for Both Electronic and Acoustic Drumkits

A Drum Rack is the very foundation of drumkits. Most drum racks hold a kit’s toms through various mounting systems while providing much-needed stability. Typically, drum racks provide users with the capacity to customize their tom and cymbal sets. 7  Drum Rack Reviewed in this Guide Most standard drumkits will have a default tom rack, … Read more

snare drum stand

Top 8 Snare Drum Stand for Comfortable and Convenient Drumming

A snare drum stand provides drummers with a decent playing experience without straining. Unlike a small snare drum, we can’t mount standard snares on a tom arm. Therefore, making a snare drum stand essential drum hardware within a standard drum kit. You may like to read: Pearl Snare Drum Review: 8 Excellent Snares for All … Read more

Hydraulic Drum Throne

3 Hydraulic Drum Throne with 5 Alternatives— Drum Comfortably Today!

A hydraulic drum throne allows drummers to practice, rehearse and play comfortably. The best drum thrones also make a musician’s drumming experience much better. You may like to read: 6 Best Drum Throne With Backrest For Bad Back Problems As we all know, drumming requires syncopated arm and leg movements, which may produce straining over … Read more

hydraulic drum heads

7 Hydraulic Drum Heads From Evans: Fat and Deep Tones in a Budget

Make your drumset sound better with Evans Hydraulic Drum Heads! As we know, hydraulic drum heads have been around since the 1970s. When it hit the market, players immediately noticed the deep and clean tones it provides. Subsequently, making it a popular choice among beginners and professionals alike. The construction of hydraulic drum heads includes … Read more

bass drum sticks

8 of the Best Bass Drum Mallets and Sticks Reviewed

There’s nothing quite like the deep, resonant rumble of a bass drum. It’s the heartbeat of the music, the foundation that everything else is built upon. And to get the best possible sound from your bass drum, you need the best bass drum mallets or bass drum sticks. Finding the best bass drum mallets could … Read more

Bass Drum Head

7 Bass Drum Head Reviewed: The Best Low-End Tone Just for You!

As we know, today’s market overflows with various bass drum head offerings. As a result, confusing beginners as they try to find the best drum head for them. In addition, the different designs and construction of drum heads dictate the sound a bass drum makes. You may like to read: 6 Best Floor Tom Drums … Read more