Man playing a Wet Drum Set — 5a vs 5b drumsticks

5A vs 5B Drumsticks — Which One Should You Use?

A long-standing debate among drummers around the world is the type of stick they use. 5A vs 5B Drumsticks is one of the most debated stick-related topics since they are somewhat similar yet so different. However, do they really make much difference when it comes to your playing and sound? Maybe you are curious on … Read more

Drum Dampeners

9 Best Drum Dampeners Reviewed— Goodbye Overtones!

Drum dampeners possess various functionalities almost similar to drum mutes. For instance, they both affect the overall sound of a drumkit, albeit through different contexts. In comparison, drum dampeners are excellent for eliminating the excessive overtones, ringing, and sustain of snare drums and toms. On the other hand, drum mutes significantly lessen a kit’s noise … Read more

drum stick holder

7 Best Drum Stick Holder Bag & Stands Reviewed

Let’s face it, accidents such as dropping a drumstick may happen. When this rare but possible event occurs, drummers should be ready to bounce back to continue the beat. In this light, I always keep a drum stick holder within reach in every gig. As a drummer, one of my main goals when playing drums … Read more

drum mutes

7 Best Drum Mutes Reviewed: Play your Gear; Save your Ears

Drum mutes are excellent tools to lower the noise level of drumkits. They are also ideal tools for drummers who don’t have a soundproof drum room. Because, let’s face it, not everyone can buy soundproof materials and the knowledge to construct a proper studio. Manufacturers don’t only make drum mutes for drumkits; they also manufacture … Read more

Drum Rugs

8 Excellent Drum Rugs Reviewed— Stable Foundation for All Drumkits

Drum rugs are one of the few overlooked drum accessories considering their importance within a drumkit. Drum rugs enhance the overall aesthetic of drumkits; however, their function isn’t solely decorative.  Typically, a drum mat or rug is crucial equipment that keeps a drumkit from slipping away when in use. In addition, a drum rug protects … Read more

drum bags

10 Best Drum Bags: Protect Your Drums With Drum Bags

Drum bags are arguably as important as the drums themselves. Drums are especially fragile instruments that are sensitive to all sorts of things that could alter how they sound or in the worst cases damage them outright. Being usually made of wood, drum shells are sensitive to changes in the environment. If where they are … Read more

cymbal bags

Best Cymbal Bags: Protect Your Crashes from Crashes!

Cymbal Bags are an absolute necessity in a drummer’s inventory. These seemingly unassuming pieces of gear are vital to keeping a drummer’s precious cymbals well kept and maintained. For the most part, Cymbals are the most expensive and valuable percussion instruments in a drum kit. Unlike drums, cymbals cannot be tuned thus, a drummer cannot … Read more

best in ear monitors for drummers

Improve Your Performance! 10 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

Looking for the best in-ear monitors for drummers? Look no further. Here at Basic Drummer, look at the best and most affordable gear for beginners, students. We make to give the clearest picture when it comes to budget drums and gear. Here, we will be reviewing every in-ear monitor for drummers and musicians for every … Read more