7 Bass Drum Head Reviewed: The Best Low-End Tone Just for You!

Bass Drum Head

As we know, today’s market overflows with various bass drum head offerings. As a result, confusing beginners as they try to find the best drum head for them. In addition, the different designs and construction of drum heads dictate the sound a bass drum makes. Moreover, all drum heads feature different materials, providing a different … Read more

Choosing The Best Drum Throne With Backrest For You

best drum throne with backrest

The Best drum throne with backrest is one where you can use for long periods without strain. We drummers might not give too much thought when it comes to drum hardware such as stands or drum thrones. It is wise however to put more thought into drum hardware. Drum hardware are not the actual instruments … Read more

Best Drum Bags: Protect Your Drums With Drum Bags

drum bags

Drum bags are arguably as important as the drums themselves. Drums are especially fragile instruments that are sensitive to all sorts of things that could alter how they sound or in the worst cases damage them outright. Being usually made of wood, drum shells are sensitive to changes in the environment. If where they are … Read more

Best Cymbal Bags: Protect Your Crashes from Crashes!

cymbal bags

Cymbal Bags are an absolute necessity in a drummer’s inventory. These seemingly unassuming pieces of gear are vital to keeping a drummer’s precious cymbals well kept and maintained. For the most part, Cymbals are the most expensive and valuable percussion instruments in a drum kit. Unlike drums, cymbals cannot be tuned thus, a drummer cannot … Read more

Cheap Cymbal Stands For Beginners: Cheap With Quality

cheap cymbal sets

What are Cheap Cymbal Stands? Drummers need cymbal stands. And if you could get cheap cymbal stands, all the better. It is quite astounding how much gear a drummer, even a beginner or a student, needs in order to have a playable set. Drums, cymbals, and hardware all add up to very hefty sums. Still, … Read more

Improve Your Performance! 10 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

best in ear monitors for drummers

Looking for the best in-ear monitors for drummers? Look no further. Here at Basic Drummer, look at the best and most affordable gear for beginners, students. We make to give the clearest picture when it comes to budget drums and gear. Here, we will be reviewing every in-ear monitor for drummers and musicians for every … Read more

Best Drum Cases for Drummers: Top 10 Cases For Your Drums and Cymbals.

Drum Cases

Proper drum sets deserve proper drum cases. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a good case for your precious instruments is a always worthwhile investment. This is especially true for drums and cymbals. While other instruments like electric guitars and basses can shrug off a blow, drums and cymbals must always have protection. … Read more

10 Best Cymbal Sets for Beginners and Students: Which is best?

Cymbal Sets

What is a Cymbal Set? Cymbal sets are an absolutely essential piece of kit for every drummer. Legends behind the drum kit such as John Bonham of Led Zeppelin or Tony Williams who played for Miles Davis, and modern pioneers like Blink 182’s Travis Barker or Snarky Puppy’s Larnell Lewis all have one thing in … Read more