Man playing a Drum Kit - Silver Cymbals

7 Best Silver Cymbals Reviewed: A Shootout For All Budgets

Silver cymbals are great additions to a drumkit, especially if you’re looking for cymbal sets to complement your chrome-themed drumkit. Although most silver cymbals don’t feature a pure silver construction, it still delivers a shine that can turn heads in every performance. 7 Incredible Silver Cymbals Reviewed in this Guide Furthermore, a silver cymbal still … Read more

Low Volume Cymbals

Best Low Volume Cymbals Review— Rich Cymbal Voice minus the Noise

Let’s face it, cymbals are the noisiest part of a drumkit. Typical cymbal noises can reach from 110 to 120dB, making them louder than snare drums. This noise level provides a problem for drummers who wants to practice within their household. Luckily, low-volume cymbals can reduce this figure down to 80%! Most cymbals pack a … Read more

Splash Cymbal

9 of the Best Splash Cymbal Reviewed: Make your Chops Colorful Today!

Splash cymbal is a crucial component within cymbal sets— that’s a fact! However, they are one of the cymbals often overlooked by beginners. Sporting a sizing around 8” up to 10”, a splash cymbal provides kits with more crash flavor. You may like to read: Best Low Volume Cymbals Review— Rich Cymbal Voice minus the … Read more

Ride Cymbal

10 of the Best Ride Cymbal: Hand-picked Cymbals from All Price Points

A ride cymbal is a standard when it comes to all drumkits. Similar to a hi-hat cymbal, drummers utilize a ride cymbal for timekeeping. In addition, ride cymbals provide drummers with enough options and accentuations when maintaining rhythm. Furthermore, jazz musicians oftentimes incorporate ride cymbals during rhythmic patterns, providing more “swing” to a song. On … Read more

China Cymbal

10 Best China Cymbal Reviewed: Powerful Trashy Tone for Everyone!

A China Cymbal produces a crisp and bright sound accompanied by an explosive tone. However, unlike a crash cymbal, drummers frequently mount a China cymbal upside-down. Thus, making it easier to hit while providing a better overall sound. Furthermore, genres such as heavy metal, metalcore, and thrash metal oftentimes utilize China cymbals. On the other … Read more

Crash Cymbal

9 of the Best Crash Cymbal Reviewed: Incredible Picks for All Price Points

A crash cymbal provides a drumkit with the much-needed sharp attack frequently utilized for accentuations. Similar to hi-hat cymbals, a crash cymbal has its function within a drumkit. For instance, rock and metal drummers use crash cymbals to accentuate their beats. Sometimes even hitting two crash cymbals at once; thus, making the accent louder and … Read more

Cymbal Sets

10 Best Cymbal Sets for Beginners and Students: Which is best?

What is a Cymbal Set? Cymbal sets are an absolutely essential piece of kit for every drummer. Legends behind the drum kit such as John Bonham of Led Zeppelin or Tony Williams who played for Miles Davis, and modern pioneers like Blink 182’s Travis Barker or Snarky Puppy’s Larnell Lewis all have one thing in … Read more