Synthesizer wiring — Best Drum Synth

8 Best Drum Synth Reviewed — A Beginner-Friendly Guide

Having the best drum synth allows users to create and customize a drum sound without even needing to learn how to play drums. A drum synthesizer is quite similar to a beat machine with keyboard. However, their similarities end with the fact that they allow users to easily produce drum sounds with a push of … Read more

Drummer in a Smoky Room — best drum overhead mics

7 Best Drum Overhead Mics — Great Mics for All Musical Settings

You’ll need the best drum overhead mics if you want to record an incredible drum sound. Moreover, these microphones are integral to drummers who want to capture a balanced and clear sound of their cymbal sets. That’s why having the best overhead mics is a crucial component when recording acoustic drums. The Best Drum Overhead … Read more

Producer Mixing a Track - Interface for Recording Drums

What is the Best Interface for Recording Drums?

An interface for recording drums is a crucial component in capturing the best recording. A drum interface is a great addition to any electronic drumkit, especially if you’re recording through a computer. The Best Interface for Recording Drums Reviewed in this Guide Firstly, drum interfaces can easily hook to a module— usually through a ¼” … Read more

Live drumkit with drum mic kit

9 of the Best Drum Mic Kit for All Budget and Skill Level

An excellent drum mic kit is behind every sold-out arena show and record-shattering song. When utilized, a drum mic kit can bring a drumkit’s tone to another level according to its specification. That’s why having the best drum microphone set is essential when tone-chasing for live and studio settings. Every Drum Mic Kit Reviewed in … Read more

Soundproof Drum Room

Soundproof Drum Room Made Easy— The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Most drummers think that creating a soundproof drum room requires a lot of work. However, even though converting a room to become soundproof feels like a chore, it’s far from the truth. 3 Excellent Additions to your Soundproof Drum Room You may like to read: 8 Excellent Drum Rugs Reviewed— Stable Foundation for All Drumkits … Read more

soundproof curtains

The Truth Behind Soundproof Curtains — Are They Legit or a Sham?

Soundproof curtains provide drummers with a comfortable practice environment. As a drummer, I understand the need for soundproofing a drum room. Let’s face it, an acoustic drumset plays extremely loud in comparison with a beat machine with keyboard. There will come a time when you’ll hear complaints from your landlord or neighbors regarding your kit’s … Read more

Headphones for Electronic Drums

5 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums: Monitoring for All Skill Level

A pair of headphones for electronic drums help drummers practice silently within the comfort of their room whenever they choose not to use the best amplifier for electronic drums. In addition, a pair of headphones comes handy when a drummer mixes their drum track, providing crystal clear audio for meticulous players who want to perfect … Read more

4 Tips for Recording Jazz Drums

4 Tips for Recording Jazz Drums

Jazz drums are an entirely different animal from rock drums, metal drums, or other types of drums. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to treat jazz drums differently when miking, recording, and mixing them. You might like: How To Mic Up a Drum Kit for Kids The Right Mics For the Set … Read more


How To Mic Up a Drum Kit for Kids

A children’s drum kit can be a great way to help them develop a sense of rhythm and coordination. But, did you know that mic-ing up will better enhance and make your kid’s drum kit sound much better? So, What does mic up mean? “Mic up” is a term that is often used in the … Read more