Double Bass Pedal Reviewed: 7 Excellent Products for your Next Chops!

Double Bass Pedal

Today, owning a double bass pedal is ideal whether you are a hard rock, metal, or even a jazz drummer. However, with the right execution, the heel-toe technique can emulate the sound of a double bass pedal. Nevertheless, having a double bass pedal is more convenient, especially when playing fast and complex bass drum patterns. … Read more

Best Drumset for 8 year old: 5 Excellent Kits to Choose From

Best drumset for 8 year old

Finding the best drumset for 8 year old can be a grueling task for parents and musical instructors. As we know, playing musical instruments can be a fun-filled adventure for your little one. In addition, babies begin to recognize the beat of the music and various rhythmic timings, enhancing this skill as they grow. When … Read more

4 Tips for Recording Jazz Drums

4 Tips for Recording Jazz Drums

Jazz drums are an entirely different animal from rock drums, metal drums, or other types of drums. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to treat jazz drums differently when miking, recording, and mixing them. You might like: How To Mic Up a Drum Kit for Kids The Right Mics For the Set … Read more

The Best Drum Circles in St. Louis, Missouri

The Best Drum Circles in St. Louis, Missouri

There’s an empty circle of metal folding chairs sitting at the front of the Pathway’s New Age Books and Gifts in Concord Village, south St. Louis. Slowly, a scattered few start coming in around 7 o’clock. They bring a variety of drums. There are a few djembes, a bongo or two, and a couple of … Read more

Five of the Best Math Rock Drummers

Math rock has blossomed into a large musical genre, and it can be hard to find bands that are worth listening to. But one of the most interesting parts of math rock is its eclectic, fast sound, which is created by drummers banging away on the skins. Below, you’ll find five of the best math … Read more

How To Mic Up a Drum Kit for Kids

Micing (or miking) a drum kit for kids is something that has enthralled producers and musicians for generations. How do you get a good kick drum sound? What can you do to make the snare sound rich and full? How do you retain the energy of live drumming but control it in a studio environment? … Read more

What Musicians Should Expect at a Drum Circle: Djembes, Congas, and Other Hand Drums Get Together for a Rumble

Sometime during the 1960s, drummers began meeting together in public places like parks or beaches to make music. Participants faced each other in a circle and played, allowing the voices of their individual drums to join in a shared group rhythm. Today, the trend is still strong. Most major cities in the United States have … Read more

The World’s Best Drums Are Made in…Detroit? Innovation Drums Unites Motor City Technology With Artistic Passion

The World's Best Drums Are Made in...Detroit?

I took a look round the facilities of Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based Innovation Drum Company, under the meticulous, hands-on control of founder, CEO and self-described drum fanatic Stephen Badalament. “I go to bed thinking about drums, I wake up thinking about them,” admits Badalament, an accomplished drummer in his own right who has toured with such … Read more