A Beginner-friendly Guide on Cajon Drum Set— Make One Today!

A Cajon Drum Set is one of the best rhythmic instruments to accompany acoustic guitars and basses. Typically, a Cajon on its own delivers an incredible combination of bass and snare drum sound. Still, a drummer can expand a Cajon into a drumkit!

The Best Cajons for a Cajon Drum Set

A drum set consists of various elements such as a snare, bass drum, toms, and cymbal sets. However, not all drum equipment would have the timbre and subtlety of a Cajon— which is great for soft musical passages. That’s what separates a Cajon drum set from a standard drumkit.

Scouring through the internet for various equipment and gear could lead to bad purchases and incompatibility among your purchases. Therefore, I constructed this guide to help you build the best Cajon drum set according to your budget and preference.

5 Excellent Cajon Box Drums for a Cajon Drum Set

A Cajon drum is the center of a Cajon drum set. It acts as the bass drum and provides the kit’s low-end sound. The key to a tremendous Cajon-based kit is through an excellent foundation. That’s why I collected 5 of the best Cajon box drums you can use for your Cajon drum set.

Donner Drum Box Cajon Drum Set

Donner Cajon Drum Box,Percussion Instrument Full Size with Internal Guitar Strings & Beatbox Bag, Birchwood Beat Cahone Drum with Backpack Dual Adjustable Straps DCD-1

The Donner Cajon box drum is an excellent base for a Cajon drum set, especially for beginners and drummers on a budget. Featuring internal fixed guitar strings, the Donner Cajon delivers an incredible tone perfect for acoustic sessions.

Furthermore, the Donner Cajon utilizes rubber-capped feet, which allows the box to resist external vibrations. Consequently, making it suitable for playing with other drums and cymbals around it.

Donner also includes a free 10mm padded nylon bag with the Cajon. This enhances the box’s portability, making it ideal for street performances and gigging. Therefore, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly Cajon for a drum set, then this is perfect for you!

Key Features:

  • 11.81” x 12.13” x 18.9” Cajon dimension
  • Free 10mm padded nylon bag
  • Rubber-capped feet
  • 9.9 lbs lightweight construction
  • Hand-crafted birchwood material


The Donner Cajon incorporates rubber-capped feet, which helps it eliminate external vibrations for a clearer tone. In addition, this Cajon allows users to tighten and loosen internal strings for a more custom sound. This product also offers a quick attack and bright tone thanks to its birch playing surface.


The Donner Cajon is superb in delivering all its promises on paper. However, it begins to lag in terms of sound and tone compared with other Cajons on this list.

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LP Aspire Natural Wire Cajon Drum Set LPA1331

LP Aspire Natural Wire Cajon LPA1331

The Latin Percussion Aspire Cajon features a birch and maple body paired with a Para wood soundboard. This material pairing allows the Cajon box to deliver a deeper tone akin to a bass drum. Therefore, making it an ideal component for a Cajon drum set.

Moreover, the Aspire Cajon box drum utilizes three sets of DW snare wires, which provides users with a decent high-end sound. LP also provides this Cajon with rounded corners and a seamless seating surface, delivering a comfortable playing feel.

Key Features:

  • 19 ½” x 11 ¾” x 12 ¼” Cajon dimension
  • 3x DW Snare Wires
  • Birch and Maple Body
  • Para wood soundboard
  • Textured seating surface and rounded corners


Aside from being an excellent bass drum for a Cajon drum set, the LP Aspire also excels in being a standalone instrument. Furthermore, Latin Percussion is a name to be reckoned with when it comes to percussive instruments. From making some of the best cowbell for drum set to various Latin music-based instruments, you can’t go wrong with LP.


The only gripe I have with the LP Aspire is that it’s hard to adjust its snare wires. If you love changing your snare wires for a customized sound, this could prove a problem.

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Meinl Percussion Snarecraft Professional Walnut Snare Cajon

Meinl Percussion Snarecraft Professional Walnut Snare Cajon (SCP100WN)

Some drummers prefer the middle-ground sound of a Cajon— not too bright and not too deep. This sound frequency is where the Meinl Percussion Snarecraft excels!

This Cajon delivers a rich and booming sound thanks to its 9-ply Baltic birch body supplemented by a walnut front plate. Therefore, this product is ideal if you’re constructing a Cajon drum set that can easily cut through a mix.

Moreover, the Meinl Snarecraft features a snare knob, allowing users to turn the snare wire on and off. Meinl also implemented rounded corners on the Snarecraft, providing users better ergonomics when playing.

Furthermore, the Meinl Snarecraft uses a rear sound port at the Cajon’s back. Consequently, allowing it to deliver the best tone and resonance in every hit. Finally, the Cajon’s utilization of silicon feet eliminates external vibrations, making the Cajon’s output clear as day.

Key Features:

  • 19 ¾” x 12” x 11 ¾” dimension
  • 9-ply Baltic birch body and Walnut frontplate
  • Rounded Cajon corners
  • Snare switch knob
  • Rear Sound Port


This product’s utilization of a snare switch knob makes it easy to remove and attach the Cajon’s snare wires. Thus, making it convenient for users to use this Cajon as a solo instrument and a Cajon Drum Set bass drum.


You’re better off with the foot switch variant of this model if you’ll use this box’s snare-on/off functionality within a Cajon drum set.

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Meinl Woodcraft Pickup Cajon Box Drum with Internal Strings for Snare Effect

Meinl Pickup Cajon Box Drum with Internal Strings for Snare Effect - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Makah Burl Frontplate / Baltic Birch Body, Woodcraft Professional, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (PWCP100MB)

Sporting a Baltic Birch and Makah Burl combination, this Meinl Cajon Box Drum delivers an “EQ’d” sound on the get-go. Thus, resulting in booming lows and balanced highs. In addition, this wood combination also provides an incredible projection that easily cuts through the mix.

Furthermore, the Meinl Woodcraft features Piezo pickups, offering users more control over their level and tone. Meinl’s utilization of the Piezo pickups also gives the Woodcraft a volume boost and better mix during performances. Therefore, making this Cajon box drum ideal for live performances when utilized within a Cajon drum set.

The Meinl Woodcraft Cajon utilizes pre-tuned micro-coiled interior strings, providing users with better dynamics and sound. Lastly, this Cajon also features a direct line-in to an amplifier or a PA system using a ¼” jack.

Key Features:

  • 9-ply Baltic Birch and Makah Burl Frontplate
  • Micro-coiled Steel Strings
  • ¼” jack compatibility
  • Piezo pickups
  • 19 ¾” x 12” x11 ¾” dimension


The product’s usage of Piezo pickups makes it ideal for both unplugged and plugged acoustic sessions. In addition, the Meinl Woodcraft provides users with various EQ and mixing advantages over other Cajons on this list.


This Cajon’s specification is almost close to the Meinl Snarecraft. Therefore, if you don’t want the pickup feature of this Cajon, you can go with the latter product.

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Meinl Percussion Pickup Vertical Subwoofer Bass Cajon Box Drum for a Cajon Drum Set

Meinl Percussion Pickup Vertical Subwoofer Bass Cajon Box Drum with Snares and Electronics for Amp or PA System — NOT Made in China — Play with Your Hands, Baltic Birch, 2-Year Warranty (PSUBCAJ6B)

The Meinl Subwoofer Cajon amplifies its low-end to have a fortified thump and punch similar to a bass drum. Therefore, if you want that enormous bass drum thump that sends chests flying, this is the Cajon for you!

Firstly, this Meinl Cajon Box Drum utilizes vertical ports supplemented by an internal bass reflex. This allows the Cajon to focus received sound waves into the vertical ports, resulting in a deeper bass sound.

Secondly, Meinl incorporates fixed snare wires resulting in a crisp snare tone. The product’s Piezo pickups also enhance the Cajon box drum’s overall tone, EQ, and level control. Lastly, the product’s Baltic birch front plate allows the Cajon to be sensitive to various dynamics such as finger rolls.

Key Features:

  • Internal Subwoofer Bass
  • Vertical Ports and Internal Bass Reflex
  • Dual sets of internal snare wires
  • Piezo pickups
  • 19 ¼” x 15 ½” x 11 ¾” Cajon dimensions


The Meinl Subwoofer Cajon Box Drum delivers a punchy and powerful low-end similar to acoustic bass drums. Moreover, the product is sensitive to dynamic playing, making it suitable with brushes and other soft-sounding sticks.


This is the best box drum for a Cajon drum set on this list. However, it is also the most expensive and heaviest product on this guide.

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5 Essential Products To Look for When Constructing A Cajon Drum Kit— A Buyer’s Guide

Acoustic Band Playing on Stage - Cajon Drum Set

Now that we have a bass drum for a Cajon drum set, it is time to make it a drumkit. However, before we can make it into a drumkit, these are the products we’ll need to succeed in this transition:

Cajon Pedal and Mount

There are two pedal styles for a Cajon box drum— a heel or toe-driven pedal. A heel-drive pedal allows users to simultaneously use the Cajon as a seat and bass drum. On the other hand, a toe-drive pedal will enable users to use a Cajon as a traditional bass drum.

If you’re thinking of using a regular bass drum pedal, scratch it, it won’t work with a Cajon box drum. Without a proper pedal mount, every pedal hit would send a Cajon flying. Although you can MacGyver a pedal mount, it could prove to be a nerve-wracking experience.

Here are the best Pedal and Mount for a Cajon Drum Set:

Cajon Beater

After buying your pedal and mount, you’ll want to look next at Cajon beaters. Forget about using a regular bass drum beater on a Cajon box drum! This beater style transfers energy within a small area, preventing drummers from maximizing a Cajon’s sound. If you want to dish out the best bass drum tone through a Cajon, you should use the proper beater.

Here are the best Beaters for a Cajon Drum Set:

Snare Drum

For that extra high-end boost, drummers can put a snare within a Cajon drum set. In this light, I recommend drummers utilize a small snare drum on their kit.

From my point of view, it’s always easier to mount a smaller-sized drum within a compact Cajon drum set. In addition, a small snare’s sound signature is perfect for subtle brush strokes within an acoustic mix.

Brushes and Drumsticks for a Cajon Drum Set

When using a Cajon drum set, drummers can use the best sticks for electronic drums and acoustic drumkits. These sticks are only great for solid beat timbres like a rock beat. However, if you’re looking to nail subtle patterns, you’ll be better off with brushes.

Here are the Best Brushes and Drumsticks for A Cajon Drum Set:

Cymbal Set

We all know that a standard cymbal set can easily overpower the rest of a band, especially within an acoustic setting. While one workaround here is to play lightly, this could affect the overall cymbal tone within a song. Therefore, I recommend drummers who play a Cajon Drum Set use low volume cymbals to allow other instruments to cut within a mix.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Cajon Drum Set

Can a Cajon replace a drum kit?

A Cajon delivers great snare and bass drum sound combinations. However, it would still require various add-ons to perform toe-to-toe with a drumkit.

If you’re looking to replace a drumkit with a Cajon drum kit, then you should have the following:

  • A Cajon Box Drum
  • Cajon Beater
  • Small Snare Drum with Snare Drum Stand
  • Cajon Pedal and Mount
  • Drumsticks and Brushes

What Cajon drum should I buy?

If you’re looking to convert a Cajon into a Cajon Drum Set, you should get the Meinl Subwoofer Bass Cajon. The Meinl Percussion Pickup Vertical Subwoofer Bass Cajon can match the power and thump of acoustic bass drums. Therefore, ensuring that you won’t lose that driving and pounding low-end in every performance.

Are Cajon drums good?

A Cajon box drum is an excellent substitute for a standard drum kit, especially within unplugged acoustic sessions. Compared with a drumkit, the Cajon’s sound allows percussionists to maintain and accentuate rhythm without eating the whole mix. Furthermore, drummers can transform a Cajon into a drum kit by utilizing compatible mounts, snares, beaters, and drumsticks.

Is a Cajon a type of drum?

A Cajon is a percussion instrument that combines a snare, bass, and drum throne in one compact package. Typically, percussionists utilize Cajon in acoustic, Latin, and Afro-American-related music.

Moreover, like a drumkit, a Cajon provides music with beat accentuation while keeping time. That’s why a Cajon can be considered a type of drum.

Can you use Drumsticks on a Cajon?

Percussionists typically play a Cajon using their hands. However, a Cajon is also compatible with drumsticks and brushes, depending on the sound preference of its user. Cajons are also compatible with a beater, pedal, and mount if you want to use them as a bass drum.

Enjoy your New Cajon Drum Set!

Man Playing on the Street - Cajon Drum Set

A Cajon drum box is a versatile instrument. Percussionists can play Cajons as a standalone instrument or as a bass drum within a Cajon drum set. Therefore, making the customizing possibility with Cajons virtually limitless!

Fingers-crossed, I hope that this guide has been instrumental in helping you create the best Cajon drum set possible. Did you learn something new? Feel free to share it because I’d love to read about it in the comment section.

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