Behringer XD80-USB Electronic Drum Set Review

This Behringer XD80-USB Electronic Drum Set review will differentiate a great-sounding kit from other available alternatives in the market. Designed by and for drummers, its rock-solid construction and professional features will help bring your performance to the next level. Take a look at what it has to offer and enhance your drumming experience now.

Behringer XD80USB Electronic Drum Set

What You’ll Find in the Box

  • HDS240 USB sound module
  • Kick pedal, pad and stand
  • 1 x 8-inch dual-zone snare pad
  • 3 x 8-inch dual-zone pads
  • 3 x 12-inch cymbals
  • Hi-hat trigger pedal
  • Drum rack with mounting hardware
  • Multi-pin breakout cable for easy setup
  • Pair of drumsticks
  • Drum tool
  • Quick-start guide and assembly instructions
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Behringer XD80-USB Electronic Drum Set Features

See below the product features and technical specifications of the Behringer XD80-USB electronic drum set:

  1. With 175 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds, 15 drum sets, LCD display and USB/MIDI interface
  2. The XD80-USB contains music tracks in various styles for both beginner and experienced drummers alike looking to play real music and sharpening their skills.
  3. 10 factory presets plus 5-user programmable drum sets
  4. Built-in sequencer for play-along practice sessions and performances
  5. Dual-zone snare and tom pads for drum head and rim playing techniques
  6. Dual-zone and ride cymbals for bell and rim playing styles
Behringer XD80USB Electronic Drum Set
  • 5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Rubber Heads
  • HDS240USB Sound Module
  • 3 x Cymbals

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Generally, the Behringer XD80-USB Electronic Drum Set received average feedback from existing users. One user claimed that there is not better kit out there than the Behringer XD80 in terms of value for money. Certainly, a kit that includes everything you need – plus a pair of drumsticks – makes your purchase worth it.

A number of users raised the lack of solid feel to the stand and mounts – thus the added chore of making any adjustments to the system.

Pros of the Product

  • The sound module’s user interface is flexible, functional and easy to use, with a very logical format and highly intuitive setup parameters.
  • Designed for fast and easy setup
  • Easy to assemble drum rack
  • Pads feature a natural rubber surface, offering a feel of real skins and minimizing false triggering.
  • With sturdy aluminum frame that acts as a solid foundation for the drum and cymbal pads
  • Built-in USB/MIDI interface allows you to connect to your laptop/PC and external MIDI sound modules, putting a huge library of sounds in easy access.
  • The High Definition Sampling (HDS) technology allows for a top-notch studio drum, percussion and cymbal sounds. In addition, all are velocity sensitive for your most refined performance.

Cons of the Product

  • May take you two hours or more to put it all up together
  • Build issues on the kickdrum pedal/mallet
  • Hi-hat pedal may feel lacking in terms of responsiveness. A lot of getting used to may be needed.

Ease of Learning

This video will take you through the sounds of the Behringer XD80-USB. Ideal for beginners and teenagers alike, watch how you can play different styles of music from its kits. It can do anything from acoustic style through dance/techno style beats.

Who Should Buy This Product:

The Behringer XD80-USB is ideal for those who are just starting to develop or improve their skills. If you use electronic drums for practice and then eventually return to an acoustic kit for live performances, then this kit is also for you.

Behringer XD80USB Electronic Drum Set
  • 5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Rubber Heads
  • HDS240USB Sound Module
  • 3 x Cymbals

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Behringer XD80-USB is a great kit if you are keen in saving space while enjoying a quality electronic drum set. It may be your next best alternative to other leading kits in the market. Enjoy great flexibility when laying down tracks while recording and working to your heart’s desire. With a good feel and great sounds, this is the ideal inexpensive set to learn the basics of drumming. Or to just perfect your craft.

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