AW 3pcs Junior Kid Child Drum Set Kit Review

I’ve always been thinking about what to give my nephew since I am the only one who hasn’t given anything yet. I saw drum kits that are the size designed for little kids, which is why I thought I should give one to my nephew. It will be great to give him something to play with musical instruments and at the same time spark his interest in playing more about it.

I’ve picked the AW 3pcs Junior Kid Child Drum Set Kit, a perfect drum set for my nephew. First of all, I did not just pick the set randomly. I knew that my nephew had a knack for hitting stuff, which is why I intended on giving him a basic drum set. This is the answer to that. What I really love about this drum kit is that even if it is not on the same level as professionals use, it gives that kind of look, which is why my decision to buy this.

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AW 3-Piece Drum Set Kids Beginner 12' Drum Set 4 PieceSticks Throne Cymbal Bass Snare Seat Drumsticks & Seat Musical Instruments Beginner Sets Age 6-12 Black

Manufacturer specifications are as follows:

  • It uses real wood material for the drum shell, intended to last long and a good durable quality
  • It comes with drumsticks
  • Drum throne have pads and also they are adjustable
  • Easy assembly, comes with an easy to understand instructions in setting it up
  • This is an ideal gift for the holidays

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AW 3pcs Junior Kid Child Drum Set Kit Review

The last specs claimed by the manufacturer is really true. When I first went through various drum sets that are designed for kids, I was a bit disappointed because some of them were too much like a toy. I have nothing against toy drums, but I have to make it extra special for my nephew as he is already 8 years old.

My nephew is a bit interested in playing drums and to encourage him to learn more about it, why not give him something that is close to what professionals use, but at a basic level that he can practice his skills?

The first time my nephew received it, he was definitely overjoyed that I got him a drum kit that is not like any other drum kits he’s seen with his friends. Sometimes the most gifts that he receives at his age are too serious, but with a drum set that makes him feel like a real drummer on a concert is already enough for me. It has already been 5 months since I first bought this for him, and the quality of the drums is as claimed by the manufacturer.

AW 3-Piece Drum Set Kids Beginner 12" Drum Set 4...
  • [Friendly]: This 3pcs Drum Set consists of 3 drums and a stool in a friendly size and simple design, offering a great way develop musical abilities, eye-hand coordination and motor skills from a young age, encouraging kids to enjoy musical fun at home without spending too much time with electronic gadgets

You might hear a complaint or two from other purchasers, but you’ll barely even notice them. The most common complaints I’ve seen are its size is too small for an 8-year-old, but I have evidence that my 8-year-old nephew loves it, and it shows in his face.

My only advice that I can give you with this review is that if you are aiming for a drum kit that wants to encourage kids to learn more about playing drums, this is a good start for them.

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