Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Electronic Drum Set Review

Don’t settle for anything less for you or for your kid – discover the new standard in electronic drums with the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit. The drum set includes everything that every aspiring drummer needs to have, in order to play like a pro. In fact, this electronic drum set is huge – 8 drums, 385 songs and 60 play-along tracks. Lets go drumming!

Alesis Drums Surge Mesh Kit - Electric Drum Set with USB MIDI Connectivity, Mesh Heads, Solid Rack and Drum Module Including 40 Kits and 385 Sounds

What You’ll Find in the Box

  1. Surge drum module
  2. 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare
  3. Three 8-inch dual-zone mesh tom pads
  4. 8-inch mesh kick tower pad with pedal
  5. Three cymbals that offer a virtually unlimited range of playing expression: a ride cymbal, crash cymbal with choke function and hi-hat
  6. Premium 4-post chrome rack (Nitro Mesh Kit features an aluminum rack while the Turbo Mesh kit includes a black steel rack.)
  7. On board recorder
  8. AUX input & USB MIDI connectivity
  9. Drumsticks
  10. Power supply
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Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Electronic Drum Set Features

Check out the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit’s features and technical specifications:

  1. The Surge module will surprise any drummer out there. With its back lit LCD screen, navigation will be an easy task. It even comes with 40 classic and modern ready-to-play kits.
  2. All mesh drum heads of Alesis deliver the most realistic and immersive playing experience beginner and modern drummers look for.
  3. With built-in learning features, 60 play-along music tracks, and an on board metronome
  4. You can assign two different sounds to each tom and to each rim. For example, you can assign a cowbell sound to one of the tom rims.
  5. Features some old school MIDI In and Out jacks; plus, a headphone jack for private practice
  6. Stereo Aux provides an opportunity for the user to jam along one’s favorite tracks – either on an MP3 player or a CD.

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Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

We took a stroll online and observed what people had to say about the product. In full disclosure, the product had received excellent reviews, from satisfied customers.

Customers described the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit as having: “…..This drum set has some incredible features which my son enjoys. Incredible quality!” – Beatrice Parker, Long Island

Another customer expressed “….You definitely get value for your money with this drum set.” – Thomas Franck, Pennsylvania

When it came to the technical setup of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit, this was also relatively simple, except for instructions for some of the pieces that look identical.

Most noteworthy, the drum kit produces extremely well sounds. One user gave quite helpful advice – to play around with the mesh tightness in case the heads do not seem responsive or tight enough.

Alesis Drums Surge Mesh Kit - Electric Drum Set...
  • Natural feel, premium response; 8” mesh kick drum Tower with kick drum pedal (included), 10” dual-zone mesh snare and three 8” dual-zone mesh Tom pads

Pros of the Product

  • Drum and cymbal buttons feature a design that makes it simple to assign sounds and create kits.
  • Surge module features 385 superior drum, cymbal and percussion sounds.
  • Excellent quality chrome stand
  • Top-notch fixtures
  • Nice mesh heads
  • Drum sticks reflect off the surface like a real drum.

Cons of the Product

  • Instructions for the setup may be difficult to understand for some – especially kids who are just learning how to play.
  • A bit complicated electronic control box – no glossary, thus, may create confusion
  • Support fixtures work better one way than the other.

Ease of Learning

Once mastered, the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is incredibly cool. With 60 songs to choose from, it will be relevant for mediocre drummers who need the extra challenge with more than 350 sounds to chose from.

The nature of electronic drums is to allow the drumming with lower volume. However, with the stick in the right set of hands, some decent high-volume jamming is possible. We found the below video to illustrate it. Check it out!

Who Should Buy This Product:

Life-long guitarists or bassists looking for an electronic drum set could also make the most out of this kit.

While a professional drummer may not be truly satisfied with this model, kids and beginners alike will surely have another opinion. The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Drum Set can potentially be synchronized with a logic pro on Mac, for example.

Alesis Drums Surge Mesh Kit - Electric Drum Set...
  • Natural feel, premium response; 8” mesh kick drum Tower with kick drum pedal (included), 10” dual-zone mesh snare and three 8” dual-zone mesh Tom pads

Conclusion and Recommendations

The kit’s compact size plus conveniently collapsible design means this kit goes where larger kits cannot. It is an expanded and dependable electronic drum set that can help you improve your skills. You will be pleasantly surprised at the kit’s ruggedness – it will feel like you’re playing real drums!

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