The Best Electric and Acoustic Stompbox List

An acoustic stompbox is a type of foot drum guitarists use to outline the bass pattern in a rhythmic passage. As a result, providing them with the foundation of a beat while playing. However, the use of acoustic stompboxes isn’t locked within this framework.

8 Best Acoustic Stompbox Reviewed in this Guide

Sometimes, drummers would utilize acoustic stompboxes within their Cajon drum set, substituting them for a bass pedal. Most acoustic stompboxes require an amplifier. Therefore, if you’re looking for one, you might want to check the best amplifier for electronic drums. However, if you have an existing acoustic guitar amplifier, that should do the trick.

If you’re looking to become the next one-man band or just want a drum kick substitute for acoustic performances, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I collected eight of the best acoustic stompboxes for both guitarists and canonists alike.

4 Affordable Acoustic and Electric Stompbox for Cajonists and Guitarists on a Budget

SX SBX II Acoustic StompBox

SX SBX II Stomp Box

Being cheap doesn’t mean you’re losing quality— well at least it’s not as bad as it seems. The SX SBX II Stomp Box features an active circuit, providing the stompbox with a fuller and defined sound. Furthermore, the SX SBX II is compatible with standard ¼” guitar jacks, making it suitable with guitar and drum amplifiers.

I won’t say that this box authentically captures the sound of bass drums. However, it’s close considering the price you’re paying for it. That’s why if you need a quick rhythmic accompaniment or a low-end on your percussive playing, this product is perfect!

Key Features:

  • Active circuit
  • ¼” guitar jack compatibility
  • 9V Battery slot


The SX SBX II Acoustic Stomp Box boasts a straightforward operation that’s easy to get into. It’s also compatible with ¼” jacks, making it easy to connect with drum and acoustic amplifiers.


One problem I have with this product would be its flat EQ from the get-go. There’s no way to change or EQ this pedal. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend plugging this product into a straight line-in without an amp or mixer EQ.

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Logjam The Logarhythm MK3 Acoustic Stompbox

Logjam The Logarhythm mk3

When performing in various places, I always ensure that my gear is always up for the job. If you’re on the same page, then consider getting the Logarhythm MK3 Acoustic Stomp Box!

Logjam made the Logarthythm MK III foot drum based on its predecessor— the MK II. The MKIII features a smoother stomping area and radius to reduce strain when in use during extended periods. As a result, the MK III’s stomping area is comfortable to use while on the road.

Moreover, the Logarhythm MK III features two hitting zones— the left and right— generating softer and louder dynamics respectively. That’s why if you’re looking for a decent gigging foot drum, the Logarhythm MK III is for you!

Key Features:

  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Curved stomping area
  • High-quality certificated timber material
  • Battery or PSU operation
  • Left and right stomping zones


The Logjam Logarthythm MK III foot drum features a construction that’s seamless and comfortable to play. In addition, this acoustic stomp box features two hitting zones that allow users to put dynamics into their playing.


Similar to the SX SBX II Acoustic Stompbox, this also requires further EQ tweaking to maximize its tone. In addition, its curved construction affects its stability, making it move in every hit.

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Ortega Guitars ANNALOG Singer-Songwriter Acoustic Stompbox

Ortega Guitars Analog Singer-Songwriter Stomp Box with Built-in Passive Piezo for Kick Sound, Natural (ANNALOG)

I know the pain of having to EQ your tone through a PA system’s mixer; worse, through a drum amplifier. Tweaking a mixer is quite a chore, especially when you’re in a time crunch when setting up in a venue. Conversely, tweaking a drum amplifier for an acoustic stompbox might compromise your tone. Luckily, the Ortega Guitars Acoustic Stompbox is here to save the day!

Firstly, the Ortega Guitars’ acoustic stomp box utilizes a volume control, allowing users to adjust their tone through a knob. This acoustic stomp box feature allows the product’s sound to easily blend within a mix.

Secondly, this analog acoustic stompbox is compatible with a ¼” jack. It also features a true discrete pass-through, preserving your tone as its signal passes through its circuitry. Lastly, Ortega Guitars crafted this drum box with a non-slip bottom coating that prevents slipping when used.

Key Features:

  • Solid cherry wood material
  • Built-in Piezo pickup
  • Volume control knob
  • ¼” jack in and out
  • Passive circuitry


The Ortega Analog Drum Box features passive circuitry which means it doesn’t require any batteries to run. Moreover, this acoustic stomp box also comes with a true discrete pass. As a result, preserving the tone of instruments that runs through it in a chain.


This product works better when plugged straight into a PA system rather than an instrument amplifier.

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Meinl Percussion BASSBOX Acoustic Stompbox Cajon

Meinl Percussion BASSBOX Acoustic Cajon Stomp Box with L-Shaped Beater, Black (VIDEO)

The Meinl BASSBOX is the answer if you’re looking for that extra “oomph” to your acoustic bass drum tone. The BASSBOX features Baltic birch wood, delivering a punchy low. In addition, its front-facing sound port allows for better sound projection. This product’s front-facing sound port also allows users to use a mic to capture its sound.

Furthermore, Meinl also includes an L-shaped beater with a soft foam head, allowing users to hit the foot drum with more power. This beater is compatible with the best kick pedal for electronic drums and acoustic drums.

Meinl put four rubber feet under the BASSBOX, providing users with a stable playing experience. Moreover, this feature also dampens unwanted vibrations to produce authentic bass drum sound and tone.

Key Features:

  • Baltic birch wood material
  • Front-facing sound port
  • L-shaped soft foam beater
  • Rubber feet bottom
  • Aluminum rail pedal mounting system


The Meinl Percussion BASSBOX Acoustic Stompbox Cajon delivers a chest-thumping performance thanks to its front-facing port and included beater. Through these inclusions, users can conveniently pick their attack and dynamics according to a musical setting.


Meinl designed the BASSBOX as a fully acoustic stompbox, which means that it’s not compatible with amplifiers and PA systems. If you want to record or run this product through stage monitors, you’ll have to use a drum mic kit.

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4 of the Best Electric Stompboxes for all Musical Settings

Oak Toekicker Acoustic Stompbox Foot Percussion

Oak Toekicker Acoustic Stompbox Foot Percussion | Tap Foot For Deep Kick Drum Sound While Playing Guitar | Connects To Amp & PA Standard ¼' Guitar Cable | No Battery | Handmade in USA Kopf Percussion

The Kopf Percussion OAK Toekicker Drum Box features a simplistic construction, and its charm stems from that. Kopf Percussion designed the Toekicker with a flat construction, which allows users to step on it comfortably when playing. Moreover, the product’s surface holds the user’s foot in a natural position, preventing straining over an extended period of use.

The Oak Toekicker also comes with a passive contact microphone that works without the need for batteries. Even though this acoustic stomp box lacks more power than active circuitry, it still produces a decent bass drum tone.

Furthermore, the Kopf Percussions boasts a lightweight construction that easily fits within guitar and drum bags. That’s why if you’re looking for an ergonomic acoustic stompbox for live shows, you can’t go wrong with the Oak Toekicker.

Key Features:

  • 13” x 6” x 1” acoustic stomp box dimension
  • Oak wood material
  • Anti-fatigue ergonomic design
  • Passive circuitry
  • ¼” jack connectivity


Kopf Percussion designed the Oak Toekicker with a lightweight and slim body that’s easy to lug around. The product also features an anti-fatigue design that’s extremely ergonomic to use. Its non-slip steel reinforced rubber feet also ensure its stability when in use.


The product lacks an equilibrium point, requiring users to utilize a full range of stomping motions to get a louder sound projection.

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Ortega Guitars Digital HORSE KICK PRO Acoustic Stompbox

Ortega Guitars Digital Singer-Songwriter Percussion Stomp Box with 5 Samples (HORSE KICK PRO)

The HORSE KICK PRO Acoustic Stomp Box is a highly flexible drum box. Ortega Guitars designed this acoustic stomp box with 5 percussion samples to choose from. Therefore, users can pick from the following sound selections: Cajon bass, kick drum, cowbell, cabasa, and tambourine drum.

If you love mixing up your playing with various dynamics, the HORSE KICK PRO would suit your playstyle. Ortega Guitars constructed this product with a solid mahogany wood housing that allows the pickup to capture different playing velocities.

Moreover, the HORSE KICK PRO drum box features a built-in volume control similar to the Ortega Guitars ANNALOG Drum Box. This control knob allows users to adjust the volume of their sample for a better overall mix.

Key Features:

  • 5 percussion samples
  • Mahogany wood body
  • Ergonomic design
  • True Discrete Pass
  • 9V active circuitry


Similar to the ANNALOG Drum Box, the HORSE KICK PRO acoustic stompbox features active circuitry that helps enhance its projection and tone. It also comes with a true discrete pass that preserves the tone of the instrument that passes through the acoustic stomp box.


The product’s inclusion of various percussive samples is an ambitious move by Ortega Guitars. However, the product’s tambourine and cowbell for drum set sound don’t do justice to their source instrument.

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Wazinator Dropkick KSB883 Acoustic Stompbox

Wazinator Dropkick KSB883. Fully Professional Stompbox foot percussion that gives you total control and power at your next gig.

Nothing beats an all-rounder gear that goes through every hurdle you put into it. That’s why if you’re looking for an incredible all-rounder drum box, you can’t go wrong with the Wazinator Dropkick.

First, the Wazinator Dropkick delivers a powerful bass projection that punches through even the densest of mixes. What makes it better is that the Dropkick features a thumping tone that’s based on an 808 bass sound.

Second, the Dropkick features a straightforward bass note that doesn’t require any further EQ. That’s why it’s a suitable plug-and-play acoustic stompbox for gigging musicians. Lastly, Wazinator constructed the Dropkick using a mix of thin aluminum die-cast materials and a Tasmanian Oak bar. Consequently, providing users with a durable but lightweight drum box for touring and gigging musicians.

Key Features:

  • Solid Tasmanian oak bar
  • Aluminum die-cast body
  • Passive electronics
  • 10.5” x 6.3” x 1.5” product dimension
  • 808-like bass thump


The Wazinator Dropkick is a very straightforward acoustic stompbox. Wazinator designed the Dropkick so it wouldn’t need any major EQ tweak, making it usable right off the bat. In addition, the product features extremely durable construction that can handle the abuse of being on the road. Aside from that, the Wazinator Dropkick is also lightweight— only weighing 34 ounces or 950g.


Although it is a plus that this product doesn’t need any EQ. However, this feature also removes a lot of tonal flexibility from the Dropkick.

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Wazinator Classic KSB319. Acoustic Stompbox

Wazinator Classic KSB319. Acoustic Stompbox - Foot Drum - Fully Professional foot percussion that gives you total control and power at your next gig.

Wazinator copied how an acoustic bass drum works, faithfully replicating a bass drum sound through the Classic KSB319! The KSB319 Acoustic Stomp Box features a pickup system that’s activated by compressed air. With one stomp, the KSB319 pushes the compressed air through the pickup’s diaphragm, creating an authentic bass drum sound.

Furthermore, this acoustic stompbox features a huge stomping area that’s comfortable to play with while seated or standing. Thus, making the Wazinator Classic KSB319 a suitable acoustic stomp box for live performances.

The Wazinator Classic KSB319 features a rubber underside that prevents it from moving. Paired with the right drum carpet, the KSB319 delivers extremely stable performance.

Key Features:

  • Compressed air pickup activation
  • 14.5” x 14” x ¾” product dimension
  • Rubber underside
  • Plantation-grown renewable Pine material
  • Wazinator Australia designed pickups


The Classic KSB319 provides a feedback-free performance under any setting. Wazinator also equipped the KSB319 with a safety valve that moderates the amount of air that hits the diaphragm, eliminating the possibility of accidents. Moreover, the stomp box’s large playing surface makes it comfortable to use in both standing and seated playing positions.


This acoustic stompbox is the most expensive offering on this list. Nevertheless, all of its features combined make it a great value for its price.

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Things to Consider When Buying an Acoustic Stompbox— A Buyer’s Guide

Man using an Acoustic Stompbox

Before picking a drum box from the market, buyers should know the things to look for in a product. This ensures buyers that the acoustic stompbox they’re getting would fit their needs and preferences. Therefore, I crafted this buyer’s guide to help you identify the features you should look for in a drum box.

Electric vs. Acoustic Stompboxes

The decision on picking between electric and acoustic stompboxes boils down to their intended use.

Electric stompboxes are perfect for bar gigs and other performances that has a PA system. However, the problem with electric stompboxes is that they don’t work on their own. This specific type of drum box requires a pickup to convey its signal to a monitor or amplifier.

On the other hand, acoustic stompboxes work excellently on their own. Like acoustic guitars, this stompbox style uses a hollow body construction with sound ports to enhance its projection. Using an acoustic stompbox doesn’t require any cables and can be easily mic’d when required.

If you love traveling light when going to gigs, you’ll be better off with an acoustic stomp box. However, if you want a fuller sound that only pickups can deliver, then an electric stompbox is for you.


One of the most important features a buyer should look for in acoustic stompboxes is ergonomics. Without an ergonomic construction, a stompbox may induce strain on leg muscles after extended use, decreasing its overall playability. Therefore, I advise buyers to find a stomp box that features anti-fatigue designs typically found in flat-surfaced stompboxes.


The materials of stompboxes determine their durability and weight. Generally, acoustic stompboxes are more lightweight than electric stompboxes. However, the former lacks in terms of durability when compared to the latter’s solid construction.

Moreover, getting a wooden stompbox makes it prone to negative effects of humidity, moisture, and all that jazz. Getting a solid wooden stompbox also makes it heavier than aluminum die-cast materials. Still, wood materials such as Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany allow for better resonance and tone, especially if you have an acoustic stomp box.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustic Stompboxes

How do you make an acoustic stompbox?

Making acoustic stompboxes is a whole new can of worms. To succeed in this endeavor, you should have the skills to operate power tools and woodworking know-how. You’re better off buying a cheap acoustic stompbox online. However, if you’re adamant about creating your acoustic stompbox, here’s a detailed video guide:

What does a stompbox do?

An acoustic stompbox features a boxed wooden hollow frame similar to a Cajon. However, instead of utilizing hand hits, acoustic stompboxes convert foot taps into bass drum-like sounds.

Most electric and acoustic stompboxes are utilized by guitarists, allowing them to accompany their guitar playing with a rhythmic foundation. Conversely, some drummers utilize this as an auxiliary bass drum on Cajon drum sets.

What does a stomp box sound like?

A stomp box delivers a thumping sound that’s reminiscent of a bass drum sound. However, their sound is not as resonant and deep as bass drums due to their lack of a drumhead and shell body.

How do you use a stompbox?

If you’re using an electric stompbox, you would have to connect it to a monitor using a ¼” jack. Subsequently, you can start playing with it by stomping on it using the tip of your toe. It would be easier to play an acoustic stompbox by using your heel as a fulcrum to achieve a full range of motion. On the other hand, acoustic stompboxes are ready to use right off the box.

What is a piezo stomper?

A piezo stomper is a type of electric stompbox that uses a piezo pickup. This type of drum box is manufactured by Logjam, the same brand that makes the Logarhythm MK III stompbox.

Enjoy your New Electric or Acoustic Stompbox!

Acoustic Guitarist and Cajonist - Acoustic Stompbox

Electric and acoustic stompboxes are nifty equipment for acoustic guitarists and percussionists alike. Stompboxes allow guitarists to provide rhythm to their music while playing. On the other hand, electric and acoustic stompboxes work great as a bass drum substitute for percussionists.

I wish that this guide has been helpful in your quest to find the best electric and acoustic stompbox that suits your needs. Which acoustic or electric stompboxes within this guide did you find interesting? Feel free to share them in the comment section. If you find this article helpful, make sure to check out other guides on this website.

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