Rock Band Guitars - Rock Band Drum Set

7 Incredible Rock Band Drum Set for All Gaming Consoles

A rock band drum set allows drummers to entertain themselves using their gaming consoles. They also allow drummers to practice their rudiments without the boring and repetitive nature of drills. A Glance at The Best Rock Band Drum Set and Other Accessories Furthermore, Rock Band also allows musicians to jam together under the music that … Read more

Man sitting in-front of a Drumkit — Muffle Heads

7 Best Muffle Heads — Quiet Practice Made Possible!

Muffle heads are a hassle-free way to lower your drum’s volume. Moreover, they also perform well as drum mutes minus the inconsistent stability. A Glance on The Best Muffle Heads Today Furthermore, muffle heads are extremely handy when you don’t want to spend much on building a soundproof drum room. This saves time, effort, and … Read more

Vic Firth Drum Sticks - drum stick sizes

A Beginner-friendly Guide to the Most Popular Drum Stick Sizes

Drum stick sizes— an awfully confusing topic among drummers that sends some into a frenzy to find the right size. However, finding the right drum stick size doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Perhaps you’re confused about what stick size would be best for you, but don’t worry, this guide has you covered. The … Read more

Piccolo snare with drumsticks

8 Best Piccolo Snare — Punchy and Cutting Snare Tones for You!

A piccolo snare is a small snare drum that utilizes a thin shell construction. This specific construction delivers a higher-pitched sound than standard snare drums. In addition, piccolo snares provide a lightweight performance that’s easy to bring in gigs. 8 of the Best Piccolo Snare in this Guide — A Glance Aside from this, piccolo … Read more

Man playing a Drum Kit - Silver Cymbals

7 Best Silver Cymbals Reviewed: A Shootout For All Budgets

Silver cymbals are great additions to a drumkit, especially if you’re looking for cymbal sets to complement your chrome-themed drumkit. Although most silver cymbals don’t feature a pure silver construction, it still delivers a shine that can turn heads in every performance. 7 Incredible Silver Cymbals Reviewed in this Guide Furthermore, a silver cymbal still … Read more

6-piece drum set - 7 piece drum set

4 of the Best 7 Piece Drum Set Reviewed: Which is the Best?

A 7-piece drum set provides wider sound possibilities than a standard drumkit. Typically, 7-piece drum sets expand their tom selection with two more tom drums. It may be a new rack tom or a floor tomf; nevertheless, the percussive sound variability of a 7-piece kit is on a new level. 4 of the Best 7-Piece … Read more