A Group of Assorted Suitcases — Suitcase Drum

Toca Kickboxx Suitcase Drum — Portability and Tone in a Suitcase

A suitcase drum is perfect for street musicians who needs that extra projection in open space. In addition, this type of drum also passes as a portable drum for quick live performances. That’s why if you’re always on the road, a suitcase drum would be a great addition to your drumming arsenal. 2 Incredible Suitcase … Read more

Man playing a Wet Drum Set — 5a vs 5b drumsticks

5A vs 5B Drumsticks — Which One Should You Use?

A long-standing debate among drummers around the world is the type of stick they use. 5A vs 5B Drumsticks is one of the most debated stick-related topics since they are somewhat similar yet so different. However, do they really make much difference when it comes to your playing and sound? Maybe you are curious on … Read more

Man playing a hand drum

What is a Hand Drum? An Introduction to Stickless Drumming!

A hand drum— as the name implies— is a general type of membranophone that musicians can play without drumsticks. The term “hand drum” is a broad drum classification that mostly includes traditional instruments. If you’re in the market for the best hand drum for your percussive needs, you’re in the right place. I crafted this … Read more

Synthesizer wiring — Best Drum Synth

8 Best Drum Synth Reviewed — A Beginner-Friendly Guide

Having the best drum synth allows users to create and customize a drum sound without even needing to learn how to play drums. A drum synthesizer is quite similar to a beat machine with keyboard. However, their similarities end with the fact that they allow users to easily produce drum sounds with a push of … Read more

Drummer in a Smoky Room — best drum overhead mics

7 Best Drum Overhead Mics — Great Mics for All Musical Settings

You’ll need the best drum overhead mics if you want to record an incredible drum sound. Moreover, these microphones are integral to drummers who want to capture a balanced and clear sound of their cymbal sets. That’s why having the best overhead mics is a crucial component when recording acoustic drums. The Best Drum Overhead … Read more

Man Playing a Drumset - Hi Hat Clutch

8 Best Hi Hat Clutch Reviewed— Hi Hat Control for all Budgets

A hi hat clutch is an integral part of standard and remote hi hat stands. These often overlooked small stand accessories improve the overall feel and performance of hi-hats. 8 Best Hi-hat Clutch Reviewed in this Guide Within the market, various types of hi hat clutches provide different usage for certain circumstances. For instance, a … Read more

Producer Mixing a Track - Interface for Recording Drums

What is the Best Interface for Recording Drums?

An interface for recording drums is a crucial component in capturing the best recording. A drum interface is a great addition to any electronic drumkit, especially if you’re recording through a computer. The Best Interface for Recording Drums Reviewed in this Guide Firstly, drum interfaces can easily hook to a module— usually through a ¼” … Read more

Man Playing Guitar - Acoustic Stompbox

The Best Electric and Acoustic Stompbox List

An acoustic stompbox is a type of foot drum guitarists use to outline the bass pattern in a rhythmic passage. As a result, providing them with the foundation of a beat while playing. However, the use of acoustic stompboxes isn’t locked within this framework. 8 Best Acoustic Stompbox Reviewed in this Guide Sometimes, drummers would … Read more

Mounted Roland Drum Module

Best Sub-$1000 Drum Module Shootout: Sound Good, Spend Less

A drum module is the brain of electronic drumkits, similar to how a CPU processes all information within a computer. Typically, drum modules translate the hits on electronic cymbals and drums into a digital format. 6 Incredible Drum Module Reviewed in this Guide Furthermore, electronic drum modules can alter the sound of electronic drumkits according … Read more