Large Drum Set with Mics - Roto Toms

A Review on the 5 Best Roto Toms to Expand Your Kit’s Sound!

Roto toms possess specific harmonic frequency spectra that depend on their construction. The roto tom’s definitive pitch characteristic is why they are one of the leading choices for composers when writing music. The Best Roto Toms Reviewed in This Guide A roto tom functions like a regular drum— it has a drumhead you hit with … Read more

Person tuning a Snare Drum - Drums Key

10 Best Drums Key for Drum Tuning and Rack Adjustments

A drums key is a small drum accessory that allows users to adjust the tension of a drumhead, tuning it in the process. A tight drumhead tension provides users with a higher drum tuning. Conversely, a loose drumhead can bring a lower pitch— but not too loose if you don’t want a floppy drum sound. … Read more

Electronic Cymbals in Front of a Window

8 Best Electronic Cymbals Reviewed— Expand Your Kit and Sound Today!

Electronic cymbals convert a cymbal hit into a digital signal, producing a hi-hat, ride, and crash sound. That’s why having decent electronic cymbals is key to possessing a better electronic drumkit tone. The Best Electronic Cymbals Reviewed in this Guide Moreover, electronic cymbals work similarly to the best electronic drum pads in processing a stick … Read more

Man Playing a Cajon - Cajon Drum Set

A Beginner-friendly Guide on Cajon Drum Set— Make One Today!

A Cajon Drum Set is one of the best rhythmic instruments to accompany acoustic guitars and basses. Typically, a Cajon on its own delivers an incredible combination of bass and snare drum sound. Still, a drummer can expand a Cajon into a drumkit! The Best Cajons for a Cajon Drum Set A drum set consists … Read more

large drum kit - drum rack

7 Best Drum Rack for Both Electronic and Acoustic Drumkits

A Drum Rack is the very foundation of drumkits. Most drum racks hold a kit’s toms through various mounting systems while providing much-needed stability. Typically, drum racks provide users with the capacity to customize their tom and cymbal sets. 7  Drum Rack Reviewed in this Guide Most standard drumkits will have a default tom rack, … Read more

Mounted Tambourine Drum on a Stand

10 Best Tambourine Drum for Both Mounted and Handheld Playing

A Tambourine Drum attachment provides drumkits with an enhanced percussive sound for a hi hat. When mounted on a cymbal, a tambourine drum cymbal attachment adds texture and character to every hit. 10 Tambourine Drum Reviewed in this Guide On the other hand, there is also a small-frame drum called a tambourine drum. This type … Read more

Live drumkit with drum mic kit

9 of the Best Drum Mic Kit for All Budget and Skill Level

An excellent drum mic kit is behind every sold-out arena show and record-shattering song. When utilized, a drum mic kit can bring a drumkit’s tone to another level according to its specification. That’s why having the best drum microphone set is essential when tone-chasing for live and studio settings. Every Drum Mic Kit Reviewed in … Read more

Drum Dampeners

9 Best Drum Dampeners Reviewed— Goodbye Overtones!

Drum dampeners possess various functionalities almost similar to drum mutes. For instance, they both affect the overall sound of a drumkit, albeit through different contexts. In comparison, drum dampeners are excellent for eliminating the excessive overtones, ringing, and sustain of snare drums and toms. On the other hand, drum mutes significantly lessen a kit’s noise … Read more