Drum Rugs

8 Excellent Drum Rugs Reviewed— Stable Foundation for All Drumkits

Drum rugs are one of the few overlooked drum accessories considering their importance within a drumkit. Drum rugs enhance the overall aesthetic of drumkits; however, their function isn’t solely decorative.  Typically, a drum mat or rug is crucial equipment that keeps a drumkit from slipping away when in use. In addition, a drum rug protects … Read more

floor tom

6 Best Floor Tom Drums In The Market

A standard drum kit will never be complete without a floor tom. Similar to hi-hat cymbals, floor toms are essential in every drumkit. Without it, drumkits won’t have that extra resonant boom incorporated in almost all music genres today. Furthermore, floor toms complement the sound of a drumkit. Thus, providing users with the best versatility … Read more

Low Volume Cymbals

Best Low Volume Cymbals Review— Rich Cymbal Voice minus the Noise

Let’s face it, cymbals are the noisiest part of a drumkit. Typical cymbal noises can reach from 110 to 120dB, making them louder than snare drums. This noise level provides a problem for drummers who wants to practice within their household. Luckily, low-volume cymbals can reduce this figure down to 80%! Most cymbals pack a … Read more

Cardio Drumming

A Guide to Cardio Drumming for Beginners— Stay Fit Through the Beat!

Fitness is a matter that requires dedication to a strict flow of activities to improve an individual’s health. However, staying fit doesn’t have to be boring because cardio drumming is here. If you want to learn more about this fun fitness trend, then you’re in the right place! What is Cardio Drumming? Cardio drumming is … Read more