Soundproof Drum Room

Soundproof Drum Room Made Easy— The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Most drummers think that creating a soundproof drum room requires a lot of work. However, even though converting a room to become soundproof feels like a chore, it’s far from the truth. 3 Excellent Additions to your Soundproof Drum Room You may like to read: 8 Excellent Drum Rugs Reviewed— Stable Foundation for All Drumkits … Read more

soundproof curtains

The Truth Behind Soundproof Curtains — Are They Legit or a Sham?

Soundproof curtains provide drummers with a comfortable practice environment. As a drummer, I understand the need for soundproofing a drum room. Let’s face it, an acoustic drumset plays extremely loud in comparison with a beat machine with keyboard. There will come a time when you’ll hear complaints from your landlord or neighbors regarding your kit’s … Read more